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Ethiopian year-2011 was year of challenges and triumph for the people of Tigrai

By Lion of Tigrai KA-PH
Tigrai Online , Sept. 14, 2019

Tigrai people won in 2018 despite the odds

The people of Tigrai, the state government and the TPLF won the challenges of 2018 despite the odds.


It is true that Ethiopian calendar year of 2011 was one of the worst year to remember for Tigraians. Anyone with the identity of Tigrai was affected physically, emotionally, psychologically and morally. Those responsible perpetrators of this evil action are the federal government, some members of regional state governments, followers and riffraff of DERG members who wants to take revenge for the humiliating defeat at the hands of the brave and unwavering people of Tigrai.

I will not blame all the Amhara people except those who are and were regional administrators, some narrow minded chauvinists who hate all nationalities including the people form Tigrai irrationally and the un educated people who were easily brainwashed by the hate mongers.

What we can learn from this unforgettable dilemma is that unity is the best weapon to defend yourself from any enemy regardless how powerful or hwo big the enemy is.

At the past two very difficult years all Tigrai people were and are united to defend their nationality, identity sovereignty, dignity and bitterly to maintain their proud place and existence of Tigrai as equal members of the Ethiopian proudly family. The people of Tigrai, the state government and the TPLF won the challenges of 2018 despite the odds.


I feel sorry for those individuals who sided with the enemy against their own people and identity for false hopes, unrealistic expectations and impractical dreams. No one respect your identity if you do not respect it yourself.

My message to the people of Tigrai is that, maintain and strengthen your unity. Recently all the evil criminals who were encircling Tigrai seem to slow down, but the struggle is not over yet until it is over. The avaricious enemy is still quietly plotting more disastrous plans against our people. We have to be watchful until our enemies are buried and full devastate and defeated beyond the point no return.  Meanwhile the dog will be barking until it is hunted down by the tigers.

No matter what happens, if the people of Tigrai are united there is no power in Ethiopia that would stand on their way.