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Tigrians perpetual commitment to rescue unity

By Molla Mitiku
Tigrai Online Feb. 19, 2020

It is incredible and really unbelievable. The people who have been marginalized in Ethiopia for its identity by the current political situation in the country, being hand in glove,marchedearly in the morning toMekllestadium to celebrate the 45th founding anniversary of Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). wadisparities all speak one word, sing one song, and walk same pace, have the same priority and the same desire. Equal opportunity, respect to one another and mutual development.


This incredible moment reminded me what the visionary leader Meles Zenawi once while addressing similar ceremony to the people Tigrians. He said, “We are proud of being your sons and daughters”.Really,I internalized it now the people of Tigray never surrender for any confront.

The one important thing is the fact that the people of Tigray have lots of an unanswered question just like what other Ethiopians have. They faced challenges like lack of good governance and unemployment. They have also quested for infrastructure development, quest for schools and health centers; even do not have clean drinking water. Despite all these problems, the people joined hands for what they leveled as a priority.

In fact, there are also some encouraging changes in the region after the in-depth reform some three years ago. The leadership evaluated itself and attempted to respond to the very questions of the people. However, this doesn’t mean it is smooth in all sectors and all individuals are devoted equally in taking action to address the major problems. Forget what looks like today but if we really think how the valor reached at.

The leadership members who had been sacrificing their life for the well being of the people and the current thrive of democracy as well as the revival of peace and sustainable economic growth in the country are nowadays strongly participating to help the current leadership. They participate in building capacity in the new blood and engaged in various researches for the way forward by resolving challenges. In fact, what is going on at present is not something strange to the people of Tigray and TPLF.

History witnesses that TPLF passed so many challenging situations and having solved them in collaboration with the people. What the people and the party faced currently differs from what it had been experiencing. All its contributions to this country’s peace, democracy, economic and human development have altogether been denied. These tangible performances that are still on the ground to be witnessed have also blindly rejected.

There is a strong campaign against the people of Tigray as if they are responsible for all the ills committed in the past three decades. A lot of people have displaced from different parts of Ethiopia and others are forced to quite their government jobs and still others have lost their property.

The 45th anniversary of the founding of TPLF is celebrated while the country is in a different political situation than ever. At a time, the four allies that led the country for the past almost three decades have disintegrated. They changed their programs and formed a new party but TPLF only remained where it is sticking to its previous program.

It is also taking place at a time where the leadership in collaboration with the people has been deeply assessing the political, social and economic aspects of the region. It is taking place at a time where Tigrians have reinforced their unison to defend any impositions upon them.

The 45th anniversary founding of TPLF is now being celebrated uniquely. The people marched to the stadium from early dawn. The reinforced their courage, unity and commitment just unseen anywhere. The people have voicing various slogans including “We are struggling for the entire Ethiopia!”; “The sacrifice of our bravery shouldn’t remain hidden!” and others. The huge crowed are also urging all Ethiopians to join their struggle so that the equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia will be retained.

In fact, no one could dare to deny that the chauvinists and the extremists joined hands and working restlessly to erase the history of the sacrifices TPLF and the people of Tigray had paid for the present development, peace and democracy in the country. But this is unacceptable by the Ethiopian people. They knew the very reality. The myriad achievements that are being recorded both in rural and urban areas could also be real witnesses.

It is known that TPLF took the pioneering task to educate the people about the structure of the federal system and implement it in Ethiopia that contributed to the current status of Ethiopia. It is incredible for most of us that Ethiopia has managed to enjoy a number of developments since the past twenty seven years.

According to my view, the wise leadership of TPLF and the people of Tigray never respond to all the ill practices happened upon the Tigrians in different parts of the country. They rather comprehended the cause root and working to alleviate the problems that the Ethiopian people have been facing. Even today at the colorful celebration of the 45th anniversary, they reflect the same thing that they are expressing their commitment to rescue the federal system. They are expressing that the country has still both opportunities and threats that they are committed to use the opportunities to retain the Federal System and urged other nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia to join hands.