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The threat of Eritrean refugees to the security and social fabric of Ethiopia

Eritrean refugees are a real danger to the Ethiopian peopleLast week the UNHCR announced 6200 Eritreans refugees arrived in Ethiopia in 37 days. Many Ethiopians see this as indication that the Eritrean regime is about to fall down. We see a grave danger to the constitutional order of the government and real security threat to our people.

Ethiopian Airlines has secured a USD 41.4 million 7-year junior loan facility from ING Capital
Ethiopian Airlines, the largest and most profitable airline in Africa, has secured a USD 41.4 million 7-year junior loan facility from ING Capital LLC for the acquisition of two Boeing 777 freighter aircraft.

What would threaten EPRDF’s political longevity?
The EPRDF could have performed much better than this in the presence of strong and independent political challengers. Ethiopia has accomplished so much in terms of economic development but has dismally failed to produce robust, loyal and independent opposition. The level of sleaze is not yet as rampant and systemic as it is in many other African countries. But without an effective opposition EPRDF appears to be detached and remote.

The Ark of the Covenant is not stolen it is safely kept in EthiopiaThe Ark of the Covenant is not stolen it is safely kept in Ethiopia
We are happy and proud to inform you by the grace and power of God the most revered relic of planet earth, the Ark of the Covenant is not stolen and it is still safe in Ethiopia.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Game ChangerThe Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Game Changer
What a work of magic was it to plan and build this project called GERD which is now emerging as the best geopolitical peace maker between Ethiopia and Egypt!

Oxford University wants to study Ethiopians election time propaganda and online debates, but why?
I cannot help but feel why spend all this money to identify and understand Ethiopian online debates.

Engineer Azeb Asnake says the Grand Renaissance Dam progressing well
Engineer Azeb Asnake told staff members of the Ethiopian Embassy that the vital focus that the Ethiopian government attaches to the power sector is paramount.

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November 25, 2014

Eritrean-British terrorist and an ISIS propaganda mouthpiece killed in Syria
Eritrean-British ISIS terrorist killed in Kobani, Syria
The Eritrean terrorist who goes by the nick name of Abu Abdullah al Habashi came from a Christian family. Abu Abdullah al Habashi at one of his videos promised the black flag of ISIS will fly in the White House in Washington DC. Abu Abdullah al Habashi didn't get to see that dream he is under six feet of dirt now.

TDA high performance award winner students and schools 2014
TDA high performance award winner students and schools 2014
Tigringa report

November 24, 2014
Chinese consortium to operate and maintain Ethiopia light rail system
Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) has selected a consortium of China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC) and Shenzhen Metro Group to handle the operation and maintenance of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system in Ethiopia for the next five years. (Construction Review Online)

November 22, 2014
Gilgel Gibe three hydro dam project nearly completed photo
Gilgel Gibe III hydro dam photo
Gilgel Gibe III hydro dam project is the second biggest mega projects in Ethiopia. When it fully operational it will produce 1875MW electric power the second largest in the country next to the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

November 21, 2014
You never think this could happen in Ethiopia, but it did
On October 1, 2014 a young 16 years old Ethiopian girl from Addis Ababa by the name Hanna Lalango disappeared. She was found on October 11, 2014 and taken to hospital.

Federal government (FDRE) Press Release about urban planning (Amharic)

November 13, 2014
Ethiopia is the biggest UN peacekeeping troop contributor nation in the world
According to an article by Dr. Mehari T. Maru In present day Ethiopia is one of the top contributing countries in the world. With 12,247 troops under United Nations Peacekeeping Support Operations and AMISOM, Ethiopia is the biggest troop-contributing nation in the world.

November 12, 2014
Ethiopia shines yet in another international stage (Amharic article)

November 10, 2014
Regional peace and development led by Ethiopia Prty 2
Amharic Article

November 8, 2014
Did the Italian invasion of 1935 made the treaties of Italy and Emperor Menlik null and void?

November 6, 2014
Regional peace and development led by Ethiopia
Amharic Article

Ethiopia’s entry into bond market marks a milestone in the transformation

November 5, 2014
Aboy Sibhat respondes to Gebru Asrat and answers some timely questions

November 4, 2014
Ethiopian D.C. embassy intruders sent a spy before getting in to the compound

The fifth Egyptian and Ethiopian Joint Ministerial Commission meeting concludes

November 2, 2014
Irish President Michael D Higgins begins official visit of Ethiopia

Mr Andargachew Tsige and Ginbot-7 hooligans meaningless demonstrations in the west.Amharic Article


TMAA Dallas Christmas party Night
TMAA Dallas Christmas party Night

Tigray Youth Association of North America Seattle Chapter
Tigray Youth Association of North America Seattle Chapter

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Tigrai Association in Toronto, Canada annual meeting

Meeting call to all members of Tigrai community in Sweden

Ethiopians in Windsor, Canada held a successful fundraising event for GERD (Press Release, Amharic)

NATO and the Ukrainian Crisis, seminar organized by EIIPD

To all members and non-members of Tigray Community Association in Portland, Oregon. General yearly report and music night on Nov-22-2014. Place - Penansular Comm. Center 700 N Rosa Parks wy. Time: 6pm-2:am. Questions-503-889-6546. Thank you

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Ethiopian Airlines to get financial leasing help from ICBCEthiopia to Host the 10th ICT International Conference in May

Ethiopia is to host the 10th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Development, Education and Training next May. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Integrated Communications, Worldwide Events on Wednesday (October 8) for the two bodies to organize the event.


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Debrahlee Lorenzana says she was fired because she too hot
This woman was fired from her job because she is too sexy