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Isaias Afwerki helped Western powers to ruin Ethiopia now they turn to Eritrea

Tigrai Online , Sept. 17, 2019

Isaias Afwerki helped Western powers to ruin Ethiopia

Isaias Afwerki helped Western powers to ruin Ethiopia now they turning against Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea


After great deal of secret and years of preparation on April 2018 the Western powers decided the time was right to unleash a multi pronged attack on Ethiopia, its people and government. The Western powers have been systematically financing domestic and foreign groups to work hand in hand against the ruling party in Ethiopia at the time the EPRDF. Human rights watch, International Rivers, Rivers Without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), and the Oakland Institute to mention some of the foreign organizations that were working with Ethiopian anti government groups inside and outside of Ethiopia.

Egypt and its wealthy friends from the Middle East were working with the Eritrean government which was acting as conduit for both the Arabs and the Western powers to funnel millions of dollars to Ethiopia rebel fighters and terrorist groups based in Eritrea. Egypt was determined to stop Ethiopia from building the GERD mega dam project and it was actively working virtually with anyone that would throw stone on Ethiopia.

Isaias Afwerki and his PFDJ thought if they can destroy TPLF/EPRDf with the help of the Arab countries and the Western Powers, one he would have personal satisfaction hence the chest pumping and smiling ear to ear when he arrived in Addis Ababa the first time after 20 years. Second Isaias Afwerki would have more influence in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. He is somewhat successful on both accounts, at least until his relationship with Abiy Ahmed start to go down hill.

Little did Isaias know the Western Powers were using him as a temporary tool to stop Ethiopia from getting out of grinding poverty, but at the same their plan was finalized for him and his PFDJ criminal group to be pushed out just like the EPRDF did in Ethiopia. The Western Powers are now done with the destruction of Ethiopia with the help of their point man, the mediocre little known intelligence officer in power.

Eritrea is now in the cross-hairs of the masters of Isaias Afwerki. Recently the CPJ released the list of the ten most censored countries in 2019 and the report says "Eritrea is the world's most censored country in the world". Two days ago the Council on Foreign Relations published a damming article under the heading of "How Long Must Eritrean Wait for Change?" Just today Amnesty International demanded 28 prisoners of conscience detained 18 years ago must be immediately and unconditionally released. In the article released today September 17, 2019 Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes.said,

 “It is a travesty that this appalling injustice persists almost two decades on, more so now that Eritrea is a member of the UN Human Rights Council,”  he added “This continued arbitrary detention shows the lengths President Isaias Afwerki’s government will go to in its unceasing attempts to crush dissent. Like hundreds of other prisoners of conscience in arbitrary detention in Eritrea, these 28 men and women are prisoners of conscience and must be released immediately and unconditionally.”

Do you think all the above international organization care about Eritrea or the Eritrean people? NO! they don't, They are doing exactly what they did in Ethiopia for the past six years until they installed Abiy Ahmed to power in Ethiopia.

The irony is that they are using Abiy Ahmed to remove Isaias from power. Abiy Ahmed is secretly working with them to create doubt and fear on the population. It is a race between the Eritrean people who are desperately trying to bring about controlled change on their own and the foreign powers who wanted to create chaos then install their own puppet. All the news and press regarding Eritrea is negative criticizing the Eritrean government for all the evil under the sky regarding Eritrea. It is not that the PFDJ group doesn’t deserve criticizing, but the Western powers are doing it for totally different reasons which has nothing to do with the Eritrean people.

The low level Ethiopian intelligence officer is now working against his short time body who played significant role to bring him to power in Ethiopia. The Western Powers who cheered Isaias Afewerki when he was swinging a wrecking ball against Ethiopia are nowhere to be found. They used Isaias Afewerki to achieve their goal and they are about discard him as a used up lemon.

The dilemma for the poor Eritrean people is they have to choose between a brutal dictator who is destroying their country slowly or foreign Western powers who would install a puppet government in Eritrea and effectively occupy their country for a long time to come.