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EPRDF the Ethiopian ruling coalition party elected Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as its chairperson


Tigrai Online, Oct. 5, 2018

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed elected as EPRDF chairperson. We are wondering who cast that one vote for Demeke Mekonnen?


The Ethiopian ruling party, Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, EPRDF reelected Dr. Abiy Ahmed as its chairperson at its 11th organizational congress in Hawassa city in southern Ethiopia. The congress also reelected Demeke Mekonnen as a vice chair of EPRDF.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reelection is not surprising given the populism he generated and the anti EPRDF sentiment in Ethiopia, what is surprising is reelection of Demeke Mekonnen. In our view Demeke Mekonnen is one of the architects of the breakdown of law and order in Amara regional state and the rest of country. Demeke should have been brought to justice for what happened to the thousands of people with Tigrai origin, the Agaw people, and the Qemant people in Amara regional state in 2016 and 2017.

By electing Demeke Mekonnen EPRDF is telling the Ethiopian people the current situation will continue unabated. EPRDF is degrading itself further and whatever trust was left in the public will be exhausted very soon. On top of that the fragile situation in the country which put it at number for having the largest internally displaced will get worst.

Any other person from SNNPR or from Amara region would have been better to work with Dr. Abiy Ahmed, but by electing Demeke EPRDF told the Ethiopian people it is still playing games.

Some demented members of some organization tried to attack the TPLF, the federal system, and the people of Tigrai in general, but they were dismissed by the gathering right away.


Knowing the EPRDF is nearly dead and there is no hope reviving it any time soon, the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigrai people in particular should look for other alternative to protect their interest. Those who are proclaiming they created Ethiopia don’t seem to be willing to live in a multilingual and multicultural federal Ethiopia. For some odd reason this group are hell bent on the destruction of Tigrai by any means necessary and we as a people could not will not allow that to happen. There mounting evidence the same group who are vehemently rejecting the federal system and the federal flag are behind most of the ethnic conflicts. They are financing, arming, orchestrating, and organizing different ethnic groups to attack each other. The same groups were advising PM Abiy Ahmed to exclude Tigrai and the state government in Tigrai from the main decisions including the Ethio-Eritrea reengagement process.


If Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed wants to rescue the country from the disastrous path it is heading now he has to apologize to the people of Tigrai, he should distance himself from those dangerous backward groups,  and avoid using bombastic grand phrases which are doing more harm than good.

EPRDF electes Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as its chairman
EPRDF electes Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as its chairman


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