Help from without enfeebles.
Help from within invariably invigorates.

By: Aregay Yohannes.

The government in Ethiopia today is federally and constitutionally based with a bicameral parliament consisting of the House of Federation and the House of Representatives. Ethiopia is inhabited by many ethnic peoples living in their own Regions. These regions or federal states democratically elect and send their representatives to the respective bicameral houses mentioned above. This system is based on consent, mutual respect, equality and fraternity. Thus a new ruling class of ordinary citizens is created in Ethiopia today.

Under this government, vast infrastructures, i.e. roads, many schools, universities, hospitals, health centers, are built and are being built all over the federal states. Many modern runways and terminals are built. Huge hydro powers are built and being built for electricity, for industries and irrigation. Electric power and telecommunication are reaching many cities and towns.  Food security is improving. Democracy is fledgling where it was unheard of before. Then what do the donors want from the government? Let the CUD destroy these developments using violence? Complaints should be solved using civilized methods and rule of law. But the CUD is so conceited and says they don’t recognize the constitution and the election commission. They resorted to violence and resurrection. The government has to protect developments and maintain rule of law. 

This government allowed multi parties of which the CUD was one of them to democratically participate in the last year’s June elections. It was first thought that this party was serious, responsible, and genuine. However, when the overall election results showed that the ruling party won, they refused to concede and opted not to take part in the government giving lame reasons that the results were rigged though most of the election observers testified the results were correct. They staged rallies consisting of CUD supporters with rampant looting and destruction of shops, banks, burning buses and shouting slogans like: “Tigrians go home!” As if Tigrians are foreigners. This is irresponsible, unpatriotic, and politically poisonous. This is a recipe for destabilizing, causing civil war, bloodshed and disintegration of the country.  Security forces tried to stop the rampage but were met with gun shots and bombs and in the ensuing scuffle dear life was unnecessarily lost from both sides, all deliberately caused by the CUD to overthrow the constitutional government by force. The honorary Timothy Clarke and Anna Gomez are equally responsible for the bloodshed and inciting violence for whatever axe they have to grind. And now the honorary Timothy Clarke is trying hard to convince donors to delay aid for Ethiopia. This will only strengthen Ethiopia’s will except that this might send wrong message to the uninitiated CUD supporters for further violence believing that they have donor supporters. What is in it for the honorary Timothy Clarke and the forces behind him?

The CUD consists of disgruntled remnants of the centrally based dictatorial, discredited, Marxist military government the (DERGUE) and the antiquated aristocratic governments before the DERGUE. These Regimes kept Ethiopia backward, poor, deforested and illiterate. There were practically no infrastructures, health centers, schools, and other basic necessities. Democracy was unheard of. Emperor Hailesselassie was once asked why he was keeping his country backward and said that because he was afraid of getting swamped in the midst of progress. Refer to the book “Ethiopia a new political history” by Richard Greenfield. The CUD wants to overthrow the democratically elected government we have in place, do away with the constitution, do away with the fledgling democracy, and drug Ethiopia back to the Stone Age with the help of their donor supporters. But this will never happen as this government is democratically elected and staunchly supported by the regional or federal states. Besides, Ethiopia has other friends and supporters. Thus the suspension of aid based on the ill-advice from the honorary Timothy Clarke and forces behind him will never work as intended except that it will more reveal friends and foes of the Ethiopian people.

It must be understood here that the violence is concentrated only in Addis Ababa incited and led by the CUD and executed by their paid uninitiated supporters. The source of the money is from the disgruntled criminal members and their affiliates of the DERGUE regime living in Diaspora orchestrated by the honorary Timothy Clarke and the forces behind him. Their aim is to return the DERGUE regime and establish centrally based dictatorial regime for their selfish motives with the help of the honorary Timothy Clarke. A futile exercise.
Axum our national heretage and pride in tgrai we will protect you from any thing with our Tigrain blood!!.
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