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After twenty six years what did the anti EPRDF forces accomplish?


Since the day the TPLF/EPRDF rebel forces removed the Derg dictatorial regime in Ethiopia, some extremist and tribal groups have been vehemently opposing the government in every turn.

News Brief

Mekelle University-MU to work with UIBE, China
Mekelle University UIBE China
As part of the partnerships expansion to China, MU has marked the starting of an official collaboration agreement with the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China.

Mekelle University to expand partnerships in China, Signs MoU with IPP, CAAS

Ethiopian Airlines Plans to buy 10 Airbus A350s Worth $3 Billion

African Union Urges Restraint in Djibouti-Eritrea Border Conflict

The Eritrean regime is nervous about an Ethiopian retired general
Eritrean regime is nervous about an Ethiopian retired general
The Eritrean government and its supporters are alarmed about a recent alleged interview by the Former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Lt. General Tsadkan Gebretensae.

Qatar withdraws all its troops from Eritrea-Djibouti border

Betray Not Tigrai Again!

Ginbot-7 the terrorist group based in Eritrea left with only 280 soldiers

Tesfaye Gebreab and his lies, once an errand boy always an errand boy

It seems PFDJ is deporting Ginbot-7 members from Eritrea to Ethiopia

Ethiopians resume enjoying their internet access after a week of disconnection

Ethiopia leads Africa in economic growth and fast expansion – The World Bank

Mesfin Weldemariam: one foot in the grave and still disgorging odium

After twenty six years what did the anti EPRDF forces accomplish?

This Weeks News


Ethiopian National Day, Ethiopian Embassy London

Arab states issue ultimatum to Qatar
Four Arab states that imposed a boycott on Qatar have issued an ultimatum to Doha to close Al Jazeera television, curb ties with Iran, shut a Turkish base and pay reparations. The Ethiopian government should learn a lesson from this.

The Necessity of Circumspection in Ethiopia’s Foreign Policy with respect to the future Ethiopia-Eritrea Relations

Tigrai needs a radical economic revolution now
If we want to bring about a real drastic radical economic change in Tigrai, the people need to cleanse themselves from the hundred years of psychological warfare and brain wash against them. They need to rediscover their real potential as a people and of their state. (Tigrigna)

Cambridge Days (a novel) By Teodros Kiros Book by Professor Teodros Kiros,

I wish I were a mother bear to sleep for half a year Poem by G.E. Gorfu

Ethiopia secured access to Berbera port of Somaliland from DP world

Africa’s decisive move to develop its energy sector

Former Director of CDC, Dr.Thomas R. Frieden says Dr. Tedros Adhanom is a Qualified Candidate to lead WHO

World Demand for Ethiopian honey is growing but production is behind

President Xi of China urges Ethiopia and China to upgrade their relationship

Ethiopian and Sudanese military started joint border patrol

Ethiopian Government must reconsider its policy on Ethiopians with Eritrean Origin

The cancellation of a planned construction railway from Mekelle to Shire

Deposit of most precious gemstone Sapphire found in Tigrai State


Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017
14th Anniversary of Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017

Ashenda Tigrai coming to Denver, CO, USA
Ashenda Event coming soon to Denver, CO. Tibeb Ybrah Entertainment

14th Kilte Awlaelo Schools Development Association Night on July 22, 2017 in DC

Amazing music night in Atlanta, USA to help Adwa

Agazi School Alumni Association NA event in Las Vegas July 11, 2017

6th Anniversary of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Frankfurt May 20, 2017

Ras Alula Development Association 12th Anniversary Reunion July 8, 2017

Video of the Week

Dr. Debretsion Gebermichael Deputy Chairman TPLF and Dr. Tedros Adhanom discussion forum with Tigrai youth residents of Addis Ababa.