Aite Siye Abraha's inane rambling.

Hadish Hagos
April 15 2010

It must be very embarrassing for Aite Siye's X- comrades to watch his inane rambling and belligerent behavior. This is a tragic story of an individual who spent most of his youth fighting the fascist military junta also known as the DERG, but now he ends up apologizing and allying himself with the remnants of the very people who martyred his brothers and sisters.

It is mind boggling to see EPRDF making the same mistakes as in the election of 2005, allowing people with criminal background and who refuse to recognize the constitution, to run for public office. As far as I am concerned Aite Siye was convicted and sentenced for corruption. Do the Ethiopian people deserve this mockery? Does the constitution allow people who committed crime to run for an office? In The US officials are forced to resign from their post or withdraw from running for an office when they violate the trust of the people. Is Ethiopia the only country without a law that protects the public from untrustworthy, corrupt individuals to run for office? The public has no experience scrutinizing individual's background and trustworthiness, but it would have been a start if the debate had involved the Ethiopian public.

During his visit to the USA Aite Siye made a contemptuous remark about Ethiopian prisoners "speaking only Oromigna" purposely to create animosity between the Oromo and the rest nationalities. After all wasn't he the one, as defense minister, who imprisoned many Oromos?

Aite Siye, despite his betrayal of his pledge "HIDRY" to his martyred brothers and sisters, thinks that unless he is cheated he can't lose the coming election. This is an insult to the Tembien people, whose soil is stained with the blood of many "Keyahty and Tselemty" Tegaru from every part of Tigray. How on earth can someone talk about not losing an election, in district, much sacrifice were made to bring equality of all nationalities, while apologizing for it and belittling the accomplishment, with the remark that "Ethiopia is not a keretit of nationalities".

In his recent public debate, where he read a prepared note, written by someone seemingly with lower IQ than himself. Aite Siye committed treason by implicating that Ethiopian Muslim is not against terrorism. The assertion that Ethiopian Muslim will be offended by the action and stand Ethiopia took, is not only divisive but also an insult to the Ethiopian Muslim. This government has done a very good job in promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence than any other government in Ethiopian history but Aite Siye is fomenting fear and hate among religions for political gain. This needs investigating along with his callous statement and the conclusion he made about the tragic ET-904 crash, claiming that it is the act of terrorists. Who knows, If he has information about the terrorists who committed this crime. This is disrespect to those who lost loved once in the tragic accident. Aite Siye is bitter and broken individual who seeks revenge, who has no pity for those who perished.