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Challenges and Prospects of Good Governance in Tigrai-Ethiopia


The identified problems regarding good governance in tax payment, budget administration, land management, public dissatisfaction judiciary, undeserving status of the civil servant and authorities in listening and responding to the public demands are the main ones. By Maryihun Tsegay (Public Relations Bureau)

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Tolerance and patience have not produced any positive results for Tigrai people
Tigrai People should defend their land
All our efforts of tolerance and patience have not produced any positive results save for to the contrary. Rather, our adversaries are emboldened to go across the red lines. This has to be challenged and stopped. We have to wake up and say enough is enough. Our concerted effort is to defend our shinning history, culture, language, land and the legacies we inherited from our forefathers.

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April 29, 2016
There was many empty promises to the people of Tigrai, but not that much action says Zetseat from Mekelle
Tigringa Article by Zetseat from Mekelle

Who are the people of Embaseneyti? Negash Gebru has something to say about that.
Tigringa Article by Negash Gebru

April 20, 2016
A letter to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn,the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
By Duach R.Mach

April 17, 2016
Somaliland Isolated in the ocean of Ignorance
By Ahmed Ibrahim Farah (Doodi)

Ethiopian Forces Clash With South Sudan Tribal Fighters
Our soldiers are pursuing the attackers; we reserve the right to follow them up inside South Sudan,” Mr. Reda told The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Reda said Ethiopia would act to protect its “people and territorial integrity.”


April 13, 2016
Ethiopian Airlines Express will start 4 weekly flight Service to Hawassa City

Axum is Bihere-Agazians’, and that means
An article about history that might bite some people. Amharic Article By Walete Petros Mekelle

Time travel back to the year 1998 the start of Eritrea and Ethiopia war

March 9, 2016

41st anniversary of TPLF colorfully celebrated in Frankfurt, Germany

March 6, 2016
Nuer community of Ethiopia in Diaspora press release about the Gambella Deputy Minister for Roads and Transportation

A Quick Response to Pagak Nyier’s Distortive article:  About Rampant Ethnic Tension in Gambella Region

Eritrea rolls out a new Ethiopian opposition party made from old terror groups

Rare account of Ethiopian public satisfaction in governance

Open dialogue with the public to solve corruption

Question of identity in Wolkayit? NO, question of security

Ethiopia's timely bid for non-permanent seat at the UNSC

Eritrean policy of destabilizing Ethiopia going according to plan

Multi-party Consensus Autonomous Self-Rule Democracy: A Briefing for Tomorrow’s Ethiopia

The Radical Diaspora Politicians and their Media Outlets’ Subversive Targeting Tigrayans: Illusion or reality?


Development Association of Shire North America DAS-NA party night in Denver
Development Association of Shire North America Party Night in Dever.

Queen Sheba International Alumni Annual Celebration in L.A

Mother's Day Night in Washington DC - 2016

Festival Tegaru Europe 2016 in the Netherlands

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