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Map of military buildup by Egypt and Sudan in Eritrea
Map of military build up by Egypt, Eritrea and Sudan in the border of Sudan and Eritrea

Sudan and Egypt amassing troops in the border of Eritrea and Sudan

Tigrai Online, updated Jan. 8, 2018

This CGTN Video will give you a clue to what the situation is. The reporter from Cairo is wrong Sawa is not an Island it is a military training center far from the sea.

Sudan sends its army chief to Ethiopia

Sudanese Chief of General Staff Lt. General Emad al-Din Mustafa Adawi visits Ethiopia today

Just after Sudan closed all its borders with Eritrea, the Sudanese Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Emad al-Din Mustafa Adawi is sent to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa today Monday January 08, 2018. Meanwhile Egypt keeps denying it has no troops in Eritrea. Ethiopia and Sudan has a military agreement for border security and othe situations. The armies from the two countries has done joint training in past.

January 7, 2018 According to credible international news reports Eritrea, Sudan, and Egypt are massing thousands of troops at common border of western Eritrea and the Sudan.

On January 4th thousands of Egyptian troops backed by United Arab Emirates defense forces arrived in the Sawa military training camp in western Eritea. The Egyptian troops are accompanied by Sudanese rebel groups from the east and western Sudan.

Meanwhile the Sudanese government has deployed thousands more troops starting January 4, 2018 in its eastern border facing the combined forces of Eritrea and Egypt. In addition to the deployment of its defense forces Sudan has completely closed its borders with Eritrea and a six-month state of emergency has been declared in the regions of Kassala and North Kurdufan of Sudan.

Sudanese troops transported to the Eritrean border
Sudanese troops have been transported to the Eritrean border a few days ago.

According to many news reports the Egyptian forces deployed in Eritrea are armed with armored vehicles, heavy weaponry, and cutting edge military technology.

There is no official statement from Egypt or Eritrea for the sudden presence of thousands of Egyptian troops in Eritrea. The cover story floating around from some Egyptian analysts is, Egypt sent its troops to Eritrea because Sudan has permitted Turkey to use the Island of Suakin just 60 kilometers south of Port Sudan last year.  The question that begs an answer is if Egypt is deploying troops in Eritrea in response to the Turkish us of Suakin why Egypt waited nearly a year to respond? The logical answer is the Egyptian military buildup is way more than that and Suakin Island is a smokescreen for much more sinister military mission.

At the same time the reports indicate Ethiopia has sent reinforcements to the triangle border with Eritrea and Sudan at the north western part of the country where the three countries meet.


Egypt has been trying to pressure Sudan for siding with Ethiopia in its disagreement with Egypt regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). As the GERD nears completion the Egyptian government started its usual saber rattling especially the past few months Egypt tried to create a wage between Ethiopia and Sudan by demanding Sudan should be left out of the negotiations.

Tension is mounting at the border of Eritrea and Sudan. The Sudanese government recalled its ambassador to Cairo this week protesting Egypt’s troop buildup in its border with Eritrea. “Sudan’s decision to recall its ambassador from Cairo came hours after the Head of the Sudanese Border Technical Committee, Abdullah Al-Sadiq, accused Egypt of trying to “drag Sudan into direct military clashes.”

We don’t think there is any real threat to Ethiopia at this time but Egyptian troops and military equipment stations a few kilometers from the border of Ethiopia is concerning development.

If a military conflict breaks out between Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea at the border of Sudan and Eritrea the first victims of the conflict would be the poor Eritrean people.


It is mind boggling why the Eritrean government will provoke a military confrontation with Sudan at this time. There is no logic or rational that makes since for the Eritrean government to allow Egyptian forces to be deployed in its main land bordering two of much larger neighbors.

It is obvious the Ethiopian government and defense forces are watching the tense situation very closely.

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