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Abiy Ahmed Ali, the worst dictator in the making in Ethiopia

By Lion of Tigrai KA-PH
Tigrai Online , Sept. 22, 2019

National flag of Tigrai

“ Our flag is not just one of many political points rather, the flag is a symbol of our national unity” Adrain Cronauer


The world is witnessing that the political conditions in Ethiopia have been recorded as the worst times since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed comes to power a year and half ago. Civilians have been displaced of civil war, women and children raped, properties destroyed, innocent people killed , important and remarkable public and military leaders murdered, many imprisoned without proof of wrongdoings, churches burned and too many crimes to list .

It seems the accidental prime minister’s primary enemies are the people of Tigrai and his final destination and goals are to eliminate the nation of Tigrai. The reason for this cruel action is that the Tigrai people were the backbone of the establishment of federalism in Ethiopia after several years of struggle.

Federalism should be able to to maintain unity among all, but this doesn’t mean that we should boycott regional voices and the voices of ethnic groups“. Khil Raj Regmi.

Yes there is no problem with true federalism and doesn’t compromise unity, but this prime minister doesn’t want to recognize the equality, democracy, and regional right of the 78 nationalities of Ethiopians. Instead he wants to establish a government of dictatorship denying the basic needs and rights of the public.

The Tigrai People Liberation Front had battled numerous fronts and organizations while it was fighting the butcher government of Mengistu Hailemarima who has the gigantic black army in Sub Saharan Africa in the 80’s. In the early days of the struggle TPLF fought and defeated many liberation fronts such as Ternafit, the Ethiopian democratic union (EDU), the Ethiopian people’s revolutionary army ( EPRA) and the Eritrean liberation front (ELF). The TPLF have had so many enemies and friends during its revolutionary history. After so many bitter battles with all those principal and classical enemies, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front – EPRDF was established. EPRDF created the new federal system and introduced it to the nation guarantying all rights of the nation and nationalities up to and including cessation.

Some Ethiopians were not happy about the new federal system because they lost their prestigious rights to oppress the other nationalities. The people of Oromia were no more tenants of their own lands they became owners, and chauvinism was rejected by majority of the Ethiopian people.

Fast forward to the chaotic years of 2015 – 2017 where the city of Addis Ababa was supposed to expand. The idea of expanding the city to the Oromo farmlands without fair compensation to the people brought uproar all over Oromia. During the uprising of the Oromia people the enemies of the TPLF and their masters found a window of opportunity to get their revenge for their defeats in the previous years of struggle. Vertually every group who opposed the TPLF and EPRDF started reorganizing to support uprising just only to topple the EPRDF. Many of these groups didn’t have any politically common ground or morality to help the Oromia people, the only reason they were helping the uprising was for their own selfish benefits.


Opportunist hides the truth and keeps the options for the achievements of the purpose “ Eshan Seghal.

Of course there are opportunists at any time and level waiting to exploit and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed come to power by giving false hopes and slogans to the Ethiopian people mainly to the Oromia people. What the Oromo people needs was democracy, fairness, human rights, jobs, equality and fair compensation to their annexed lands to the urban areas.

There is a big corruption of land all over the nation since land is owned by the government in Ethiopia but the biggest impact was on the Oromo people. The Oromo people were very angry because they were mistreated by their local state officials and the federally government. Nevertheless, the Oromo supported the newly appointed prime minister assuming he will solve their basic problems. Eventually, he become the opposite, displacing so many Oromo people from their homes, killings all over the places with false assumptions and accusations of supporting the Oromo liberation fronts. It didn’t take that long for the Oromo people to know the new prime minister was cheating and he shouldn’t have been elected representing the Oromo people because he doesn’t act like Oromo.

Abiy Ahmed brought all chauvinists and reactionary individuals who are by class and naturally against the Oromo people,  all nationalities of Ethiopian, and mainly enemies of the Tigrai people to be his close advisors. He collaborated with those criminals together to dismantle the federal system and take away the basic freedoms of the nation and nationalities of the Ethiopian people.

The Tigrai people recognized Abiy Ahmed immediately he was an imposter and he will be their worst enemy in history. Abiy Ahmed announced he had singed a peace agreement with the Eritrean government without the knowledge and participation of the Tigrai people.  Meanwhile the government of Eritrea maintained the no war no peace with the Tigrai people. This led to countless rumors and several speculations because both the Eritrean and the Ethiopian prime minister are clear enemies of the people of Tigrai.

There was hope and ambitious by The Amhara people was hoping that the new prime minister who they supported whole heartedly will endorse and restore their old fake kingdom, but instead they were plunged to the worst bloodshed with Kemant people. The conflict resulted in the total decimation of Kemant towns, villages, farms and livelihood. Now the damage by the Amhara Special Forces is irreversible, the people cannot live together in one regional state.

The Abiy Ahmed  federal government is systematically working for igniting clashes between the Amhara and the Tigrai people where such clashes has been very rare and the people didn’t see each other as enemies.


We understand that Abiy Ahmed’s political calculations are focused on how to stay in power. Abiy Ahmed doesn’t have any intention to bring peace, unity and stability for Ethiopia, all his energy is spent to create new problems so he can stay in power. He is creating fake coalition forces without the people’s willingness just to stay in power.

Abiy Ahmed is trying to enlist the support of external forces to help him annihilate and dismantle the state of Tigrai and its people because Tigrai is the only organized opposition to his political ambitions and future dictatorship.  

The worst is yet to come, during and after the coming Ethiopian election there will be more political turmoil in Ethiopia. The red line has been already drawn on the sand between the supporters of the current federal system and the opposing groups. The political atmosphere is toxic and hostile and there are clear indications there might be violence. Both supporters and the opposing groups are armed if the Abiy government continue neglecting the security of the country, things will get out of hand. Only time will tell if the Ethiopian people will have a democratically elected, endorsed by the majority and all nationalities, restoring democracy, peace with equality, and fairness. Or are we going to see a government without legal election, denying all basic democracy and right of the nationalities crowned as the Ethiopian Adolf Hitler during the 20th century.

To the Tigrai people, I will start with this quote.

History teaches us that unity is strength and cautions us to submerge and overcome our differences in the quest for common goals to strive with our entire combined path to true brotherhood and unity.”

Emperor Haileselassie

Yes we are facing the worst enemy of our times and we cannot underestimate this enemies who are preparing a road map to destabilize, humiliate, destroy intra structures, dehumanizing the identity of tigrigna speakers inside and abroad. The enemies are planning the elimination of the people and the nation so that no obstacles and opposition to their interests and dreams of political power.

The people of Tigrai must build a national unity, organize all revolutionary forces into one powerful wave and strong resistance to sweep away one or more common enemies. Past and current political differences should be pushed aside as a minor irritants and they should not be a barrier to protect our identity and dignity.

“ no one can undermine national unity “

Ivac Dacic

This man was telling the Ethiopian people he is planning to destroy the country. This video was posted for the first time on August 7, 2018 over a year ago.