Tragedy of Political Egocentricity:Modeling Aregawi Berhe’s Betrayal

Debass H., PhD
April 05 2010

This is a new chapter in Tigrai’s history book. It calls for a firm stand to repel the wishes of self-serving individuals and groups, who are suffering from egocentricity and antisocial personality disorder (APD) traits. Psychologists characterize such individuals as:

  • reduced awareness of the emotions and emotional responses and needs of friends and family;
  • reduced monitoring of social interactions and responses from others – not responsive to feedback from others;
  • failing to get information about other people’s needs, feelings, goals, etc.;
  • focusing only on own thoughts, feelings, and needs;
  • difficulty with self-monitoring of their own behavioral urge;
  • problems in communication and social skills, leading to only their own needs expressed in a more direct, demanding way, without any social niceties;
  • impatience, or inability to wait for needs to be met by other people around them – things must be met NOW!
  • impaired judgment and reasoning, because they see the world only from his own point of view or that there is only one-way of doing things, because of: (a) the sense of entitlement, (b) apathetic to others, (c) blamefulness of others, (d) manipulative and conning, (e) socially irresponsible, (f) disregardful of obligations, (g) nonconforming to cultural norms and values, and (h) irresponsibleness.

All of the above personality traits characterize Aregawi Berhe’s behaviour very well. In effect, this piece constructs Aregawi’s behavioural traits into a specific model. To start with, here is a sketch of his personal background: His schoolmates from the Elementary School to the Comprehensive High School of Queen Sheba, Adwa, describe Aregawi Berhe as an arrogant and excessively egocentric person who suffered from APD. They tell stories that he sadistically enjoyed seeing girls from his neighbourhood crying in classes, because of his abusive words and acts. To his own dismay, however, these victimized girls used to outshine him academically. Queen Sheba being a source of many renowned-brilliant minds, the same cannot be said about Aregawi Berhe; his academic standing was below average. He never occupied any professional position that requires intellectual merits. This is despite the fact that he is in his over 60 years of age.

Because of his egocentric and APD personality traits, Areqawi Berhe was ejected out TPLF’s Central Committee. He left the Front at the most critical time, the early 1980s, when our people were suffering from the catastrophic famine and, yes, from the brutality of the Military-Communist Regime of Mengistu Hailemariam. A true Tigraian patriot does not quit and leave his people during their historic trying times. But, that is exactly what Aregawi Berhe did.

Adding insult to injury, it was early on, after he left the battlefields of Tigrai, that Aregawi forged partnership network with an amalgam of the core enemies of our people, including the groupings of Goshu Woldie, Dawit Woldegeorgis, and many others. Today, he has reinforced his behavior of betrayal. This week, he will sit side-by-side at a conspiracy conference with a cohort of Imru Zeleke, Negede Gobeze, Birhanu Nega, Anna Gomes, Ayalew Mandefro, Seid Hassan, Messay Kebede, and several other diehards, narrow minded chauvinists, reactionaries, and convicted criminals. Yes, most of these residual human elements are convicted criminals for their direct involvement in declaring genocidal acts against Tigraian residents of Addis Ababa in the aftermath of the 2005 elections. Shame, Aregawi Berhe will conspire with these criminals to overthrow the EPRDF government. Check the laughable title and contents of the conspiracy conference at: Its pretentiously crafted title is: “Conference on Good Governance, Peace, Security, and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia & the Horn of Africa, Organized by Advocacy for Ethiopia (AFE) and Ethiopian National Priorities Consultative Process (ENPCP), TENTATIVE PROGRAM” (emphasis mine). At this conspiracy venue of dying old aristocrats, confused academics, chauvinists, and convicted criminals, who are ill wishers for the people of Tigrai, Aregawi Berhe is listed as one of the panelists, along with Berhanu Nega, the lead criminal. Aregawi will talk on a topic of his choice, titled as: “The Ethiopian State and the elite: Past and Present” (emphasis mine).

These residual elements, although their intellectual capacities and managerial skills are totally skewed, they continue to deceive their gullible imperialist financiers. They lie to them with extreme pomposity that without them being in the helm of political power our Motherland, Ethiopia, cannot survive. In their own dreams, she, the Motherland, the mother of all victories, cannot be a democratized, strong, peaceful, and prosperous country, where all present and future generations of Ethiopians, comprising the multi-nations, nationalities, and peoples, can collectively enjoy life.

Aregawi Berhe betrayed our people during their bitter-armed struggle and is doing just that NOW: (i) He does not care about the 60,000 or so martyrs who perished in the battlefields. (ii) He disregards the well being of the living heroic Tigraian legends, our disabled veteran heroes and heroines. (iii) He has either forgotten or does not want to remember the tragic suffering our people had to go through during the catastrophic famine period of 1984-85. (iv) Yes, Aregawi Berhe does not care about the Hawzien tragedy: “On a market day of Wednesday, June 22, 1988, the Ethiopian air force bombarded the town for the whole day by airplanes and helicopters and killed more than 2,500 civilians (Human Right Watch/Africa 1994)” (emphasis mine).

This is a tragic model of a political egocentricity and APD personality traits that will create mutually reinforcing forces that will cause the downfall of a treacherous actor, Aregawi Berhe and his cohorts.


May Peace and Prosperity Reign in Ethiopia, the Mother of all Victories!

Human Right Watch/Africa, Nov. 1994, Vol. 6, No. 11, provides substantial details of the atrocities