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Is Eritrea next in the regime change sweeping the Horn of Africa?

Tigrai Online, April 30, 2019

s Eritrea next in the regime change sweeping the Horn of Africa?
A forced Regime change is being implemented in the Horn of Africa, is Eritrea next, if it is how would it play out?

After the silent coup d'etat in Ethiopia last year the forces who orchestrated the overthrowing of the EPRDF government in Ethiopia are working to implement the same changes in the Horn of Africa. What we saw in the Sudan in the past few weeks was a failed attempt by the same forces who put Abiy Ahmed in power in Ethiopia.

The main reason they didn’t succeed in Sudan is because the people are more calm and most of all the Sudanese defense forces realized what was going on in their country was not fueled from within but designed and managed by outsiders. Once the Sudanese military knew what was going on in Sudan they took swift action to keep their country united and keep the outsiders out, however the powerful countries behind the public uprising are still working to create a gap between the military and the people because they didn’t get to install a loyal puppet like Abiy Ahmed in Ethiopia. No one knows how long the Sudanese military could resist the sinister ploy to further divide the Sudan in to smaller entities and plunge the country to chaos.

We all remember the strong man in Eritrea was ordered to cooperate in removing the EPRDF in Ethiopia or he will be first to be removed. Isaias Afwerki was more than willing participant in the process of removing EPRDF/TPLF from power because he would achieve to goals at the same time. One his regime would get a pair of lungs to breath fresh air and second his enemies across the border the TPLF will be weaken. It was a win win situation for the dictator in Eritrea at least temporarily. So it was so rosy for the man who worked his entire life to destroy Ethiopia. Isaias Afwerki was invited to Ethiopia and received in a grand reception fit for a monarch. He was genuinely happy to be adored by thousands of Amhara and Oromo people in the capital city of Ethiopia. Isaias Afwerki was invited to inaugurate mega projects conceived, designed, and completed by the TPLF in Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed even started to arrest some prominent TPLF fighters to make Isaias happy. Isaias went to Amhara regional state in Ethiopia when Tigrai and Amhara states were in a brink of war. Amhara regional state delegation visited Asmara bearing gifts for the old man which was odd because the gifts they took were images of Axum obelisk and the Geez fidel which are the heritages and history of Tigrai. For a short period of time everything was working as planned, but then things in Ethiopia started to go downhill. The reason, the so called change was not for the benefit of Ethiopians, but to benefit the strategic interest of some powerful countries.

Once Ethiopia was in a state of break down it was time to jump to the next country which is Sudan. Sudan and Ethiopia are stuck in a quicksand and they are not going to get out easily soon. The next target is identified, all the logistics is in place and we are sure the man power has been embedded where they need to be. Well who is the next target in the Horn of Africa?


The next target might be the Red Sea nation of Eritrea. The masters of destruction have been circling Eritrea for a few years. First was Yemen, next came Ethiopia, then follows the Sudan and now it might be the turn of Eritrea. There are many signs trouble is brewing in the small nation. Western media have been attacking the Eritrean regime for a few years comparing it with what is going on in Ethiopia.

Finally when the regime realized they are next, they are mystified and disillusioned because they thought facilitating the chaos in Ethiopia will keep them safe. They were greatly mistaken the big powers were braiding the ropes for them when they were helping them hang the EPRDF in Ethiopia.

Now the regime in Eritrea is twitching like a nervous kid. They are doing everything they can to prevent the inevitable from happening. High officials of the Eritrean regime are fully engaged on deflecting the attention of the Eritrean people. Most of them are attacking the TPLF and the Tigrai people trying their best to convince the Eritrean people there is an external enemy that needs to be tackled. It is too late for the evil team and their partners in Ethiopia. The game really is over!!!

Response to Professor Asmerom Legesse by Tigrai Online. Leave the people of Tigrai alone!!!


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