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The Sudanese military takes over power amidst political crisis

Tigrai Online, April 11, 2019

Sudanese military takes over power amidst political crisis
The Sudanese military took over power amidst political crisis in Sudan removed President Omar Hassan al-Bashir to save their country.

After months of public unrest and sometimes violent protests the Sudanese army removed President Omar Hassan al-Bashir from power today Thursday April 11, 2019.

According to international reports thousands of demonstrators were surrounding the ministry of defense where President Omar Hassan al-Bashir was staying. The demonstrators refused to leave and eventually members of the armed forces joined them.

A statement from the defense ministry of Sudan indicated President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is under arrest and he is in a “safe place” under the protection of the military. The military also announced state of emergency has been declared for three months. Sudanese air space is closed for 24 hours and all Sudan’s borders are closed indefinitely until further notice. The Sudanese constitution is suspended and elections will be held after 2 year transitional period.

The demonstrations which forced the army to intervene are very similar to those swept the North African countries and Ethiopia. The difference in the case of Sudan is the military taking power to stop the country’s deteriorating political situation. It is possible the Sudanese military realized there are foreign countries behind the demonstrations to destroy the country like they are doing in Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and many other countries in the world.


The situation in Sudan is fluid and it can go both ways. The military can stabilize the country before things get out of hand the way they are in Ethiopia or the demonstrations might continue and a clash between the military and the demonstrators could exasperate the country’s problems.

A few months back there were rumors Abiy Ahmed and his friends are pouring lots of money in support of the demonstrators to destabilize the Sudanese government.

Depending on the final outcome of the coup d'etat in Sudan, there is a potential for security problems to develop at the border of Sudan and Tigrai. It would be wise for the Tigrai state government to take the necessary precautions to prevent enemies from exploiting the uncertainty in the Sudan. All Tigraians who live in the Sudan and at the border areas should pay attention to what is going on around them in relation to the current situation in the Sudan and the Tigrai government should keep a close eye on Sudan.

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