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Last minute call: A mistake that the world should not repeat!!

By G. Amare
Tigrai Online Nov. 9, 2020

Ethiopia is approaching to a limit where genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda =genocide against the people of Tigrai. I am wondering why the world is doubting, shying, and struggling to openly denounce and say enough is enough to the illegitimate Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed.

It is now about three years since the illegitimate Ethiopian PM has started spewing hate speeches and virulent propaganda targeting the people of Tigrai. His intentions are not obscure but very clear and documented. The illegitimate Ethiopian PM is committing crimes against humanity using government and franchised media outlets and gangs.


What happened in Rwanda is horrific to remember. The political party of Rwanda, MRND, which was in power, formed a youth wing called the Interahamwe to carry out the slaughter that took over 800,000 innocent lives. Neighbours killed neighbours and some husbands even killed their Tutsi wives. The Ethiopian prosperity party (PP) is doing to mirror image of such a heinous crime.

Recently, the illegitimate Ethiopian PM has escalated his actions to a deliberate and systematic isolation, discriminations, harassments, and imprisonment of the Tigrai people. He  officially declared, on TV, his plan to indiscriminately bomb cities in Tigrai. He is doing this only because the people of Tigrai carried out election,  practicing their democratic and constitution rights, refusing the PM’s unconstitutional decision to extend election indefinitely.

Now, openly declared and started war against the people of Tigrai. He is in process of identifying, isolating, harassing, and imprisoning Tegaru civil servants and business owners. He is confiscating their hard-earned properties and assets.

The illegitimate Ethiopian PM is isolating and harassing Tegaru who used to serve  as staffs of the Ethiopian army. He is  disgracefully dishonoring and placing them in concentration camps and prisons.

Sadly, the illegitimate Ethiopian PM is doing this hand in glove with the Eritrean president, Isaias Aferworki who is very well known cruel and dictator. Isaias destroyed the Eritreans hope and dream. Isaias is only known conspirator and creator of chaos and war. He is immoral and has no any sense of humanity.

So now Ethiopia is under civil war. This war is causing human atrocities. If the world opts to remain silent and passive, what happened in Rwanda will certainly repeat itself against the people of Tigrai. Otherwise, intervening after the fact is like crying over spilled milk which has no  value of any kind.

The world should act immediately. The world should not repeat the same mistake that had occurred in Rwanda by failing to act and prevent such an eminent danger of slaughter that has been waged against the people of Tigrai all over Ethiopia.


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