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4th ICEDS Follow up and Call for EDSA membership

By Professor Sisay Asefa
August 23, 2007

Dear 4th ICEDS Participants & Supporters:

I want thank you all again for being a part of a successful conference that convened on August 2-4, 2007. I am humbled with the dedication of scholars of all ages who came from many parts of the world including Ethiopia . I am hopeful and confident the dialogue will be continue to become even betterin future years.

The purpose of this brief memo as follows:

First, is to remind and invite those who did not have a chance to complete EDSA membership to complete the form on line and return by e-mail or fax to: sisay.asefa@wmich.edu Or FAX # 269 387 0630. Not everyone had a chance to fill out the forms at the conference due to hectic schedule. But, we had several members registered at the conference. Please feel out the Membership Form and return it as soon as possible if you are willing to be a member. The Form can be accessed at the following website: http://international.wmich.edu/dmdocuments/EDSA-FoundingMembershipForm.pdf

EDSA aspires to be a global non-profit professional association of Ethiopians, Ethiopian Americans and Friends of Ethiopia across ages, gender, disciplines, ethnicity, race, political beliefs, religion, with a single purpose of engaging in research and productive activities on human development and poverty alleviation. It also aspires to continue to be a major independent forum for open and free conversations and civilized dialogue that will contribute peace building, conflict resolution, and progress focused on Ethiopia and her people including reaching out to the other countries of the Horn to promote reconciliation, peace, cooperation, with aim of war and violence history. This is an ambitious task to say the least. But, it is possible if we unite around the causes of human development and progress in all its dimensions.

After gathering the membership, I will get back to some of you to ask to serve on International Advisory Board, and others in specific EDSA working Committees based on your expertise and interest. We will also form an Editorial Board for the online Journal that we are planning to launch. When fully established, the Advisory Board will meet once a year in conjunction with future conferences. EDSA will take the leadership in organizing future conferences starting in 2008 in collaboration with other institutions including universities and colleges both in Ethiopia and the USA .

The most important immediate step you can take is to become a member whether you live in Ethiopia , in the USA or anywhere in the World. In the era of globalization and information economy, so much can be done using Information Technology (IT). I am humbled that we were able to organize four successful conferences simply by communicating via internet and building trust for some of the most talented and brilliant individuals to come together. Let us build EDSA as a global society of learned persons with thousands of members that will transform Ethiopia in a few years after the Ethiopian Millenium or early in the 21st Century.

In this memo, you will find the following attachments: 1. Revised Conference Preface or Remarks that appeared in agenda distributed at the conference, 2. Post-conference remarks including remarks and reflections of participants and supporters received after the conference, 3. A revised Conference agenda that reflects what actually occurred with a few selected papers listed in absentia.

I will also attach two papers: 1. Key Note by Professor Levine, 2. Plenary lecture by the Deputy State of African Affairs on US Policy on the Horn of Africa, and 4. WMU News about the conference, and paper by Drs Tibebe and Bekele. There are of course other fine papers which will be posted in the future.a In case the attachments fail, all this information can be accessed in the conference website: http://international.wmich.edu/content/category/15/66/174/

We hope to have other papers available on PDF on the website in the near future, please send me a revised copy of your paper by October 1, 2007 at the latest. This will be followed by selecting papers for publications on JEDS based categorized into the key sub-themes covered in the conference.

Feel free to suggestions, comments and remarks.

Have a great summer and See you all at the next conference.



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