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Djibouti-Ethiopia railway carries hope for pan-African trade
Ethiopia-Djibouti railway project inaugurated
Some 2,000 people had gathered on Tuesday to celebrate the completion of Africa’s first standard-gauge, international railway, between Djibouti and the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Politicians hope it will not only boost the two countries’ economies but start to unlock the continent’s untapped commercial potential. Financial Times

Egypt and South Sudan accused of dirty deal in HOAEgypt is panicking as the Ethiopian mega dam is near completed

Tigrai State TV Presents Lidet Celebration in Khartoum

Ethiopian Christmas celebration in Khartoum, Sudan, video by Tigrai TV

Egypt: A Spent Force in Deep Political and Economic Crisis
Egypt: A Spent Force in Deep Political and Economic Crisis

Tigrai Online chose Abdi Mohamud Omar as person of the year 2016

Ethiopia officially takes its seat at the UN Security Council

Relief Society of Tigray (REST): From Drought Mitigation to Development plus

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Government as Employer of Last Resort: A Tentative Proposal for Solving Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia

Is Egypt in a last minute futile military alliance with South Sudan?

Unfounded and false accusations against the people of Tigrai and TPLF

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Egyptian court rejects plan to transfer Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia
Somali regional state of Ethiopia Diaspora
An Egyptian court has issued a final ruling rejecting a controversial government plan to transfer two uninhabited Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. “Saudi Egyptian relations were already strained by delays in the transfer and other conflicts,” Kaldas said. “This ruling will exacerbate those tensions and likely do long-term damage to any hopes for Egypt to regain significant financial support from Saudi Arabia.”

National Languages of Tigrai Symposium to be held in Adigrat
The first Symposium of National Languages of Tigrai will be held in the city of Adigrat on January 5-6 2009 Ethiopian Calendar.

Aboy Sibhat Nega interview with Addis Zemen

Diaspora For Peace-London Eth Embassy Jan 2017 - Ethiopian Embassy London.

The beginning, development and conclusion of the shameful acts in Gonder last summer Tigringa Article.

A Riposte to Gedu’s Foot Soldiers

Mr. Tekola Mekonnen responds to Mr. Berhane Kahsay for the second time

The meaning of the name Ethiopia Amharic Article By G.E.Gorfu

Rescuing Postgraduate Studies from the Downward Spiral of Shame

Mr. Ewnetu Zeleke responds to Mr. Berhane Kahsay Amharic article

Egypt lashes out at Ethiopia for asking it to stop its subversive actions

The right strategy at the right time for the right purpose of industrialization

Eritrean president comes full circle after 14 years of spite for the UN


14th Anniversary of Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017

42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11 in Columbus, Ohio on Feb. 18, 2017

Lekatit 11 celebration in New York City TPLF birthday 2017

42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11 in London, United Kingdom on Feb. 18, 2017

42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11 in Las Vegas on Feb. 22, 2017

42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11 Frankfurt, Germany on Feb. 18, 2017

42nd Lekatit 11 celebration in Seattle on Feb. 18, 2017

UTNA Boston chapter Presents 42nd Anniversary of Lekatit 11

Lekatit 11 celebration in Los Angles on January 14, 2017

Federalism Conference in Highland St. Arlington, VA, on Feb. 18, 2017

Press Releases

Tigraians in UK Press Release

Ethiopian Community Press Release about the current situation in Ethiopia Amharic

Afar National Regional State Office of the President Press Release.