Will the Real Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Stand UP, and The Fake Alemayehu G. Mariam Please Sit Down.

By Solomon Gebre-Amelak

August 14 2008

Al Mariam has all of as sudden become the messiah of democracy not only to Ethiopia, but also to the whole world. This AL defames individuals and leaders who view the world differently than him. I am going to pose for you a question Mr. Al. This question can be viewed as simplistic to you, but to me this question is important.

Al Mariam, what moral authority have you established in order be an advocate of Ethiopia? Secondly, in most instances you seem to speak on behalf of all Ethiopians, but how do you know the desire of most Ethiopians?

Mr. Al if you care to listen or read let me tell you my desires and my definition of real Al Mariam. From reading all your articles, I got the impression that Ethiopia is in desperate desire for “democracy”. But my desire for Ethiopia is economical development first and foremost. In my view, I believe a nation can be built if all her children decide to work together to build a better nation. In my view, the most educated Ethiopians should not be spending their time day and night finding reasons to write negative about their nation. The most educated Ethiopians should not be highlighting the failure of others. They should ask deep questions regarding the issues that make a country poor. Most important too they should asses their failure to contribute to their nation.

Mr. AL what about the Ethiopian PHDS, who earn their PHDS and run to the west? In my view of the world Ethiopia is poor because it has been neglected by its educated elite. Most educated elite have decided to blame everything that is wrong on one person. Mr. Al if we study the trends of the educated Ethiopian PHDS we will find out that these educated group of people self desire and ambitions is a big reason why Ethiopia finds itself one of the least developed nation category . When ever the educated elite clutches on to a Ph.D. certificate, the next step is to find a path to the west. As far as the west is concerned a Ph.D. is the passport to the west. Mr. Al you know this is a fact that can be verified by using many resources. In fact, you might be one of those educated Ethiopian who have fled Ethiopia for their own selfish reasons. Now, Mr. Al, you might have guilt for not serving the nation that educated you, and feed you. If you have that guilt, blaming other people for the failure of the nation is not a good way to Pay back your nation.

Of course, you probably would say you escaped the nation because there was no democracy. Mr. Al you will never ever say that Meles or others denied you the chance to educate your people, build clinic, pave the roads, and build factories. Meles has not threatened your life or the life of others who want to develop their nation. Meles could have been irritated about political factories that do not do any good for the nation. Mr. Al what have political factories did for Ethiopia? Day and night you are highlighting the self righteousness of Meles, but inadvertently you are also exposing your self righteous. You are exposing your dictatorial tendency. I have never read any compassionate thoughts in your articles. Your articles are often aggressive in their tone, in the way that makes the reader feel, that you are the only absolute truth and answer to all the problems of the world, and specially Ethiopia.

So I say will the real Al Mariam stand up?

The real al Mariam who is living in his country Ethiopian working hard to pave the roads of Ethiopia, educate Ethiopian kids in science, math, history, medicine, construction, and yes at the same time debating with Meles to create a democratic Ethiopia. The real Al Mariam who has a strong love and loyalty for his nation, and has sacrificed his interest and instead made the interest of his nation above his desire and ambitious and refused to join the fake Ethiopia nationalist residing in the west . The real Al Mariam who believes that his nation needs him in order to develop, catch up with the developing world. The real Al Mariam leads his life through humbleness and honor. The real Al Mariam who leads life through examples not words. The real Al Mariam who is sharing both the happiness and sorrow of his nation.

So, I say to the fake Al Mr. Al Mariam resides in the west please site down. The Fake Almariam who spends day and night educating Ethiopians with politics of uselessness. The Fake Al Mariam who equates writing propaganda as an act of heroism. The Fake Al Mariam’s who find slogans to fit his propaganda mood of the date. I say sit down to the fake Al Mariam who has not contributed financially to the poor people of Ethiopia, because he thinks that will make Meles look good. The fake Al Mariam who is waiting for Ethiopian to burst so that he can be declared as the great prophet.

So, Ethiopia at the moment asks that all fake Al Mariams like yourself to sit down, and the real Al Mariam to stand up. An Ethiopian Sheep herder who resides in Ethiopia is more important to Ethiopian than the fake Al Mariam who enjoys his ten PHDS in the west.

Please, Please, will the Fake Al Mariam Sit Down.