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People of Tigrai are determined to rebuild and strengthen Tigrai, Ethiopia is on its own

Tigrai Online , Sept. 10, 2019

People of Tigrai are determined to rebuild and strengthen Tigrai

People of Tigrai are determined to rebuild and strengthen Tigrai, Ethiopia is not the responsiblity of Tigrawai.


The people of Tigrai have sacrificed so much for Ethiopia as a country, but the credit was stolen by the chauvinist elites of Amhara. A quarter century ago, the people of Tigrai librated Ethiopia from the bloody fascist regime of Mengistu Hailemariam.  In the process they sacrificed their youngest and brightest children, 65 thousand of them to be exact.  What did the people of Tigrai get in return? For removing Mengistu Hailemariam from power Tigrai and its people were rewarded mass deportation, killing, humiliation and general degradation in Ethiopia.

Fast forward to 2019 after the silent coup took place in Ethiopia in 2018 with help super powers and mortal enemies of Ethiopia, the country is slowly but surely becoming one of the failed states of Africa. The mercenary group in Menlik Palace is stuck between a rock and hard place and it does not any long term or short term vision to get Ethiopia out of the quagmire it is in. The architects of the so called change are watching Ethiopia slowly collapsing which their intention was to do so all along.


Less than two year the true identity of the traitor acting as a prime minister of Ethiopia is exposed mainly because every time his starts to speak his mouth gets dry. It is ironic the people who had hard time containing their joy when the con-artist came to power last year are now working day and night to get rid of him.

The government and people of Tigrai strengthened their defenses while working to rebuild the economy of Tigrai. Virtually the people of Tigrai, the government of Tigrai, the opposition groups in Tigrai and the ruling party TPLF became one and the same when it comes to defending Tigrai. A year later Tigrai is more united and stronger than ever before militarily, economically, socially, and psychologically. The multi pronged attack against Tigrai, its people and government failed miserably. International companies, investors from abroad and from Tigrai are flowing to Tigrai. The people in Tigrai are in high spirit although they still are in a defensive mode.

The backward narrow Amhara groups have been hiding in the name of Ethiopia and accusing Tigrai and the TPLF for ills of Ethiopia, however they made a fatal mistake when they openly declared to destroy the current Ethiopia federal system and the Ethiopian constitution. Their miscalculation was based on a wrong conclusion that the dislike for EPRDF was a call for the oppressive unitary system of the old days. They had a rude awakening last month when representatives from all ethnic groups of Ethiopia come to Tigrai for the “National forum to rescue the Ethiopian Constitution and the Federal system in Ethiopia”. In the national conference the majority of the Ethiopian people said if it is not a federal system there is not going to be Ethiopia. The conference showed it is not only the people of Tigrai demanding respect for the federal system and rule of law, but 90% of the Ethiopia people.

The unitary extremist group is still working bring the one language, one religion, one people fake identity and fake system to Ethiopia. Their plan is first to destroy the federal system and remove the Ethiopian constitution. Then they would establish a fake reconciliation period and transitional government. After that they will introduce their own constitution, they will redraw the internal boundary of the country eliminating the current state based boundary effectively Ethiopia will be back to the era of Menlik.


Tigrai and the people of Tigrai have learned a lesson in the past 27 years which is sacrificing your interest for the betterment of a country is the worst deed in a country like Ethiopia. From here forward Tigrai and its people will work exclusively to build Tigrai to become a strong entity, a nation to be reckoned with. From now on not a single Tigrawai will die to save Ethiopia, whatever happens in Ethiopia, Ethiopia is on its own.