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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed interference in the Ethiopian regional states and the constitution

Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael explains the Tigrai state stand regarding the critical political situation Ethiopia.

This Weeks News

At least 40 people were killed by paramilitary forces in eastern Ethiopia over the weekend Aljazeera reported today

The state of Tigrai, the people of Tigrai and their identity is in danger!

Fire is ablaze everywhere in Ethiopia while Mr Abiy is roaming outside

President Abdi Mohomud Omar: Somali State president is a kind of man

Rest in peace our hero Engineer Simengew Bekele Poem by Eyeru.

My Humble Reflection on the Tigrai Scholars Grand conference July 18, 2018) Mekelle, Tigray (QUO VADIS TIGRAI?)

Ethiopia has lost her brightest and brave son, but the enemies of Ethiopia are too naïve to entertain such a foolish idea of deterring Ethiopians from completing the GERD

Chief Engineer of GERD Engineer Simegnew Bekele found dead in his car

Abiy and Isaias the two stooges of UAE honored by their master

Economic geology value of oil shale deposits: Ethiopia (Tigray) and Jordanhuge oil shale deposit found in Tigray

In Defense of the Developmental stage and against the failed Neo Liberal state. Moral Economy: An Original Economic Form for the Ethiopian condition. Condition

Ethiopian Tops on SKYTRAX World Airline Awards 2018

Rotten and Fractured Beyond Repair EPRDF no More, Strategic Emergency Exit for TPLF

Abiy and Isaias’s futile attempt to isolate the Tigrai people and TPLF will lead to dead end

Brief road map for Tigrai and TPLF , Tigrai First!!!

Egypt Induced Riots and Instability Have Changed the Political Order of Ethiopia - What is next for Egypt?

Dr Abiye: Aligning with Oromo’s strategic nemesis

Neoliberal Imperialism Creating a Fragile Ethiopian State

Pandemic of anti-Tigrean intolerance in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora

A Press Release from Sebhidri Civil Society of Tigrai

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visits Eritrea, is peace possible without the people of Tigrai?

Start direct people to people reconciliation between the ordinary people of Tigrai, Ethiopia and Eritrea

Ethiopian Airlines receives the largest B737 MAX fleet in Africa


Ashenda Tigrai party in Dallas, Texas on August 25, 2018

TDA North America Conference Agust 3, 2018 in Arlington, VA

Tigray Community in Boston Ashenda and Ethiopian New Year party Sept. 8th 2018
Tigray Community in Boston Ashenda 2018

Tigray Community Association in Washington DC Ashenda party August 25, 2018
Tigray Community Association in Washington DC Ashenda party

Seb Hidri Civil Society Tigrai Official Introduction, Part 3

TDA North America Conference Agust 3, 2018 in Arlington, VA

The 13th Anniversary of RADA - Ras Alula Development Association will be held in Abi Adi, Tembien, Tigrai.

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