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1. Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia : The Tigray People's Liberation Front,
1975-1991 (African Studies)
by: John Young
September 04, 1997

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Results of on-farm research in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. :
An article from: Journal of Soil and Water Conservation
by: B Gebremedhin, S. M. Swinton, Y. Tilahun 1999-06

5. Eritrea and Tigray (TQM Practitioner Series)

6. Sweeter Than Honey: Ethiopian Women and Revolution :
Testimonies of Tigrayan Women
by: Nell Druce 1990-01

7. Without Troops & Tanks:
The Emergency Relief Desk and
the Cross Border Operation into Eritrea and Tigray
by: Mark Duffield, John Prendergast 1994-09

8. Returnees, Resettlement and Power Relations:
The Making of a Political Constituency in Humera, Ethiopia
by: Kassahun Berhanu, Kassahun Berhanu Alemu

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by: Kirsty Wright 1983

10. Convoy to Tigray: Report on the drought in Tigray
by: Kirsty Wright 1984

11. Farmers' Knowledge of Soil Fertility and Local
Management Strategies in Tigray, Ethiopia 2000

12. An introductory inquiry into the salient features of traditional
mechanisms of conflict resolution in the Gurage, Amhara, Oromo, and Tigray societies
by: Giday Degefu Koraro 2000

13. Household and Society in Ethiopia: An Economic and
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Oxford University Expedition to Ethiopia, 1974
by: 1974 Oxford University Expedition to Ethiopia 1975

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of Tigray Governorate-General and their implications for the programming of tenancy regulations
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20. Understanding Diversity in Farming Practices in Tigray, Ethiopia

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by: Ḥagai Erlikh 1982

22. Basic Education System Overhaul (BESO) decentralization study:
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by: Marc Sommers 1995

23. Tigray: Ethiopia's Untold Story
by: Max Peberdy 1985

24. Agrarian reform in Tigray: A case of the land reform in the district of
Adi-Nebried (Occasional papers on Tigray)
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29. A contemporary biography of Ras Alula:
A Geez manuscript from Ma?na?we?, Ta?mbe?n
(The Robert L. Hess Collection on Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa)