An Open Letter Mr Mark Schneiders
Senior Vice President of the International Crisis Group

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 18 2008

I have read your article dated 17 June, in your article you have stipulated recommendations to the Ethiopia-Eritrea issue. The Ethio-Eritrea issue is an Ethiopian issue. The issue must be solved by the Ethiopians and Eritrean people only. We know our history, we know our ancient landmark, we know we have no border. We Ethiopians do not uphold colonial legacy. The issue cannot be solved by Mr Meles Zenawi and Mr Issayas Afeworki. These two elements has actually brought too much suffering to our people on both sides.

What has been done thus far, it has been done by the two elements in Addis and Asmara. These two elements cannot salvage the poor brotherly people from both sides. They have brought too much suffering for both sides. If these two elements were good boys from the very beginning, they had been eating and drinking together for 17 or more years. If they were progressive, they could have figured out what can better them off. However, they have had inherent rivalry as who to be dominant over one another. They did not care about ordinary people.

As you may know, both of these elements have either imprisoned or chased their comrades in the bushes of long time. They are two faces of the same coin. None of them is different from the other. As such, all what has been done in Ethiopia, all have been done by a single man, the prime minister Ethiopians hundred percent did not support his stand about the issue of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

As you know the war was started from Asmara, and Ethiopia sacrificed many lives to repulse the aggressor. Even that reaction was implemented by pure Ethiopians. The prime minister would not have done anything about it. He actually betrayed those who sacrificed their lives to protect their motherland. He aborted the victory of the Ethiopians and he even imprisoned for six years the man who commanded the victory over the Eritrean army.

I assure you, whether it is Ethiopia’s economic problem or the issue between the two brotherly people, that is the issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia, it is only the two brotherly people who can solve the problem. These two elements in Addis and Asmara, are not elected by anyone. They are self-imposed leaders. All the things they do is also without the participation of the public. The main problem of the issue of Ethio-Eritrea is the fact that all deals has been done behind the curtain without the participation of the nation’s populace.

In both cases, one cannot live as civil, one has to be their supporter to live in ones own country. If one does not share their believes or agendas, one is their enemy or like a second citizen. Such leaders cannot solve problem in any country. As you know, leaders can only solve national problems if they work with the people on the ground. However these leaders are corrupt. Leave alone to solve problems, they cannot even support themselves. They are sucking the poor people either by begging in their name or by collecting income taxes.

If one does some research, Ethiopian officials children study abroad by paying expensive international educational fees while Ethiopians are dying everyday because of famine.

This is in general to say that the prime minister in Ethiopia does not represent Ethiopians. All what he does is for his own personal vision. He does not work with the people. He probably thinks he is genius while he is not yet. For the past 17 years he has refused to work with the people of Ethiopia, he has been doing things all along his line. As a consequence, Ethiopia’s problem still remain intact and that is why now we have once again 6 million hungry people. The government has no any shame to beg every year for handout. The government blames nature or oil price for the famine in Ethiopia. However, the famine in Ethiopia is man made. As I said this guy cannot solve Ethiopian problem. How can a progressive leader of a nation fail to understand the importance of economic strategy?

In general, the Ethio-Eritrea issue can only be solved by Ethiopians. Neither UN, nor USA, nor UK, or any other nation will solve. We know our history and we know what belongs to us. No one has any right to create us for a border. The damage which has been done in the past is still killing our people from both side. To make that worse, the arrogant self-proclaimed prime minister aborted the complete Ethiopian victory and took Ethiopia to Geneva, now EEBC has sown another problem called demarcation. If Meles Zenawi continues to do what he has done before, it will be the end of his career of self-imposition.

According to Ethiopians, any deal which has been done by prime minister Meles Zenawi is null and void. We have reject Meles Zenawi and his deals. He does not represent Ethiopia, no one elected him. As such international crisis group must stay away from meddling in the affairs of Ethiopia. Neither pressure from George Bush nor from security council will force us to abandon what is ours.

Doing such things will actually create more problems and conflicts. Anything which has to be done, must be done by the people themselves. Doing things by the pressure of George Bush or whomsoeve, will only infringe our rights broadly than solve our problems. As you can see, it is the pressure, and force which the prime minister imposes to implement his evil agenda against our country which has been creating more conflicts thus far. You can see now, if the war with Eritrea could have been finished when it was due in 2000, today we would not have people dying in Ethiopia in Ogaden. We would not have proxy war in Somalia. We would not have all these conflicts today. As such the interest of the international crisis group is not an Ethiopian interest. If you are sympathetic to Eritrea you must give it what belongs to you. We believe Eritreans are our people. We believe we do not need the border you wanted to erect for us. You are uniting the whole Europe, but you are busy making for us artificial borders. Border for what?