Becarful what you wish for

Tigrai Online
March. 03 2011

Becarful what you wish forIt is a public secret now days that pro opposition and right out anti Ethiopia websites have been advocating for an Egypt like demonstrations in Ethiopia. There is no stone they have not turned over and they are screaming from the top of their lungs to convince the Ethiopian people to go out on mass distraction of their country. But for what? The dynamics in Ethiopia donít warrant anything similar to what is happening in the Arab world. The Arab world is eight centuries behind even by Ethiopian standards in terms of social progress. The Ethiopian people have had their own revolution decades ago to remove the decaying feudal system. The cultural, political, linguistically, and economical differences between the Arabs and the Ethiopians is like day and night, then why do you want to copy them?

If there is any perceived or real political problems in todayís Ethiopia it will not be fixed by mass demonstration or an organized chaos. The elites who are comfortably sitting in their living rooms in Washington DC and European capitals are after one thing and one thing only, to grab power with out spilling a drop of blood of their own. They want the poor Ethiopians to sacrifice for them so they can smooth sail to the Menilk Palace. The mayhem, distraction and loss of life that would come with debritu revolution is not any of their business as long as they get what they want which is power.

The question on the Ethiopian people right now is not to demand to remove a constitutional government. To change government there are more effective and peaceful ways in Ethiopia today. If the enemies of the Ethiopian people manage to bring about mass demonstration it will not serve the people or the country any good. It might even be the end of Ethiopia as we know it because majority of the Ethiopian people would not go back to the dreaded old days and that is what the extremist groups are trying to do in the name of revolution. So be careful what you wish for.

Source: aviationnews