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Amhara state security forces seized illegal weapons in Gonder

Tigrai Online, updated Jan. 24, 2018

Amhara state security forces seized illegal weapons in Gonder.The original video audio quality was poor, sorry.

The Amhara state police and security forces seized big cash of illegal weapons in the city of Gonder. The weapons were hidden inside an oil taker track literally amerced in the liquid wrapped with some type of protective material.

The weapons originated from somewhere in the Sudan, but when the driver was questioned by police he denied knowing about the content of his illegal cargo.


The weapons include heavy machine guns, AK47s, hand guns, and other light weapons.

Was all these weapons going for the "peaceful" demonstrators who are burning government buildings, businesses, and private houses? Who is the target of these weapons if they reached their destination? We are wondering how many more trucks have delivered their precious cargo to their intended people.