Afar Human Right Organisation
July 17 2009

The Red Sea Afar is peace loving people and inhabits areas of great strategic and economic significance in Eritrea. The war mongering state of Eritrean people liberation front (EPLF/EPFDJ) had a continuous policy to destabilise and destitute the Red Sea Afar from their original settings to achieve a demographic change of the region. The impact and magnitude of this well designed malicious ill-will policy and politics has caused socio-economic and psychosocial chaos that became part of every day life of Red Sea Afar since 1990. Therefore the Afar survival becomes at stake and facing elimination, systematic genocide and alienation. This tragedy it has been going on for 18 years and the Afar leadership was hunted or eliminated in every corner and the Red Sea Afar is incarcerated in their country without any justification. Consequently, the Afar communities (pastoralists, fishermen, trade- and civil society) have been severely affected by this irrational and marginalising policy. They are exposed for genocide, daily harassments and confiscation of their properties. Today they are labourers in what was their property and slave in their own land. Thus unequivocally genocide has never stopped to the present day. This is only the tip of an iceberg.

These primitive gross human right violations on civilians committed by (EPLF/EPFDG) has passed without getting the attentions it deserve both from regional and international communities.

The memory of the massacre in As-Ela, (West Bori Peninsula in Dankalia), on 1st October 1980, where over 600 civilians were killed remains still fresh and painful. This event was followed by an exodus of 300 Red Sea Afar families to Dahlak archipelago where over 45 children, 150 women died due to lack of food and water. Additionally, four thousands families have fled to Yemen from TPLF/EPFDJ terror and never returned. Among those who refused to flee, many have been prosecuted, killed in caves without trial. Prince Shami of Ghirrifo the son of former Sulthan Mohammed Ahaw are among prominent personalities to be mentioned among those who still suffer in dark caves of the EPLF/EPFDJ. The tyrannical regime in Eritrea continued and intensified its imprisonments and killing of the Red Sea Afar, Kunama indigenous and many more others ethnics continue by using usual tactics of disappearance and terror method. Simply people just disappear and their whereabouts are unknown.

On November 10, 2008 as usual EPLF/EPFDJ imprisoned local chiefs and elderly who has been taken to Ganga prison near former petrol refinery in Asab. According to reliable sources, the prisoners are allowed only short outdoor stay of five minutes once in three months. Acknowledging the presence of other detainees, we currently could present the name of the following, which are in ill health and kept in inhuman conditions:

1. Ahaw Hummad Egahle, Chief of Abbe region and son of Sheik Hummad Egahle.
2. Hammadu Hummad Egahle, son of former chief Sheikh Hummad Egahle.
3. Osman Hummad Egahle, son of former chief Sheikh Hummad Egahle.
4. Egahle Ali Halo, citizen.
5. Ahaw Ali Ugure, Citizen.
6. Abbakari Redo Egahle, Citizen.

  • These are few and many others unmentioned are political and religious prisoners.
  • They are tortured by Wadi-Haile under command of Seyum.
  • We appeal to UN, EU, AU, Arab league, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch to investigate the gross human rights violations committed to the Red Sea Afar community in order to stop EPLF/EPFDJ from its continuing terror activities.
  • We demand unconditional release of all political prisoners in Eritrea. Afar Human Right Organisation