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Ironic peace prize goes to the Ethiopian Premier

By Luci Melaku
Tigrai Online Oct. 1, 2019

Ethiopian regime of Abiy Ahmed

While Ethiopia is at the brink of breaking apart from internal conflict foreign governments and organizations awarded Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for ensuring peace in the country


Although the country was considered as a model for other African countries in ensuring internal peace and lending hands for other countries in peace keeping, things have now turned reversed.  Incredibly, every positive stride of Ethiopia has absolutely changed. The country has now become one of the insecure countries in the volatile Horn Region.

The country’s current situation denied citizens’ free movement from one place to another for work obstructed them earning their daily means of subsistence. The displacement, torture, stoning and murdering of innocent people due to their identity has become so rife. It is public knowledge that the Federal government is already crippled and unable to keep law and order. The lawlessness and chaos in the country really witnessed Ethiopia has already a failed state.

Probably except Tigray and Afar Regional States, peace has already poisoned all over the country.  Since the coming of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to power, constitutional violation and illegal practices have become daily incidents. The situations in Amhara, Ormiya, Somalie, Gambella, and South Peoples Regional States could be typical confirmation for this argument. The overall situation in the country has changed from bad to the vilest. Recently, the United Kingdome has warned its citizens not to move to some specific areas in Ethiopia.

Moreover, conflicts between and within regions have inflicted severe harms on citizens. For instance, the conflict between Amhara and Kimant claimed the lives of thousands of people. The same is true in Southern Peoples’ Regional State that the violence flared since last year has also claimed the lives of many people. Another abominating conflict was the one that took place between the Ethiopian Somali and the Oromo people. It was a severe prevalence in the country that claimed the lives of a large number of people. The problem is the same even in the capital city Addis Ababa. A great number of citizens were slain in Oromiya Special Zone like Burayou and others. 

The country is now in a dire situation than any time ever that every citizen witnesses this fact. I have recently gathered information from residents of Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Dejen, Adama, Debre Berhan, Sululta, Mekelle, Almata, Ambo and Dire Dawa on telephone to learn the views of the ordinary citizens.  They all speak the same. The government has lost its power to ensure law and order and rather encourage criminals. One cannot know what happened to him/her for lawlessness has become the order of the day.


Due to all those conflicts and the absence of peace, more than three million people have already internally displaced. These people have been suffering of water borne diseases due to scarcity of drinking pure water and lack of daily bread. 

Many scholars believe that Ethiopia is in a critical time. It has become safe haven for those who betrayed it, for those who talked about unity while they are practically disintegrating it, for those who are talking about peace while there is chaos and conflict, for those who are talking love while there is hate, for those who are talking about justice while injustice overflows, side river parks while the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was terminated or slowed down.

Amid this Ethiopian situation, the country won peace awards.  Foreign governments and organizations awarded Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for ensuring peace in the country.  He won the 2019 edition of the Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize.  He was also awarded by Saudi Arabia in a ceremony King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosted.  Have these people really bestowing us the awards based on the real situation in our country. I don’t have any objection for the Premier. I personally read lots of innocence approaches on him and his activities if he is considered as an individual. I will be happy if they even give him more awards. But I disagree with their justifications for the awards. There is no peace, there is no democracy and there is no justice in Ethiopia at present that deserves international awards.

In fact what we Ethiopians have to learn from this very fact is that those countries and organizations awarding us at present have a hidden agenda of disintegrating Ethiopia and engaging its people in unceasing bloodshed.

We recall what the world had been doing in those past 27 years. When Ethiopia built Gibe III, Tekeze, Renaissance Dams those who are offering us a reward were seriously criticizing that Ethiopia’s project inflicts harms on Kenyans and they were talking about the water of Lake Victoria. There were chains of objections when the country was constructing Gilgel Gibe III, Wolkaite, Kuraz and Tendaho Sugar developments, Grand Renaissance Dam and the like.

When Ethiopia was one of the models in ensuring internal, regional and continental peace, they never offered us an award. When the country was a typical example to the world in handling refugees, they never rewarded Ethiopia.

But now imagine, we are in serious internal problems but awards came from various angles. I read some kind of paradox here and there. There should be something hidden for those prizes.

The world is really unfair. All its decisions are contradictory to what is on the ground. We Ethiopians should be aware of all the awards offered to our country by Saudi Arabia and other countries and organizations. I guess they are awarding our country for the people are in a dire situation, for the country is instable and insecure and for we are disintegrating under the pretext of unification.  

In a nutshell, the paradox is visible now. Ethiopia is in a chaos. Its people are suffering of injustice. There is now a failed state in the country. However, the Premier won peace prizes and awards. Do those prizes come due to the irresponsible leadership that terminated the construction of the huge development project GERD and develop Kebena River Side Parks? The world is really ironic and it offered ironic peace prize to the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.