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Members of the Ethiopian Federal Police who lost their lives in Gonder


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Ethiopia suspends importing medicine from 11 Egyptian pharmaceutical companies
Egyptian pharmacy worker picking a box of medicine
“A delegation from the Ethiopian Ministry inspected 13 companies and found that in 11 cases, prescribed rules were not being applied to the production of pharmaceuticals.”

Ethiopia, Djibouti, and China to launch $4 Billion natural gas project

Ninety four Eritrean soldiers surrendered to Ethiopian Defense forces.

Is war with Eritrea justified?
war with Eritrea is justfied
The burning question here is what to do with Eritrea whose whimsical leader had made no secret of his emotion, affection and desire to destabilize Ethiopia? Dilwenberu Nega

Has push not come to shove yet for the Ethiopian Government Dilwenberu Nega

A stern reminder to the Ethiopian Federal government

UNION OF TIGRAIANS IN EUROPE Press Release about the shameful acts against Tigraians in gonder UTE

China rejects Hague international tribunal ruling on South China Sea

Israeli PM visit to Ethiopia is scaring Eritrea and terrifying Egypt

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July 24, 2016
Former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Lt. General Tsadkan Gebretensae, speaks about the current political situation in Ethiopia Amharic

July 20, 2016
Why did Gonder became a hiding place for traitors and thieves? Amharic Article

If people did not look the other way when the Qimant people were crying for help! Amharic Article

July 6, 2016
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Ethiopia

We need to send Eritrea to the International Criminal Court

June 23, 2016
Government of Tigrai State statement regarding Martyrs Day Tigrgna

June 12, 2016
Heavy fighting erupted between Eritrea and Ethiopia

June 9, 2016
The gallant Ethiopian defense forces destroyed 245 Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia

June 1, 2016
Ethiopia: Ex-ONLF rebels in Ogaden learn new skills

The Necessity of Strategic Vision in the Ethiopian Israeli Relations

Tsgabu Grmay the first Ethiopian cyclist to make it to Tour de France

Ethiopia and Israel sign various agreements to strengthen their ties

Tigrai Online caught PFDJ with stolen photos and a big lie

PFDJ thugs are still on the crosshair of the UN Security Council

The right decision at the right time for the right country- Ethiopia


When you want to buy or sell real estate call Joseph Giday
When you want to buy, sell or invest in real estate call Joseph Giday

Love of Assimba English version
Love of Assimba, English version, of the book YeAssimba Fikir

Tigray community in Portland Oregon - Event

Ashenda Party in Toronto, Canada

Ashenda party celebration 2016 in Washington DC

Festival Tegaru Europe 2016 in the Netherlands