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Tigrai Online person of the year 2007, Hannah Godefa
Hannah Godefa, Tigrai Online person of the year 2007
Tigrai Online chose Hannah Godefa a remarkable 10 years old as a person of the year 2007. This little girl's dedication and generosity to her people has touched so many lives well beyond her age. In 2006 Hannah started the Pencil mountain project.



President Tsegai Berhe

Prime minister meles
Part 1 Part 2
President of Tigrai State Aite Tsegai Berhe's half year Economic report.

Prime minister meles

Prime minister meles
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's Interview on the occasion of February 11. February 11 is the day the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) started its struggle

Former Ethiopian rulers sentenced

Former Ethiopian ruler sentenced

Mengistu Haile Mariam is given life imprisonment after his conviction last month for genocide. Reuters television takes a closer look at the situation in Ethiopia.

Headline News

April 30 2008

Ethiopia, Djibouti move to cushion food crunch
Ethiopia and Djibouti on Wednesday each announced urgent measures to alleviate the effects of the global food crisis on their populations. "Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the government has no other urgent agenda than issues connected with bringing down the skyrocketing cost of living in the country," the official ENA news agency reported.

An Ethiopian obsession that runs deep
"Ethiopians are light and are also hard-working and they like to fight - and I think that's the reason why they are so good." Haile Gebrselassie remembers listening on his father's radio to events at the Moscow games in 1980, when Miruts Yifter won two gold medals. "I was seven, I had a chance you know to follow his winning. I wanted to be like a Miruts Yifter and my dream was to be like him."

Job Country Director - Ethiopia, Employer: University of Washington
The International Training and Education Center on HIV (I-TECH) is a global network that supports the development of a skilled health work force and well-organized national health delivery systems in order to provide effective prevention, care, and treatment of infectious disease in the developing world.

April 29 2008

Ethiopia takes center stage at SCAA's Specialty Coffee Conference & Exhibition
SCSU officials attend education workshop in Ethiopia
Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi and Prince Fahad Abdullah Mohammed Al Saud have won a lawsuit
Eritrean President discusses Somalia and Darfur in Saudi Arabia
Rights Group Says No Word on Jailed Eritrean Journalist

April 28 2008

Egypt, Ethiopia to beef up Darfur force
Meeting Somalia's Islamist insurgents
Eritrea: Not to cross an inch the territory of Djibouti
Dr. Jandaye Frazier meets Eritrean Opposition Delegation
In the Shadow of 2005 Interview with Bereket Simon

April 26 2008

Museum extends 'Lucy' exhibit through Sept. 1
Ethiopia objects to politicizing Olympics
Puntland authorities hand ONLF officials to Ethiopia

April 25 2008

GCC chief: Ethiopian move based on wrong allegations
If the above statement does not spell interference what does? It is a high time for these filthy, lazy, corrupt and worthless mullahs to stay out of our country and its affairs. (TOL comment)

Eritrea denies Djibouti incursion charge
Eritrea on Friday denied accusations that its troops had crossed the border into neighbouring Djibouti and begun building defences.

April 24 2008

Eritrea 'shocked' by Ethiopia decision to sever Qatar ties
Ethiopia launches commodities exchange
Journalist employed by state-owned Radio Dimtsi Hafash held since 2006

April 23 2008

Ethiopia, Eritrea to resolve dispute, says top UN peacekeeping official
Security Council members voiced anger on Tuesday at Eritrea
Protests over Ethiopia pop singer
Isaias Afwerkiís Interview with Aljazeera Television
Job: Joint Country Representative - Ethiopia, TROCAIRE
Ethiopians wash hands off diplomatic imbroglio
The Dismantling of the Eritrean Orthodox Church
President holds talks with Egyptian delegation
Emmmmm? what could they be talking about?

April 22 2008

The Yemeni community in Ethiopia: A history of integration
Iceland Helps Ethiopia to Explore Geothermal Power
Egypt detains 105 Eritrean migrants in south
Rebels criticise Ethiopia for breaking ties with Qatar
Bodies litter Mogadishu streets

April 21 2008

Ethiopia severs ties with Qatar
Eritrean soldiers made an incursion into Djibouti
Reliance Power to enter global scene with projects in Ethiopia
Gov't to allocate 2mln sq.m. land for 200 skyscrapers

April 19 2008

Eritrea says UN border force not legal
Ethiopian iFest performers go AWOL on opening day
Meles confers with UN Secretary General in New York

April 18 2008

Locusts storm Ethiopia
Eritrea behind bus attack in north Ethiopia
Watch the video here
Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report

April 17 2008

Coffee in Ethiopia Direct from the source
Predictions for Today and Tomorrow, could Egypt Revive itís dying Puppets?
Environmentally Friendly Wind Generator Available for Rural Africa
A hint of hope for a broken country

April 16 2008

P.M. Meles in New York to attend AU, UN security Councils joint meet
Another Ethiopia opposition party pulls out of polls
Teddy Afro Behind Bars
Exiled Somali leaders want UN-mediated talks

April 15 2008

Bomb blasts killed 3 Injure 18 in Addis Ababa
Ethiopia denies involvement in the assassination of The British female teacher
Ethiopian Airlines to claim compensation from Boeing for Dreamliner delay
Eritrea cuts diesel supplies to U.N. agencies-UN
Ethiopia to open 3 new camps for Eritrean refuges

April 14 2008

Huge turnout at Ethiopia's local polls
Why Eritrea Is Threat To Peace (2 part ABC video included)
Sun halo wows Ethiopia amid poll
Somali Rebels Kill Four Teachers
Sun halo wows Ethiopia amid poll

April 12 2008

Eritrea, Ethiopia spar over border impasse
Ethiopia Creates Its Own Coffee Experts
Norway pledges to consolidate support to Mekelle University

April 11 2008

PRESS STATEMENT Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 11 April 2008, Addis Ababa
Eritrea doesn't want UN troops on border - envoy
Stuck in Somalia?
UN chief lays out options for Eritrea-Ethiopia border dispute
UN appoints Ethiopian Zerihoun as envoy to Cyprus
Ethiopian airlines to fly to Kuwait, Riyadh

April 10 2008

Horn of Africa war possible if UN leaves - Ban
Ethiopia opposition group to boycott local elections
Somali PMís peace bid pays off

April 09 2008

Ethiopia, WFP sign LoU for food assistance worth 448.5 million USD
Birth or Death: Too Slim a Difference
Sudanese president visits Eritrea
Land clashes kill 18 in Ethiopia
Alexandrian Pope To Visit Ethiopia

April 08 2008

Former Ethiopian ruler sentenced

April 07 2008

Eerie silence in empty Mogadishu
Soaring food and fuel prices may hurt growth

April 06 2008

Ethiopia faces Electric power crisis
Ethiopia health service coverage up to 41%
Architects of Gold Scam Out of Country

April 05 2008

Ethiopia sentences five Mengistu officers to death
Real window of opportunity for Somalia
Ethiopian troops will leave Somalia as soon as there is a sufficient international force on the ground
Ethiopia exerts efforts to have good image Ė minister

April 04 2008

Ethiopia says exports up 32 pct so far in '07-'08
Ethiopia Launches HIV/AIDS Workplace Policy

April 03 2008

Rising food and fuel prices focus of UN officialís visit to Ethiopia, Kenya
Job: Country Director (Ethiopia), MATERNITY WORLDWIDE
Gebrselassie will not run 10,000 in Beijing says coach
America and Ethiopia need each other, but their needs are not equal
Eritrea releases 33 Yemeni fishermen
Eritrea releases 33 Yemeni fishermen

April 02 2008

Grant Awarded to Save Wheat From Fungus
Ethiopian Airlines and Lufthansa launch Codeshare Flights
Plant tissue culture laboratory to issue over 650,000 high yielding, disease resistant species to farmers
Eritrean Opposition Begins TV Broadcasts

April 01 2008

Climate for Africa growth more conducive - Ethiopia PM
Terrorists of Al-Ittihad Al-Islamiya captured (Watch the video)
World's Most Famous Fossil ''Lucy'' Comes to Seattle
Bole to Get 70m Br First Radar Installation
UDJ says only the means justifies the end
UNAIDS says Ethiopiaís efforts to curb spread of HIV/AIDS encouraging


Bi weekly colmn by Melissa Lahti

Melissa Lahti Tigrai Online contributerMelissa will be writing about different issues regarding parenting on a regular baises. Her current article is: Sleep Basics


Whdet Part One
Whdet Education system
Gezaee Hailemichael
April 26 2008

Ignorance is the mother of backwardness
Gezaee Hailemichael
April 21 2008

Predictions for Today and Tomorrow, could Egypt Revive itís dying Puppets?
April 17 2008

Professor Mammo Muchie (NES)
April 17 2008

Ethiopian Security Forces captured Humera Selam bus bombing suspects
ETV (Video)
April 16 2008

Ethiopia has never been one State: Linguistic evidence
Melaku T.
April 16 2008

Why Eritrea Is Threat To Peace
Woldu Mikael
April 14 2008

Engineers of Blame
April 14 2008

Member of EPLF Politburo and its Central Committee Mohammed Saeed Barih Passed Away. How? Hatela Tv Eri
Asgedom Wediafa
April 11 2008

A Short Note to Engineer Girma
Gezaee Hailemichael
April 07 2008

The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
(On Ato Siye Abraha)
Engineer Ghirma
April 06 2008

Introductory speech to our congress and the conclusive declaration.
Arena Tigrai
April 05 2008

Arena Tigrai Press Release
Arena Tigrai
April 05 2008

Eritreans Must think better
Gezaee Hailemichael
March 27 2008

Michael Belay with deeds greater than PHDS part II
March 24 2008

Bay Area Tigrean Community Celebrated Lekatit, TPLF 33rd Anniversary.
Desalegn Abbay
March 20 2008

Hell to Development that let Ethiopians die and bleed
Gezaee Hailemichael
March 14 2008

Sociocultural and Relief Association of Tigraian Ethiopians in Alberta
Asgedom Ghebremichael
March 12 2008

Special report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
Security Council>
March 10 2008

Gezaee Hailemichael
March 08 2008

An eyewitness account
Saba D.
Feb. 29 2008

Interview with Eritrean Opposition Leader, Mesfin Hagos
Woldu Mikael
Feb. 28 2008

33rd Anniversary of T.P.L.F Marked Colorfully in the DC Metro Area
Feb. 27 2008

Michael Belay with deeds greater than PHDS
Feb. 27 2008

I did not fabricate the story
Melaku Tefera
Feb. 26 2008

Ethiopia: Needs New Thinking Doctrine
Gezaee Hailemichael
Feb. 25 2008

Eternal Woyane with NO Apology! In Memory of Lekatit 11
A.G. Michael, Canada
Feb. 21 2008

Shaebiya's bold hypocracy,Siweldu Ayehu Bila Betetwan Talech
Henok Gamlak
Feb. 05 2008

A word or two to the two Groups Battling on the Ownership of Agazi Operation Film
Henok Gamlak
Jan. 31 2008