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Anna Gomes "the Political Prostitute"

By Sara Abraham
July 19, 2007

Individuals with different expertise have tried several times to manipulate African political stock from their crazy standpoint that they are the ones who squarely and unequivocally think about the political and economical landscapes of the continent. Historically, in few instances, there have been blind faith approaches that collectively or individually that African dictators followed the courses laid out by the colonials and their associates in pursuit of betterment. However, the approach was hinged on the tenet that “better to be with the devil that you know than with the angel you don’t know” for sometime but not under the orthodoxy of “scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”

Incredibly, nonetheless, there are individuals who are political “ruminants” who honestly believe that they are ones who stand profoundly to protect Africa political domain, otherwise. The new casement that is widely spoken to be effective in surrendering governance politics in Africa is “Aid”. Such approach is nothing more than colossal policy blunder. In this modern era where there are plenty of opportunities and individuals are free to opt, the political “ruminants” are still think that they are conducting crème-de-lcreme of political development in Africa. Nowadays Africa is different, and the reality for them is behind the curtain, they stick drinking the dirty political alcohols to unconsescious drive their thinking further a great length to see people vanishing. The political prostitute lady Ana Gomes is the one on such front of dirty work against the will of Ethiopians

Political differences in Ethiopia were not born in 2005’s election thought the year had its own historical implication on the pace of the politics. She might think that she is doing better for betterment of our society but she is the one to be charged for the death 193 people and millions of dollars loss along with her party-dancers. But the Ethiopian government was too lenient to bring her to court or immediate revoke her role in orchestrating political order. The public relationship in Ethiopia has been so weak and may continue to be weak since she is still spilling her toxic words in the name of Ethiopian people. Her thought directly resonates with that of the opposition groups who officially declared armed struggle to overthrow the Ethiopian government. The Ethiopia government should clearly and categorically classify her as registered enemy of Ethiopia than coaxing the other way round. Her thoughts resonate around the same venue with that of our enemies because she wanted to keep the ‘paradigm political maintenance” role in the Ethiopian politics.

The Ethiopia representative in her country and the ministry of foreign should device a means how to silence her diplomatically or by legal means. Ethiopia politics is not a bar alcohol as she usually used to presume doing so, nor the government and its people are are to be intimidated by her evil act and her prostituteness in the politics.

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