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Dear adminstrator:
I would like you to post the following.
By Staff member from the good times
The situation of Mekelle University requires a wholistic and objective analysis. I read two views and found them lacking depth and objectivity.
I wish I had enough time to make a detailed analysis and make suggestions for improvement. I am a staff member and know the historical development of the institution, not by reading and asking people, but through actual involvement. My views are different from the previous two comments. To me, the root cause is not personal but that of a system and institutional culture. The comments so far seem to focus on personal relationships and individual goals rather than looking at the whole system and putting self-interest in that context. The cases mentioned are so embarassing that the writer lacks knowlkedge of the development of the institution. 
In order to understand the real causes, one needs to analyse the development of the institution and its key actors. In its earlier times, the university gave much focus on academic staff development through research and education. This is still the case, particularly for newly established faculties and colleges. The MU-IUC program is a clear example. The university realised that developing the capacity of its acadeic staff without an equal emphasis to the adminstrative staff would be retarding. One should also remember that MU is probably the first to develop a 20 year strategic plan. It is with this plan that the university puts equal emphasis to the development of adminstrative capacity.
To make my point clear, it will not be instrumental and helpful to point out anecdotal and personal issues. Scholarship seems a hot issue but not something which illustrates the dire situation of the institution. Adminstrative capacity is very vital, thus the scholarship of Mr. Nigus is not to be blamed. Without adminstrative capacity, it will be like clapping with one hand.
I would like to highlight worsening trends. It seems that the struggle for power and personal gains is at the forefront. Divisions among the staff is becoming clear and growing. There is an increased feeling of unsatisfaction and uncertainty. There seems to be lack of trust and the trend is to comfort emerging powers. The university seems to be a battle field for power, with a failed system. Unless we strive harder objectively to institute a working system and institutional culture, personal attacks and power struggle carry a huge risk.