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Ethiopia swings to dependency in its diplomatic relations

By Luci
Tigrai Online , Sept. 16, 2019

Ethiopia swings to dependency in its diplomatic relations

Clearly Ethiopia is dependant on the Arab countries mainly Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates for its diplomatic relations .


Virtually for the past three decades, Ethiopia had been enjoying its diplomatic relations with other countries around the world on the bases of mutual benefit and respect. It had been building bilateral and multilateral dealings on a win-win approach.

In those old days, it had warm relations with all its neighbors and other countries in the globe except Eritrea. Having managed in ensuring mutual cooperation for mutual interest, the country’s economic integration particularity with Horn countries had become a reality.

In this regard, Ethiopia had set up good understanding and cooperation with all countries. Its socio-economic and political success was emanated from this very fact.

In fact, its Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy prioritized to have relations with any country if it has something to do with its poverty alleviation scheme. In doing so, as witnessed by the World Bank and other international organizations, the country had registered fast sustainable economic growth for about a decade. Besides, Ethiopian acceptance rose at continental and international levels. Its role in peacekeeping, harboring refugees and strengthening the AU and the IGAD was indispensible.

Tigray National Regional State Deputy Chief Debretsion Gebremichael emphasized that although the country had managed to build good images in that past, everything turned out to the worst. The country has now a number of economic, political and social problems in addition to violation of constitution, identity based attacks and assassination of higher leadership.


In fact, the country has been still enjoying its good relations with most of the countries mainly the Arabs. However, a new diplomatic approach has developed nowadays. Since the coming Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the diplomatic cooperation is mainly characterized by dependency and begging. At present, there is an obvious shift of the diplomatic approach from mutual benefit and respect to dependence.

Ethiopia’s sovereignty has already become dubious as it has already dismantled its intelligence and security organs. The country’s security is under the control of the American FBI. FBI has bestowed the responsibility coercing the country to be dependent on the United States of America.

The secret peace agreement between the Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Eritrean President obviously obliged Ethiopia to shoulder another commitment. In fact, when the Premier went to Asmera and met President Issayas, almost all Ethiopians and Eritreans felt so glad and spare no time to express their admiration for that noble task.

That peace deal was crucial mainly to the people of Tigray and Eritrea whose borders were closed for two decade. Although these two people have the same psychological, traditional and cultural mind sets and share a long border, they remained apart for such a long period.

Tigrians and Eritreans use one common language and have much commonality than differences. It is possible to say that they are really one people. As a result, Prime Minister Abiy’s move for peace deal with Eritrea got full acceptance by the two people.

But later, the reality behind the curtain was disclosed by Andargachew Tsige who was detained by the Ethiopian government but later let free by PM Abiy Ahmed. He told Waliya Information that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was leaking information to the Eritrean President Issayas Afeworki when he was in a higher position in the Ethiopian intelligence and security organ.

The peace deal was not between Ethiopia and Eritrea but between Abiy and Issayas. His previous immoral contribution to Ginbot 7 and President Issayas made the peace deal between the two so easy. Many scholars argued that the peace deal was not made clear the people. According to some scholars, the Ethiopian Premier has given additional assignments to retaliate the Tigrians who were serving their country as members of intelligence and security while Ethiopia at dispute with Eritrea.


Another festering incidence was the murder of Engineer Simegnew Bekele. The construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) has almost ceased for some time and then slowed down since the murder of Engineer Simegnew. No investigation is done so far to dig out the murderers. However, leaked information hinted that many Ethiopians believe that the Engineer was murdered due to the government’s dependency on Egypt.

While the country was under the premiership of Hailemariam Dessalegn, before PM Abiy came to his current power, the move in Oromiya was highly sponsored by Egypt. Dr. Nancy, an Egyptian, coordinator of the Congo and Nile Rivers once told to Al Isam Tv that Egyptians were supporting the violence in Oromiya.

She said, “The road to the GERD has already blocked by the Oromos. The Oormos, the largest population in the country, have been protesting against the Ethiopian government. We need to strengthen our support to them”.

It is also know that Prime Minister Abiy was the ring leader of the violence in Oromia Region. He himself witnessed that he was one of the ring leaders of the revolts in Oromia while addressing the people in Ambo right after he took his current position.

This clearly indicates Ethiopia’s dependency on the Arab countries mainly Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emirates. They have been backing Egypt in its efforts to jeopardize the construction of the huge Dam on the Nile River.

It is, therefore, possible to conclude that the approach of Ethiopia’s bilateral and multilateral relations has shifted from mutual respect/benefit based to dependency based.