Mekelle Meeting between Tigrean and Eritreans

By Gezaee Hailemichael

August 18 2008

I am very sympathetic to the people of Bahre Negash. I am proud to call them the people of Bahre Negash than to call them by slavery name Eritrea.

I do love the people of Bahre Negash equally like other Ethiopians. However, Eritreans themselves are still colonized. They are still under slavery. They are not still free from colonialism. They are still under Italian colony. The self-conscious people all over the world are now rejecting names given by their colonizes.

For instance, South Africans are changing all the names given by their colonizer. They are naming all the place by local names. For instance, Pretoria is now Tshwane, no more Pretoria. There are others which are changed and still the name change is underway in South Africa. Other colonies are rejecting anything which is colonial.

In Eritrea, they have rejected their our calendar and they are using European Calendar. They have rejected to eat injera instead they have decided to eat Italian bread. The fact that they hate Ethiopian implies they hate themselves.

I was listening to the meeting in Mekele posted at aiga website. Th Tigreans were saying we are brothers and we are the same people. They were saying we are the same people historically and by blood. But the speech by those from Eritrea was not reciprocal. They never mention brotherhood or blood relation. They were only saying two neighbours. That is all what they were saying. They are not ready to accept we are brothers.

I think there can never be reconciliation only from one side. Although I believe Ethiopians and Eritreans are still colonized mentally. Eritreans are still more living in the mentality of colonization. They are not free mentally. Ethiopians has to claim their rights and then Eritreans will understand. Weaning Eritreans like babes is not going to get Ethiopia anywhere.

The best solution, since Eritreans will never reconcile. We need to take what belongs to us which is half of the red sea. Half of the costal line which is about 800 km. Then they can go wherever they want. If they want they can carry their Eritrea to Italy. Otherwise, weaning them like babies will not help us to get anywhere.

We are neighbours, we are neighbours. They will not accept that they are our brothers. Then if they do not accept that we are brothers. They must go to hell. We do not need them. I am upset by the speaker that when the speakers from Tigray where saying we are brothers. He was saying we are neighbours.

The time of weaning at the price of Ethiopia’s economic and security interest must come to an end. If they do not accept we are brothers. Then they must go to hell. We do not need them. Their arrogance and colonial mentality is costing Ethiopia a lot. Mekelle Meeting between Tigrean and Eritreans.