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G7 Foreign and Development Ministers’ Meeting: Press Release about Tigrai

Tigrai Online May 5, 2021


The Foreign and Development Ministers of the Group of Seven (G7), and the High Representative of the European Union met today May 5/2021 to discuss about local and interantional current situation including the military crisis around the world.

One of the agendas the Foreign and Development Ministers of the Group of Seven - G7 discussed about is the conflict between Tigrai and Ethiopia. The Tigrai crisis has created  military, humantarian, and social catastrophe incomparable in the world at this time.

The Group of Seven - G7 released a Communiqué at the end of their meeting. For your information below the following is the section about Tigrai from the G7 Communiqué.

We recall our statement of 2 April 2021 about the situation in Tigray, and remain deeply concerned about the continued violence and the worsening humanitarian and human rights crises. We condemn the killing of civilians, rape and sexual exploitation, and other forms of gender-based violence, destruction and looting of religious and cultural heritage sites, and the forced displacement of hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans and Eritrean refugees. We welcome the agreement between the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate human rights violations and abuses. We call on all parties to cease hostilities immediately, ensure the protection of civilians and respect human rights and international law as well as media freedom and access, and hold those responsible for human rights violations and abuses, including sexual violence, accountable. We urge parties to the conflict to provide immediate, unhindered humanitarian access, given the worsening food insecurity. The presence of foreign forces in Tigray is deeply disturbing and destabilising. We acknowledge the announcement from the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea that Eritrean forces will withdraw from Tigray but remain concerned that this has not yet commenced. The process of withdrawal must be swift, unconditional and verifiable. We call for the establishment of a clear inclusive political process in Tigray. We remain committed to the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. We also call for a broader inclusive political process in Ethiopia to enable credible elections and wider national reconciliation.


European Union cancels deployment of EU Electoral Observation Mission to Ethiopia
The European Union cancels deployment of an EU Electoral Observation Mission to Ethiopia because Ethiopia was not able to reach an agreement with EU. The union said in a statement published today May 3, 2021 on it’s website it didn’t receive the necessary assurances from the Ethiopian government to send it’s Observation Mission to Ethiopia.