Operation Rescue Big Ego

By Solomon Gebre-Amelak

July 23 2008

Operation Rescue Big Ego, Acrobatic Tactics to Portray EPRDF as A minority regime? Where are the gold glittered streets of the special tribe that EPRDF is supposed to represent?

Diaspora Ethiopian political elites have pulled all tricks to portray EPRDF as unpopular party that represent a special tribe If their assertion is true, and if indeed EPRDF is for the interest of one ethnic tribe, where is that ethnictribe? According to them, the ethnic tribe that EPRDF represent in Ethiopia must be glittering with gold by now. If you look all over Ethiopia, you will not find an ethnic tribe whose streets are glittered with gold. In fact, if you visit all over Ethiopia weather it is development or lack of it, its spread evenly all over Ethiopia

Why do the Diaspora intellectuals and the opposition make false accusations?
EPRDF is hated by the opposition groups, and Diaspora intellectuals because EPRDF stripped the mentioned group of their special status . In fact if we are to examine modern Ethiopian history, the core of Ethiopian elites were concentrated in Addis Ababa. Most of these elites were sons and daughters of the elites. Generally as the sons of the privileged, they were the first people to be chosen to study abroad. In Ethiopia, in terms of government or private sectors these sons of the elites were the first people to be selected for any available jobs . Under Haile Sellasie regime Ethiopian elites started their firm control of Ethiopian economical and political sector . Under Derge regime, the elites made a mutual compact with the Derge . The Derge promised he will not bother them, and they promised they will not bother him, as long as he looks the other way when they selfishly accumulate the wealth and education without regard for the majority of Ethiopians who were suffering under the Derge..

The sons and daughters of the majority of the Ethiopians are in town are you ready?
In 1991, out of no where, EPRDF knocks the doors of Addis Ababa. The elites were shocked, and surprised. They knew things will never be the same. The elites realized that they will loose their special status. Indeed they were going to loose their special status, because EPRDF stood for equality for all. In fact, EPRDF is the party of oppressed people. EPRDF is made up by Ethiopians who have been excluded, political, culturally, linguistically. The core of EPRDF membership, cadres, is the children of peasant Ethiopians. At times, when the elites write their fancy articles, they usually refer EPRDFITESts, as illiterate. Too bad, the sons and daughters of elite Ethiopians are the majority, not the special Addis Ababa class. That been said, who is the majority party and who is the minority party?

EPRDF is the party Ethiopian peasants and farmers look up to. In Ethiopia, peasants and farmers make up over eighty percent of the population. Why did the peasants and famers choose EPRDF? The peasants and farmers chose, EPRDF, because it is the only government that cared for them. For the first time, since EPRDF took power, it sent hundred thousands of teachers to educate the sons and daughters of the peasants. It sent thousands of doctors to cure the sick. Now days in Ethiopia, education is no longer for the privileged group of the towns and cities of Ethiopia. This is part of the great legend of EPRDF.

Most of all EPRDF is the only party that protects the peasants and farmers land from been grasped by the elites. During the Haile Sellasie and Derge regime the peasants were made slaves on their own land. At times the nobles controlled most of the land, and the peasants were made servants of their own land. After EPRDF came to town, no more noble men, peasants rule and till the land of their ancestors. For the peasant his small plot of land makes him feel proud head of his family. For that reason, the peasants of Ethiopia takes pride in supporting EPRDF to the end.

Now let us examine how the educated elite perceive the peasants of Ethiopia?
The elites and the opposition view the peasant as a tool to get power back from EPRDF. The only problem is that the elites have nothing to offer to the peasants that will appeal to them. This is where the so called “Border problem with Sudan” was recently concocted by the coalition of Diaspora Ethiopian big egos. They accused EPRDF of selling land to the Sudan. According to some inside information I received, it was cleverly manufactured by the recently assembled opposition calling themselves calling Ginbot7, so that they can incite the peasants to rise and fight EPRDF. In other words, their attempt is to get the majority of the population of Ethiopian to be on their side. Unfortunately operation rescue “Diaspora big ego” has successfully been aborted. The peasants of Ethiopia, once again have told these “special group of Ethiopians” that the Ethiopian peasant will not be a tool for the rich and educated anymore.

So dear “special Ethiopians” your attempt to be a majority party in Ethiopia is not working. The majority of Ethiopians are not buying your tricks and your lies. You will remain a minority party, with an appeal for like minded, bank account, hotel preferences, PHDS.

Here are things Diaspora PHDS, including Professor Al. could do to persuade Ethiopians peasants to be on their side.
Condition Number one:
All of you Diaspora PHDS show your care for Ethiopian peasants by donating money for education, clinic, road, and food. If you do that the peasant will really think you care about them. But writing them PHD propaganda will not help the Ethiopian peasant. Why you PHDS waste your time writing a persuasion articles. It seems that you Diaspora intellectuals have the same opinion. There is no discussion taking place. Day and night the common words that you guys use is “Meles”, “EPRDF”, and “Woyanne”.

I have heard that the erratic Eritrean journalist by the name Elis Kifle has mistakenly called his girl friend ‘woyanne”. The lady got upset and smacked him on the head, and since then his head has not been working right. The moral of this story is that been obsessed with “EPRDF”, “Meles”, and “Woyanne” could be dangerous to state of your been as individuals.

Condition Number Two: All of you give your background history. How many of Diaspora intellectuals have ever visited Ethiopian rural regions. Many Ethiopian intellectuals actually think that the whole country is like Addis Ababa. They never try to study the country side. My question is how could you represent a group of people if you do not even visit and talk to them. A true democracy is a discussion with the population. Diaspora version of democracy is made up in “Sheraton Hotel, for Sheraton Hotel resident”. As a son of a peasant, I say thank you for your democracy, but if you want to win my parents vote, come to the village, walk long hills, and rough roads, and speak to my parents.

Condition Three: Show your love for your nation. As a PHD Ethiopian living Diaspora, show your love for your people and nation, by volunteering your time to educate Ethiopians. Ethiopia is tired of political education. Your PHDS tend to write politics day and night. Once why not go to Ethiopia, and teach your respective fields. Don’t you think that is a good way to show your love for your country and your nation? You PHDS educate western children with the good knowledge, but you educate Ethiopians with divisive politics o? That does not sound wise and fair? At least try or pretend to be fair.

In conclusion, Diaspora intellectuals and your numerous political parties, you continue to remain a minority party in Ethiopia. All your political parties and your actions are out of reach of the majority of Ethiopians. Your sense of nationalism is fake. Your thinking and action is based on revenge, and rescue of your big egos. You do not understand what the majority of Ethiopians need. It may be the case that you Diaspora intellectuals understand what you guys need? The question is would that be the same as the majority of Ethiopians need? The answer is no, and I have given many examples to proof my point.

Diaspora intellectuals its time to reeducate yourselves, and join Ethiopian’s strive to improve its conditions. Do not be part of the problem. If you choose to be part of the problem, you will end up, like the Eritrean journalist Elias Kifle calling your wives , “woyanne”, or “EPRDF” . Imagine for a woman that is not politically active, she might think that “Woyanne” or “EPRDF” is a woman that you secretly admire, and smack you on the head, the same way Elias’s girlfriend did to him.

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