Begging Djibouti Port

Gezaee Hailemichael

Dec. 19 2008

I have been reading all along the year, Ethiopians have been complaining about the port services in Djibouti. I have been following and the Ethiopian government have been begging the Djiboutian.

I hope what I am writing makes sense. I cannot hold myself with all the mess in Ethiopia. I can hardly understand why we are used to beg everything? What is wrong in our country? Are we all out of touch, and lost our dignity totally.

We begged the whole world to come and to land-lock our country and to give away our natural our ports. Now we are begging Djibouti, and even making wars in Somalia to use ports. We are begging Sudan. We are begging Kenya, probably Tanzania, Mozambique , South Africa and Mauritiuos too. Something is wrong, something have gone amok in our nation. We beg food, money, we beg almost everything on the earth.

Honestly, something is wrong? First of all why we pay $700 million dollars to Djibouti every year while our ports are lying idle? Why? Why we have chosen to beg and to spend all these money every year while we begged UN, AU, the whole world that we wanted to be land-locked.

Ten years now, without considering the years before the war, it seems we spent 7 billion dollars for the past 10 years to use Djiboutian port. Why we did not use our ports and use the money for other good purposes?

Now the government leaders seems poised to beg Djibouti forever. It is business guys, they have a right to increase their price as they wish. I think something is wrong in the Arat Kilo palace? Everything begging? Begging? I am hating all these begging to my bones. The worst thing in the world is begging, and no one begs like us locally and internationally.

Even if we beg, for how long? Is this to promise to our people? I am asking for how long are our people going to beg Djibouti not to increase services tarrifs? Is begging a durable solution than to use ones own natural outlets?

Shame !!

Editorís comment: There are many many Ethiopians that feel this way about Ethiopia being land locked. My question to all of them and particularly to Gezaee is what do you think the Ethiopian government should do right now to solve the problem? I challenge you to write practical solution to this problem.

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