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The Bigger They Are the Harder They Fall
(On Ato Siye Abraha)

Engineer Ghirma

April 064 2008

I have always been a big admirer, like most Ethiopians, of Ato Siye Abraha. He is a war hero. However, a shrewd politician he is not.

I listened to all of the clips from his speech that were posted on tigraionline.com, and came to the conclusion that Ato Siye was running for political office (presumably for premiership of Ethiopia) based on his personal grievances against EPRDF (specifically TPLF). To seek political office based on ones own credentials is fine and democratic, of which Ato Siye has no lack thereof. Ato Siye Abraha has every right to seek political office. He has certainly earned his medal to deserve it.

Ato Siye spent his youth fighting the DERG with great distinction. He also served as Ethiopia’s Minster of Defense with honor. He went on to become the Chairman of Ethiopian Airlines. He was re-called to serve and lead the Ethiopian Armed forces to reverse the armed aggression by Eritrea on Ethiopia successfully. All of those great accomplishments have earned him the right to seek the highest political office in the land; if he chooses to do so. He could become a formidable candidate, with a worthy political agenda, from within the EPRDF Party of which he is (was) a member.

Why would Ato Siye Abraha risk his own credibility by appealing to the proven traitors and ethnic haters among the Diaspora? Indeed, it is unbecoming of a “war hero”. As an admirer of Ato Siye Abraha based on his heroic accomplishments, it broke my heart to see him make his case to a DERG constituency (his mortal enemies) against EPRDF and P.M. Melles Zenawi (http://www.tigraionline.com/zeinaw_eprdf.html) It is mind boggling!

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