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It is not the Ex-Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that deserves Nobel Peace prize but the kingdom of peace-Tigray

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Jan. 11, 2020

Tigrai will not go back to the old days
Tigrai, the cradle of civilization had contributed a lot to the rest of the world but it had not introduced itself properly


The Ethiopian Ex-Prime Minister, Ex- chairman of EPRDF, and the leader of the illegal Prosperity party Abiy Ahmed mentioned in his speech at Mekelle in 2018 Ethiopia without Tigray is like a vehicle without an Engine. Today, the world is testifying the truth about Tigray.

The world supports making the empire of peace Tigray great again is making Ethiopia and Africa great. Tigray is the only peaceful place in the troubled region that deserves Nobel peace prize every year.

Tigray had exposed Abiy Ahmed as the Trojan horse before he is publicly exposed by president Trump in January 9, 2020. Trump opposed that Abiy Ahmed did not deserve the peace Nobel prize but himself the master of all the deals. Trump asked the same question that we all asked. “Why did he win the Nobel peace prize?” for faking as a peacemaker or for serving as a Trojan horse?

Today, the world is proving through concrete evidence that Tigray is the birth place and the home of the African freedom, civilization, prosperity, unity, and the Kingdom of peace, and rule of law.

Tigray is known as the best role model for a peaceful religious coexistence and harmony since ancient times. Tigray continued to be the kingdom of peace in the Modern world too.

The Modern Tigray has the historical and the moral obligation to show the world how people of different religions could co-exist with mutual respect and help one another. Christianity and Muslim religions in Africa began in Tigray at Aksum (Book of Acts 8:26-39) and Wuqro-Al-Nejashi (the first hijra) respectively.

The Aksum (Axum) kingdom was the first ancient kingdom that had started protecting and grating Asylum for people who were persecuted because of their religion in their own country (the first hijra). Since the first hijra up to the present day, honoring and encouraging one another with mutual love and respect had become part of the religious culture of Tigray.

Tigray, the cradle of civilization had contributed a lot to the rest of the world but it had not introduced its own fruits of ancient civilization to the world as much. Even before the inception of the idea of higher education, the Axumite intellectuals had written ancient astronomy, metallurgy, and religious books for the modern world universities.


Tigray was once the home of the ancient African intellectuals, Philosophers, Astronomers, Architects and Scientists. Under the Axumite (Aksum) kingdom, Tigray had contributed the only ancient African native Alphabet “GEEZ” and Geez literature to the world.

The question is: How did the intellectuals of the Axumite kingdom wrote all those books, designed, crafted and erected monolithic Obelisks without learning architectural engineering in the ancient world? How and where did they gain all the knowledge in the ancient world? Well, still much remains to be discovered.

Christianity and Muslim religions in Africa began in Tigray at Aksum and Wuqro-Al-Nejashi. Tigray is the place where freedom of religion is not only exercised as a right but also as part of the culture of the society since the ancient time up to the present day.

As it is documented in the scriptures of the Bible, the Aksum kingdom’s man, a eunuch of great authority, under queen Shebaa’s reign converted to Christianity while he was on the road from Jerusalem to Gaza by the apostle Philip. The apostle Philip was directly ordered by God to go to Gaza to meet the Man at Gaza to baptize him (book of Acts 8:26-39). This marked the start of the Apostolic Christianity in Africa.

About 500 years later, as it is also documented in the scripture of the Quran, by the order of the prophet Mohammed, the first Muslim followers came to the Christian rulers of the Aksumite Kingdom from Mecca for protection from religious persecution (the first hijra). This also marked the start of Muslim religion in Africa. Aksum kingdom became the first ancient Kingdom that had started granting asylum for people who sought protection from religious persecution.

Today, all the Habesha people are in the hearts and minds of many Muslims all over the world. For instance, during the civil war of the dictatorial derg regime, when the Habesha people migrated to the Muslim nations, most Muslim nations welcomed the Habesha people open handedly.

The Sudan people are still the perfect examples for embracing their Tigray people until the present day. The Sudanese people walked extra miles to welcome the Tigray people during the Ethiopian dictator Derg regime in 1984 and in 2016 due to the remnants of the derg known as Ginbot-7 or team prosperity party.

Even after the inception of the modern Ethiopia, the Tigray people who justly served and protected people of all religion and races without any bias continued struggling for generations for their freedom both from outside invaders and inside power thirty individuals.

The Tigray people who do not have the culture of tolerating injustice and ruthless rulers in the modern Ethiopia are under direct and indirect successive savage attacks by the savage rulers until this very day.

Thanks to our evil enemies, as they always become the sources of our strength, unity, and the reasons for the rebirth of the strong Tigrayan nationalism and the renaissance of Tigray. Tigray will never be the same again. Making Tigray great again is making Ethiopia, and by extension making Africa great.

We thank president Trump for telling the truth to the world about the fake winner of the Nobel peace prize. We say again 2020 is the collapse of the enemies of Tigray people.

The truth shall prevail!

We would like to thank President Donald Trump for making this information available to the public.

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