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Abiy Ahmed the father of the political lies in Ethiopia must go

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online , August 12, 2019

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Abiy Ahmed the father of the political lies in Ethiopia must go sooner than later


The EPRDF party decided election to be held next year. However, Abiy should have resigned immediately for his leadership failures. The barbaric government of Abiy Ahmed must go sooner than later. The Oromo Federalist forces are more EPRDF than the Chairman and vise-chairman of the dead EPRDF party.

Ethiopia cannot afford to continue under this barbaric administration. This barbaric government has done more damage to Ethiopia than the previous Prime Minister of Ethiopia who resigned willfully a year ago. It seems under Abiy Ahmed peaceful power transition is not possible. Because of Abiy Ahmed’s thirst for power Ethiopia could be immersed in another wave of continued conflicts and bloodsheds.

  1. Ethiopia is under undeclared state of emergency and people are crying for help

For how long are the Ethiopian people going to be murdered, displaced, accused falsely and arrested under Abiy’s barbaric rule. The Amhara activists are being hunted on daily bases under Abiy’s primitive government.

The Ethiopian Somali’s blood is not dried yet. After Abiy Ahmed invaded Ethiopia-Somali and arrested their president Abiy Elle, still there is no peace there. Like the Sidama people, Ethiopia-Somali regional state is also under undeclared state of emergency. The Ethiopian-Somali’s quest for freedom is not arrested using military power.

Over Ten Million Tigrayans rejected Abiy’s barbaric administration that targeted Tigrayans. No government in Ethiopia that targeted Tigrayans had lived long. The barbaric and weak government of Abiy will not be any different. His fate will be humiliation, and defeat.

Abiy’s administration is also rejected by the majority of Oromo intellectuals for many logical reasons. The south Ethiopian Sidama Activists have been killed and they are still hunted. But the Sidama people’s struggle for their constitutional rights will never be arrested or killed.

The Abiy Ahmed’s government crimes against people that are perceived threats to his power are being arrested on the basis of false allegations of corruption and on the bases of their ethnic backgrounds. As some genuine Ethiopian professional judges mentioned, such bias and crimes by the team Abiy has become an obstacle to the judges’ professional values, and their ethical standards of practice.


Even though many of Abiy Ahmed’s team members including him are suspected of crimes before and after they came to power; but once Abiy came to power by manipulation, he lied to all Ethiopians that he will not arrest people without concrete evidences. However, thousands of innocent people are under arrest without evidences.

  1. Defamation and character assassination of people on the bases of their Ethnic background is a crime

 Abiy Ahmed has underestimated the Ethiopian people’s power and the Ethiopian law. His highest priority became making his personal empire, and building a cult of personality at the expense of brave Ethiopian people.

Abiy has gone out of his way and he is abusing his power. No country is worth anything without its people. But Abiy Ahmed did not value the Ethiopian people. Speaking fluent Tigrigna has become the main concrete evidence for the arrest of thousands of hero Tegaru-Ethiopians. If one does not express support to his power, then he/she will be considered anti-change and they will be falsely accused of corruption.


Bereket Simon, Tadese kassa (Tinkisu), General Kinfe Dagnew, and Dr. Biniam Tewelde are among the best children of Ethiopia who fought corruption and contributed tremendous contributions to Ethiopia’s security, peace, democracy, growth and transformation throughout their lifetime. However, they have become political prisoners and victims of the Abiy Ahmed’s defamation and character assassination campaign. 

On the contrary, Abiy immaturely decided to admit armed rebel groups with their thousands of unlawful weapons to Ethiopia from Eritrea. Welcoming the rebels was acceptable by Ethiopians but the reason why Abiy allowed the unlawful firearms to enter to Ethiopia is very questionable.

  1. Should Abiy Ahmed go to jail or to the election poll next year?

Abiy is the culprit who introduced domestic violence to Ethiopia. With the illegal arms he allowed to enter to Ethiopia, first degree felonies are committed in Ethiopia. Ethiopians are murdered, banks robbed, and millions of Ethiopians are displaced from their homes and they are still suffering from diseases, hunger and deaths.

Should Ethiopia hold Abiy Ahmed accountable for all the bad decisions he made and the damages he caused to the people?  Or should Ethiopians allow him to continue the devastation of the nation? Or will I be called an anti-change for telling the reality on the ground and his true crimes using concrete evidences? Abiy should make sure Ethiopians will hold him accountable for all the bad decisions he made.

The popularity and the cult of personality Abiy excessively wished to build on the bases of cursing other people, undermining dignified Ethiopian  leaders, falsely accusing and arresting proud Tegaru-Ethiopian heroes has been evaporated and exposed to the world. Now, Abiy Ahmed’s narcissist nature and true character are being revealed to the world through concrete evidences.

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Now the honeymoon is over. He has no peoples support. Meaning he is politically dead. He may try to appear a super boss, but in reality he is not any body’s boss but his own empty dreams of becoming a King.

Except his inflated arrogance, boasting and excessive lies against Tegaru-Ethiopian heroes, he achieved no success but complete failures. He should be accountable for all his failures. Unlike the derg regime, the team members who execute Abiy’s wrong decisions should not be excused for scapegoating their own actions on their super boss. They should all take their level of accountability and responsibility for all the misdeeds in Ethiopia today.

People’s power and true justice shall prevail 


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