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Here We Go Again; Lies !

By Yared Huluf
Tigrai Online Jan. 7, 2021


At any historical period and in no place of the planet did ever emerge a government that was hell bent on destroying a constitution of its own sovereign part except in Ethiopia for no legitimate reasons but hatred of the people living in the region.

Tigray did not rebel to break away from Ethiopia, when the Amhara led by Abiy Ahmed, who does not have the instinct to clean his dirt let alone lead diverse millions of people with complex needs.

Tigray did not claim any piece of land that is not its own, if anything Tigray gave up swathes of land South and West, respecting current geo-politics and settlement.

Tigray has and had no blood stained hands to expand its region, denying settlers of any region their rights and dignity to quench land grabbing appetite as the Amhara did whenever any opportunity arose.

Never mind, the Tigrains, they were meant to be wiped out by design, but wouldn’t Abiy Ahmed and his foot soldiers think the thousands of Amharas that are to be lost in a pursuit of owning and controlling land of other people living under their own flag?

Why is the piece of land in Tigray so cardinal to their greed when they are inept in defending any other land, albeit, still historically not theirs as the case of boarding the Sudan? It is the fear and hatred of Tigrains!

For 131 years they dictated terms and ways in how other Ethiopians are to be ruled and they were unable to lift their figures to improve the lives of the Amhara people let alone those whom they dominated with iron hands!

And yet they are blind enough to convince themselves and yes men Amharas, that the last 30 years was greatest age of darkness Ethiopia has ever seen! I will not dwell how it was not, it is written on the wall, that what they claim is not!

They finally decided, they will divide Tigray, hand over a check to Eritrea, the rest to Amhara, hoping they would bury it once for all.

If you remember, a group of Amhara regional officers, led by a women, they always present women on the forefront of delegation, implicitly offering their siliceous services to foreigners in return of whatever they had hoped to gain. This delegation to Eritrea presented  a replica of Aksum Obelisk and Geez Alphabet Inscriptions, to imply Tigray is no more but Eritrean domain. The rest to be given to the Amhara land grabbers according to Abebe (https://www.facebook.com/100003202629425/posts/3670901073026611).

Now as events unfold General Belay Seyum, operational commander feels ruthless and complains that the Eritrean forces invaded Tigray without given permission by the Amhara group sitting in power!

Never mind the plots of the Amhara designed to deceive the world. But, not surprisingly there are renowned  liars  but the Amharas are from another planet. Their lies know no bound.


How is it possible to believe that the Eritreans crossed their boarders and invaded Tigray without the blessing of the Amhara rulers, when 15000 of the Amhara soldiers crossed to Eritrea to seek refuge and soon  fed and rearmed sent back in tango with Eritrean troops  to Tigray to kill and destroy the region?

Hasn’t every living person, including Eritrean children seen Ethiopian forces walking in the Street of Asmara to deny facts!

For well over two and half years Ethiopian Airlines was transporting soldiers to Eritrea  to be trained and stationed to invade Tigray from alien grounds?

The excuse to allow invasion by enemy forces to destroy part of your own sovereign territory has never been heard in history, only the Amharas could do such a blander and for no sound reason! You do this because Tigray has opted to elect; or to incorporate part of its land to their own?

It was a well thought out and planned invasion and the flimsy excuse that they did it because its Northern Command was attacked is a crass false attribute.

After the plot to assassinate the Tigrain regional government by paratroopers was foiled, which was coordinated to take control of Tigray from within, in desperation the full force of Eritrea was deployed.

Who would blame, unless one is a fool, the Tigrains for taking such astute measures when the existential threat was imposed by enemy forces?

Why would the Ethiopian force allow an Eritrean military force, pronounced by the world as an Enemy, to cross over to it sovereignty , instead of fighting against, be permitted to kill and loot? Is this a betrayal if its highest order hasn’t been seen by the world before ? Isn’t this mission of grappling a piece of land from Tigray to incorporate it into Amhara, more pressing than a foreign occupation?


Last but not least, both the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments had hoped and planned the war to completely bring Tigray under control, ceteris paribus, all things put in place, would last at most 3 days. During those three days they had a gruesome and shocking explosion for the world to witness to side with their war of aggression. They deliberately  set out to murder some 7000 MyKadrai dwellers and leave them lying naked in the street, some with their hands tied behind their backs, others their heads chopped  for the world to see as if committed by Tigrain forces in order to sympathize with their war of aggression against the Tigray people, as well as to distract the  worlds attention from further atrocities they committed in the rest of Tigray.

The plan foiled, it took more than 3 day to complete their invasion. The report filed by no other than an Amhara elite Daniel Bekele and Amnesty foot-soldier,  Nezabete Belay, brother in law of Human Rights(Abuses) Commissioner, Daniel measurably failed to achieve their sinister ploy!

Had they succeeded, the murder plot would have been water under the bridge , just like the journalist Jamal khashoggi’s story, softly, softly fed to the world.

The most surprising thing of all what would the limacine Minister of disinformation, Zagid Abreha, would now say, that Eritrean forces were not only in Tigray but killing, steeling and looting any trinkets they came across a1001% proved! I know he has no integrity to remove himself from public office where he has been fattening his belly but justice will do that when their adventure is done and dusted!


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