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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali versus the Ethiopian Orthodox Church followers

Tigrai Online, August 7, 2018

At the start of the video when he says Tiru mikir new, watch the right upper lip quickly shifting upward so fast indicating anger. The Ethiopian people are losing confidence on Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

Last week when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali was visiting the United States of America he mentioned that there is not enough reason or convincing reason why there should not be a Mosque in the Holy City of Axum. This statement created a huge backlash in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Church followers. There is uproar in the Ethiopian Orthodox community inside and outside of Ethiopia. According to some published statistics the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Church has more than fifty million members in Ethiopia.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is picking a fight virtually with every sector of the Ethiopian society. Abiy’s administration has overthrown the Ethiopian Somali state regional government by sending his troops and effectively dissolving the regional government illegally. In the few days when the coup d'etat was taking place many people lost their lives shot by Abiy’s forces and mobs. On top of that organized unknown hordes has inflicted unimaginable destruction in the local none Somali communities. For many years in the past there has never been violence against the Christian community in Somali state, but in the past three days many Churches have been destroyed. Why now?

Abiy Ahmed is also insulting the people of Tigrai and the Tigrai state government, actually it seems Abiy’s administration is a hair trigger away from full fledged military confrontation with many of the Ethiopian regional states including the Tigrai state. In every corner of the country there are multiple conflicts and social problems, even in his own state Oromia the OLF has overrun western Oromia state. In fact, the Oromia regional state president, Lemma Megersa who is supposed to be Abiy’s right hand man and the Ethiopian foreign minister, Dr. Werkneh Gebeyehu are currently visiting Eritrea, allegedly to talk to OLF leaders in Asmara.


In just ninety days Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has completely destroyed the Ethiopian constitution, offended the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Church followers, invaded Somali state, hundreds of Ethiopian people has died, and almost a million Ethiopians have been forcibly displaced from their homes. The scary thing is he thinks he is doing great and continues on his destructive path.

There is unprecedented hopelessness, fear, and uncertainty in Ethiopia. There is clear indication a fascist dictator supported by Ethiopia's arch enemies is sprouting right before our eyes. Ethiopia is heading towards self destruction! God help Ethiopia!!!


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