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Bogus Donald M. Payne

By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 23, 2007

Joyous Payne warns remaining rights issues. Donald Payne instructs Prime Meles Zenawi to release prisoners without any further delay. His basis for issuing a warning and instruction to the prime minister is because American taxpayers are providing hundreds of millions of dollars every year to help Ethiopia in education, health care and humanitarian assistance.

If Mr. Donald M. Payne was using diplomatic words, I could have supported him. Nonetheless, Donald sounds an immature old man. It is immature and immoral to say that because Ethiopia gets some humanitarians assistance from his country, he has the right to reign Ethiopia.

Nowadays my blood boils when I hear about this man and Anna Gomez. Mr Donald has made it clear that he is warning and instructing our government because of the money he donates. He is not even ashamed about that. In our culture it is very disgraceful to tell someone to do something because one has given something. In Ethiopian culture this is disgraceful act. I do not know how real Ethiopians feels when one reads this blatant statement of Mr Donald.

I say to Mr Donald, Ethiopia is as great as your country. We Ethiopians do not value ourselves in terms of the money you donate to us. I know we Ethiopians do love the American people. Arrogant people like you who do not even use diplomatic worlds will only tarnish the good relations between Ethiopia and the United States.

I met very recently a congress man who called me and asked me if I am an Ethiopian. I told him yes. Then he started talking to me about the prisoners. Then I did ask him some questions about the prisoners and the government. I was surprised when I found out the congress man even he did not have a clue and does not know why they were imprisoned. He does not even know Meles Zenawi. He told me he

Does not know about the whole scenario. He told me that he is concerned because his friend called him and told him that the Ethiopian government has decided to execute 38 people. As a result he was calling all congress men to do something to save the 38 people.

I am convinced now; now even Mr Donald has no clue about Ethiopia if he has known our culture he would not have said he is ordering the Ethiopians government because of the money he donates from the taxpayers of his country. In my opinion this is childish to make such statement from a veteran congress man.

Mr Donald, We better die with dignity and integrity than to be told what to do because someone has given us a strategic padding charity money.

You may be rich in money, but we Ethiopians are more richer than you spiritually. We do not measure prosperity in terms of material. We Ethiopians measure prosperity in terms of spiritual prosperity. We are prosperous spiritually.

You are talking about human freedom, but our people talk about divine freedom in terms of divine standards. Human standards are human, and full of injustice and that is why you are killing Iraqis because human freedom is partial, unjust,...

Thus Mr Donald M. Payne and Ms Anna Gomez leave alone my country. We have problems. You also have problems in your own country. Our people are not meddling in the affairs of your home land.

If you are meddling in the affairs of our country because of the money your offer us, please tuck it away into your treasure. There is a saying in Tigrignea, ?? ??? ???? ?????? ???? keep your money and leave us alone. ?? ?? ???. Leave us alone we will solve our problems ourselves. You are telling us the prisoners are released because of you, hell it is because of our own elders, not because of you.

Divine Freedom to Ethiopia!

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