Association for Peace and Fraternity


May 25 2008

Association for Peace and Fraternity

Our Zone, the horn of Africa, had been deprived of peace though it is historically prior, for it had been centre of hostility. The main source of this hostility and disorder was the expansion of invaders and wrong policy directions. This situation has left unrelieved impact on the people, mainly in this zone.

Similar to the invaders, there had been governors who aggravated the inside condition. In order to make their regime long lasting, they used to separate the people pursuing their principle of divide and rule, and also they let them look one anther as enemies. The governors also blocked the unification of the people, consciously or unconsciously they used to sow the attitude of looking down among the people. As a result the people became weak and used to do what they were asked to do. Especially those who live in this zone have been divided and are used to live in a disharmony.

The people couldn’t fully be beneficiaries for the fruits of their struggle and of their inalienable rights and freedom. The deep-rooted scale of the autocratic chauvinists couldn’t be easily up rooted. They are using the maximum effort to persistently continue the hostility they induced.

The people themselves can solve these anti peace and unity opinions and activities. There would be no one who could sustain peace for these people. As conformed from experience political leaders alone couldn’t bring a solution. If the people can meet and discuss their problem clearly, they can assure their peace and fraternity.

As the people need an organization that create convenient condition where they can freely discuss, the Association for Peace and Fraternity has taken the initiation.

II. Establishment of Association for Peace and Fraternity.

Association for Peace and Fraternity is non-political, non-profit making interest group Association, established on August 13, 2007 according to the 1952 civil law of Ethiopia No 404 as per the registration of Association No 321/1959.

Name of the Association
The Association established by the establishing document and law is named Association for Peace and Fraternity.

Address of the Association
Main office of the Association, for the time being, is settled in Mekele, Tigrai region, yet it could have branches in all the towns and villages of Tigrai and abroad if the need arises.

Goals and activities of the Association
A. Goals are:

  1. To resolve the back ward differences among the peoples in the Zone created as the result of backwardness and wrong policies of governors.
  2. To create favourable condition for establishing unity and fraternity among the peoples on the zone.
  3. To create suitable condition for the peoples in the zone to live peacefully with all the neighbours, and to be beneficiaries of tranquility and development
  4. To establish normal and reliable identity based on understanding and equality.
  5. To create favourable conditions through discussion for resolving problems that emanates from faith, ethnic, cultural differences, border disputes and scarcity of natural resources.

B. Activities

  1. Prepare and disseminate written materials based on real history and research so that they could give relief to the irritated mind of the people.
  2. Conduct meetings and conferences in any suitable place and time.
  3. Activate tasks that could interact people as much as possible.
  4. Conduct exhibitions, festivals that create good relation among the people.
  5. Cooperate with organizations having similar tasks for healthy relationship and solve their problems.
  6. Use the maximum effort in obtaining help-support from governmental, and nongovernmental organizations that would make the relation of people in the zone realistic and normal.
  7. Encourage the peoples to create harmony, peace and fraternity by interacting one another.
  8. Encourage and support writers, journalists, artists and known individuals for persistent dissemination of information useful to realize the peoples fraternity.

III. Procedure of Accomplishment

All the activities of the Association will be in accordance with the principles of

  1. Transparency, participation and accountability.
  2. Nominating members and expanding of branches so that problems created in every locality may easily be resolved.
  3. Searching other Associations, or organizations that can contribute to the stated objectives of the Association.
  4. Creating rapid flow of information by using all channels of communication. 5. Creating conducive environment where faceto-face communication is possible in order to discuss problems in detail.
  5. Strengthening peace and fraternity by making known Individuals, Writers, Journalists, and Artists discuss in the issue.
  6. Establishing common understanding, conducting persistent meetings to resolve problems of local issues that spread among peoples in general and among the surroundings in particular.

IV Membership Criteria.

  1. Membership never discriminates sex, religion, language, race and political opinion. 2. An age of 18 and above is legible for membership.
  2. Respecting rules of the Association is uncompromising.
  3. Readiness to carry out the demands of the Association is compulsory.
  4. Commitment to accomplish the objectives of the Association.
  5. Membership is fully on interest base.

Contact Association for Peace and Fraternity
Mekele, Tigrai, Ethiopia
Tel: 251914707694/702492/701839