ARENA Tigray, No Name

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Jan. 02 2008

I can hardly understand the difference between EPRDF and ARENA Tigray. Mr Asrat Gebru stated that he was correcting mistakes over the past 7 years. However, I cannot understand or see the differences or the corrections, Very weak party. If you UN does not give them port, they can do anything, better to beg Meles than to support ARENA Tigray.

Mr. Asrat and Ms. Aregash are saying that Issayas will give them ports to use by law or agreement. What law will allow you if you do not claim your rights? Ms Aregash also stated that while she was in TPLF she did not ask about ports because she said she was delayed because Issayas Afeworki told them he will allow them to use the port for free.

Mr Asrat and Ms Aregash, if you do not claim your right, no UN or Egypt will give any legal rights. It is up to you to secure yourself. No UN will give you anything you want.

I am dismayed, you still do not get it. There is no point to split from EPRDF. It is about power, it is not about Ethiopia.

Aiga, please ask Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to give them back their position. There is no any differences and there is no need for ARENA Tigray. Why do we need them? It appears to me ARENA Tigray is nothing than a claim their power back using a different door.

Divine justice, Freedom to Ethiopia