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What do you expect from the 11th EPRDF organizational congress in Hawassa?

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Tigrai Online, Oct. 3, 2018

Part of the speech by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the 11th EPRDF congress.


Dictators are not born complete as dictators but molded and shaped into one especially those individuals with propensities and with the underlying genes

EPRDF’s 11th organizational congress is going on in Hawassa city, in southern Ethiopia, as an Ethiopian what are your expectations, wishes and dreams of this historical congress? As all of us know EPRDF’s 11th organizational congress is taking place at a time where many Ethiopians don’t feel safe in their own country. EPRDF as a political organization is at its weakest point and this might be a make or break gathering. Are there key issues that the congress must address in your opinion, if there are any what are they? Please share your thoughts in a respectful and civilized manner for all Ethiopians including the EPRDF members to consider if they read them.


Do you think Dr. Abiy Ahmed would be elected as Chairperson of EPRDF this time?

Who do you think would be the deputy Chairperson of EPRDF or in other ways who do you think would be the best deputy Chairperson of EPRDF?

Do you think EPRDF will be stronger or weaking by the end of this congress, and what about Ethiopia as a country?

What do you expect from the 11th EPRDF organizational congress in Hawassa?
Share your thoughts and your expectations for the 11th EPRDF organizational congress in Hawassa?

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