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A look at the action and inaction of Sofia Tesfamariam?

By Berhanalem Gebru
Tigrai Online, Feb. 13 2010

She is smiling but is Eritrea smiling? A look at the action and inaction of Sofia Tesfamariam?

In the last twelve years we have come to know a lady named Sofia Tesfamriam. I personally have not met her, and I did not know what she look liked recently though her pictures emerged posted right next to her articles. Even though her articles indicate a sign of Eritrea’s troubled times, her face is glowing with a big smile? Why is that?

From everything we hear, read, and observe the signs indicate that Eritrea is far from smiling? The chaos that has engulfed Eritrea has been eloquently described by YG. To add to everything that has been said, I just would like to ask “Asmera Rose”, why is thousands of Eritrean youth fleeing Eritrea? Do not tell me they are traitors because you know they are not. The Eritrean youth that is running away from the abusive leader is the children of the ተጋኣደልቲ era. The parents of these youth paid dearly so that their children can live in peace in their nation, and with their neighbors. Your leader Isyas had added insult to injury by declaring their desperate escape as going for “picnic”.

“Asmara Rose” of course you can smile all you want. Your children are enjoying western education, and you might be even be planning their wedding or college future at the moment. Unfortunately, and sadly that cannot be said about Eritrean parents who live in Eritrea. Eritrean parents are saying, “I don’t want to be attached to my children, because they will be taken away from me”.

In today’s Eritrea parents no longer want to be attachment to their children. In fact it is better not to be attached. It is actually better to raise your child like you would raise cattle. Because if you get too attached to your children you know you will be damaged emotionally forever. You know that an Isyas cadre will come and hunt for your child? You know that an Isyas cadre will force your child to be married to a Russian Kalashnikov forever.

That is why in today’s Eritrea, This is the common saying; ወዲ ሃይለ ክንዲ ጋል በረሀ ዝምርዖ፡ ጋል ረሻ ኮላሸንካፍ ተመርዕዩ ይነብር አሎ።ንዘልአለም መኺንካ ትነብረሉ ሓዳር፡ ህዝቢ ኤረትራ ከሳብ ክንደየ እዋን ኢል እዩ ክሳቐ?

Instead, Eritrean parents are watching their children perish, disappear, jailed, killed, forced labor in a broad day light. Who is doing this to them? It’s not woyanne, it’s not the UN, it’s not, USA, it’s not Somalia, and it is not Sudan. The evil behind this nightmare in today’s unsmiling Eritrea is Isyas and his organization Shaebia.

“Asmara Rose” how can you smile when you see Eritrean nationals running for their life through the deserts of Sahara? How can you smile when you hear an Eritrean woman been raped by those cruel, coward, selfish, pagan Boudins? I tell you when I read that news I just said I wish I could catch those Bodouins, or boodas. I was upset angry and sad. We Ethiopians do not find pleasure at the suffering of our brothers and sisters across the border. Yes, it might be shocking to Shaebia fanatics like you, but as Eritreans suffers there are many Ethiopians who feel sad about that situation. Yes, to your surprise, when we hear Eritreans are stuck in the deserts of North Africa we pray for them to make it safe. No humans deserve to go such a hardship in order to pursue a decent life.

Your children deserve education, and Eritrean children deserve a gun and a military uniform?

Dear “Asmera Rose” enjoys your life with your children. Besides you are funny where ever you are. You are also enjoying life where ever you go. When you go to Eritrea you might be received with a military parade for bubbling about things you do not know, or care about. Those kids that you see in uniform would rather be in college just like your children. Those kids that you see in uniform could be world known philosophers, doctors, professor, and writers if it was not of your idol Isyas Afeworki and co.

Instead, your idol isays Afeworki has relegated an entire generation of Eritrean youth to only be the handlers of a Russian Kalonskov. According to your Idol this is the only talent that the Eritrean youth of today need? That is why talented Eritrean soccer players, runners, journalist, highly educated professionals are running away from Eritrea?

Episode#1 the end of a decade seems to bring a shocking surprise? Superstition in the making? What will happen to Eritrea at the end of this decade?“
Asmara Rose”, if you remember it was toward the end of the decade that Isyas army was beaten. In that war the Eritrean people were not beaten. It was Isyas army that was beaten. In that war Ethiopia made the difficult decision to punish the brain dead leader who only specializes in bringing problems to the Eritrean people. What was shocking to the Eritrean people was at the speed that Ethiopia controlled half of Eritrea. During that period Ethiopian and Eritreans in Diaspora were also waging war of words in a popular website known at that website as “ethioforum”. I never used words to insult anyone, but I did use these statements. Some readers might still remember it, and others might have over looked it. I said, if Eritreans continued to follow Isyas Afeworki blindly, Isyas will sink the whole nation to the sea. Since then, many things have changed in the state of Eritrea. Many Eritreans who used to follow isyas blindly now question him boldly. Some have sacrificed their life to do that. A case in point is the well knows G-15, and many unsung heroes, and heroin as well have perished trying to challenge the man, instead of following him blindly.

The turn of the decade from the twentieth century to the 21century was a sad day for Eritrea. Eritreans from every corner of the world realized that they too were humans. That they too could be outnumbering. That they too could lose unjust war. After Isyas humiliating lose in the battle, two groups of Eritrean intellectuals emerged. The forever Isyas puppets intellectuals, and the soul searching intellectuals. The soul searching Eritreans understood after the end of Badme war, that Eritrean was been lead by probably one of the most reckless leaders that has walked the face of this earth. These camps of Eritreans have done their best in the last 12 years to wake up Eritrea before it is too late. Then the Isyas worshipers group decided to deflect every problem that exists in Eritrea to either Woyanne, or the UN. The awoken Eritrean intellectuals reminded Isyas blind followers that Eritrea is heading to more self destruction under the leadership of Isyas. Every time, the awoken Eritrean intellectuals called for constructive discussion to change the sad realities, Isyas blind followers called for “ Meketet”

“Asmara Rose”, as someone who is a decorated veteran of Mekete, can you please enlighten all the absents about the “mekete in the western world”.

In the Tigrigna word “mekete” was the means that the governors of Northern Ethiopia gathered their soldiers to defend the homeland from invasion from the outside world. During the early stages of Ethiopian history, every man in Northern Ethiopia, specifically Tigray carried a rifle. And whenever a threat or war possibility heightened Mekete, and all the men with rifle reported for meeting “Western style Mekete”, this is what you call a real picnic.

Sofia Tesfamriam, with her sunglasses, her children with two big macs in their hand arrive at the Mekete hall .She meets her friend Rezena. Together they make up a frozen brain. They first brag about their children’s latest report card. Then they discuss the children’s college. Last but not least, and then talk about the “minority regime” in Ethiopia. But, for $200 dollars a person superman isyas will save the whole world let alone Eritrea. A huge applaud, then the next picnic day, or Mekete is scheduled”

EPISODE #2 back to the Nightmares of Eritrea as the decades turn
As I have briefly touched earlier the turn of a decade in Eritrea has been nightmarish. The turn of the 20th century to the twenty first century was a night mare. The end of Badme war a big humiliation for Eritreans. Now the end of 2009 brought another nightmare to Eritrea with the passage of the UN sanction. If we follow this formula if Eritrea continues with the trended that it has dug herself into, be assured that the end of 2019 will bring Eritrea a nightmare that has never imagined before. If Isyas blind followers continue at the driver’s seat, be assured that Eritrea is heading the free way of total destruction of the state of Eritrea. We in Ethiopia, pray day and night that this will not happen. Hopefully, that the awoken Eritreans could do something to neutralize the power of Isyas blind followers.

The passage of the UN Sanction and Its implication for future Eritrea
Isyas sponsored mekete are organizing protesting committee. In the most habesha populated city the DC area, the mekete organized 1500 protesters. According to the big mac mekete committees, there will be protesting throughout the western world. The slogan of the protest is Isyas is always right. The “UN is ugly”, “Meles is a midget”. After the end of the day, all Eritreans go back to their comfortable warm houses. The question that all Eritreans regardless of political orientation should ask is that, will that help remove the sanction from the state of Eritrea?

Shaebia puppets as usually like to blame all their problems, and challenges to Woyanne and the world. The never try to do an introspection of the organization known as Shaebia or Isyas. That is why for the past twelve years they have not helped solve any of Eritreans internal or external problems. That is why Eritrea continues to bleed. That is why Eritrean continues to loose its cherished youth. That is why hundreds of thousands of youth are stuck in the trenches waiting helplessly for God sent solution. Now it is 2010, and Eritrea has entered another dark chapter in its history. It is known us a dysfunctional nation whose leaders are not worthy of international respect. Big mac mekete will not change the new realities.

Shaebia Puppets read history, have you come across a statement that says do not let “a white snake bite you, its poison is deadly”? Who said that statement? What if they said loose the whole Eritrea, or Isyas what will you say?

Basically Isyas has successful managed to deliver Eritrea to the white poison. Once the white snake targets you, he will never let you go until he gets his target. At this time Isyas is his target. No Mekete committee will change this situation. Remember the mighty Sadam? The blind followers, who are addicted to goila(dance), will not change the sad state that Eritrea is in. The solution is found in the likes of YG.

Is Eritrea only endowed by the likes of “Asmara Rose”, and Isyas Afeworki?

For many Ethiopians and others who are observing Eritrea’s chaotic presence in the Horn of Africa, we wonder what happened to highly educated Eritreans that live throughout the world, including Eritrea. It is without exaggeration that Eritrea has its share of talented, highly educated, skilled, and learned people inhibiting this world. For example, take a look at YG’s writing this man bless his heart is one of the most prolific, and creative thinkers of our time. At least in my opinion. I have not come across such a writer in a long time. There are, hundreds, and thousands of Eritreans that might be in the league of YG talent. Sadly though, Eritrea is now run by grumpy old men, who are still stuck with the mentality of war is the best policy. These old grumpy men that encircle isyas Afeworki are still stuck with the old mentality of we are powerful. Why powerful, because an Eritrean can drive a tank? If men like YG, and others were given the opportunity to lead Eritrea, maybe an Eritrean can fly a shuttle to orbit. It could have been done. Sadly for Eritrea though, the men and women who are running Eritrea are reckless individual who continue to humiliate Eritrea as the decade turns.


“Asmara Rose” I am confident that as long as you are enjoying the comfort of the west you will continue to bite others through your undisciplined language. After all the poor Eritreans who reside in Eritrea are not here to defend themselves in court as Salih Gadi has done. If the Eritrean people were given a chance to go to trial it would be “Asmera Rose” verses the people of Eritrea. “Asmera Rose “, knowingly cooperated, aided, supported, financed, the number one terrorist of Eritrea, and that is Isyas Afeworki.

Since Eritrea has no court, “Asmara Rose” continues to smile at the pain of the Eritrean people living in Eritrea. One fear I have though, in the Tigrean cultural tradition, the sin of the parent usually befell the children. I will pray that ናትኪ መርገም አብ ደቅኺ ከይውዕል። I have strong dislike for you, for painting the image of a monster as an angel. I know for sure God will not forgive you for that. Isyas clubbing mekete committee might appreciate you, but God is watching you. Good luck.I usually do not write about Eritrea, I live Eritrean affairs to Eritrean people. Today Eritrea has many intellectuals who articulate its problems superbly. I am only writing this article after the so called “Asmara Rose” started talking about Ethiopia and its government. I will make it crystal clear; I support the current Ethiopian government. However, I do not support it blindly. I also acknowledge that Meles the leader of EPRDF is not perfect, he makes mistakes at times. I do not worship him blindly. In fact, I do challenge his policies at times. That does not mean I hate him. From today on though, I will be reminding Sofia and others how things are in Eritrea. It’s also ok for them to remind me about my “minority regime”. We will let the world judge who is on the right side of history.

Note: I would like to apologize for the decent Eritreans, if I had said something that is hurtful, or disrespectful. I am only attacking the fanatics who have not yet understood the real source of Eritrea’s problems.

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