Placing blame on EPDRF now ranks above collecting USD 500 as Berhanu Nega’s favorite pastime.

Dilwenberu Nega

May 02 2009

Ginbot 7 was quick to embark upon a damage limitation exercise on its alleged involvement with the foiled terrorist plot in Addis Ababa by providing media access to both Berhanu Nega and Andaegachew Tsiege who did a marvelous job in exposing the true intent and nature of themselves as well as Ginbot 7. As we were treated to what for all intents and purposes was a political charade, more news started to unravel the extent of Ginbot 7’s involvement in general and the duo’s in particular. What has transpired from the various interviews that the duo had given to various media outlets was the worst form of conceit. These interviews may have given them the oxygen of publicity that they were badly in need of; it may also have puffed Berhanu and Andargachew up, but certainly it will never prop them up either now or tomorrow.

An alert public doesn’t simply say “amen” to what others tell them, it must have the courage to challenge especially those who – one way or the other – are expected to shape the future of our children. So it becomes all the more important, then, to put on the spot-light Berhanu’s interview with the Voice of America (VOA). His insistence that Meles Zenawi’s Administration is an illegal government and, therefore, must be brought down in an illegal manner will be the one that I hope to address. One can either simply brush it aside as harping on the same old tune on the part of Berhanu, or decide to take the bull by the horn and robustly argue against this line of idiotic argument. I have out of my own volition chosen to argue that such argument has remained the affectation of the power hungry, not to say the rationally challenged, men and women mostly to be found in small clusters of their own within the Ethiopian Diaspora.

This nonsensical argument came not from an ordinary Ethiopian, but from one who claims to be “on a civilizing mission of Ethiopians” not to mention, of course, someone who adamantly believes he has got what it takes to govern us. So, it would behooves us right, then, to test whether what he is saying holds water as well as to find out whether he means what he says. Or is he – as an astute Addis Ababan housewife once observed - “one of those Kinijit professors who promise doro and deliver errorro?”

So, when did Behanu Nega actually realize that Meles Zenawi’s Administration is an illegal government? Was it in 2005, 2007 or 2009? If you are a vacillator like Berhanu and Andargachew you will be tempted, would you not, to pick and mix. But on a more serious note, you can only pick one of the years. Berhanu might rightly argue that he had been clinching to that line of argument from day one, and day one would be in 2005. Berhanu the civilized, the educated and the peerless Leader of Ginbot 7 must surely have realized that when he entered politics he was able and willing not only to give his level best to his constituents, but must have taken an oath (if they had such a thing at the now moribund Kinijit) to fight to his last breath for something he and his party believed to be true.

If he believed that the Ethiopian Government was an illegal government in 2005, why did he, then, sign the letter petitioning the democratically elected Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to grant him and his accomplices pardon? And, if the story he was citing during the interview, namely how the Ethiopian Government was showcasing Prison Guard’s ammunitions as proof of a plot was true, why did Berhanu think it right to ask a pardon from such a government? Had Berhanu said “I will, under no circumstances seek pardon from an illegal Government in 2007 and remained in prison instead; his accusations today would have some meaning. The world after all is full of men and women who had the courage to state “neck or nothing” when faced with a choice that would make them forsake a principle that they hold so dearly.

For Berhanu’s information – and Berhanu’s information only – the day he signed the petition addressed it to H.E. Ato Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was the very day and year that he and his likes officially succumbed to the will of the rule of majority in Ethiopia. His line of argument, today, will only reinforce his critics’ assumption that he still remains “The Petticoat Opposition Leader” four years after he fled the political arena and sought refuge at Mrs. Ana Gomez’ boudoir at the Sheraton Addis.

It was after I finished listening to all the interviews that I lied back ruminating on what the Ethiopia with men like Berhanu and Andargachew at its helm would be like – an inferno. Thank God again and again, then, for our courageous Security and Defense Forces.