Dr Birhanu Nega Clinging onto a Straw

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Dec. 30 2007

I have had a respect for Dr Birhanu Nega; I always thought he is a better person. However, if what I have read it true, he has started to discredit himself. It has been said by many that Prime Minister Meles emphasized the need for strong opposition party so that he himself can also be strong than he thinks. It is true, intelligent, positive, efficient, peaceful, progressive, dynamic rivals can invigorate the other party.

Dr Birhanu Nega has started blackmailing, blaspheming our national defense forces. Despite Ethiopian defense forces known for being the most disciplined and efficient military personnel in the continent, he has openly attacked our national defense forces by stating they are raping, killing their own sisters and mothers.

From my point of stand, has Dr Birhanu Nega been in Ogaden? Does he has any evidence? Hating Meles is one thing, but insulting, defaming our heroes who are giving their lives for the country is a crime. Those Ethiopian forces have taken order from the people who are representing the country. Accordingly, they are there to defend the country’s interest. Black mailing ones own defenses forces is shameful. If Dr Nega was to take over the power from Meles, was not he to give an order to the same defense forces to do the job he wanted to be accomplished? Thus Dr . Nega should have been wise enough not to include our defense forces in his disorganized politics.

If Dr Nega has evidences, I ask him to provide me with his evidences and I know what to do with it. Otherwise, black mailing our defense forces in the name of politics is holding onto a straw.

Dr Birhanu Nega, failure is not defeat. The shakers, and the prime mover human beings on the this planet has been tested many times by failures. Thomas Eddison the man who has given light to our planet, had failed one hundred times. He has never given up and that is why he stated that 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration to achieve ones dream. If a man has a purpose, he never give in to defeat. A man with a purpose does not look back to his past failures but moves forward with more vigor, stamina, inspiration, commitment to reach his goal. Enthusiasm or inspiration is the spark to reach the stars.

You claim the election was stolen from you, we have no any evidences it was stolen. We cannot take your words. Everything must be well-founded and supported by proofs and evidences. You are highly educated person I do not need to tutor you on how to handle your argument. You have read all those European books, and you are still doing fellowship. You need to apply them to everyday of your life and activity. We could have been more happy to support your claim if you did not go to fight on the streets. Knowing the social, political culture of Ethiopia, you should have been wise how to handle the situation. But you forgot, mesmerized by being very close to the palace, you let it go and missed the ball and now you blame everything on the ruling party.

At that time I was supporting, you,kinjit just by assuming your are good people. Now time has proved you could have probably ended even worse than EPRDF. EPPF has told us the truth on Ethiomedia, when you were bidding for power in addis Ababa, you were working with shabia and ONLF. Now you have withdrawn from Shabia and shabia has killed the innocent Ethiopians you have sent them to die for your selfish power dream. Because of these failures now, you are defaming our defense forces. However, this will not help your petty politics. You even do not learn from EPRDF. EPRDF’s life has been complicated by TPLF’s alliance with Shabia from the very beginning. Although TPLF hard-cores still do not understand their mistakes. You should have at least learnt from them and with-hold yourself from involvement with Shabia and ONLF. I know the norm of politics material is based on lie, falsehood,… however it does not last long. Anything which is based on falsehood decay before it ripes. Anything which is based on falsehood is like grass that lushes by one day rush and flush rain. It will wilt and wither away after one or two days. It is a purpose that is based on truth which grows and bears fruit. It is wrong you defame falsely your own national defense forces for your petty politics.

I want my country to be washed by justice, freedom, equity, spiritual and material prosperity. But I do not want my country to be whitewashed by lies, falsehoods, irrational hatred which are sign of backwardness.

Attack the government by identifying its weaknesses in a bid to improve the situation in the country, but not cater us lies, hates, insults,… it can never be politics. We know now the world. We have seen the world. We have witnessed civilization. I am in a country where opponents have coffee and breakfast together. They only differ in their ideology and that is natural. Differences is not a cause for hatred, apostasy, insult, blasphemy,…. Leave that one for shabia. Difference in ideology is a spur for richness, innovation and development.

But the thing is you belong to Ethiomedia and dekialula who never accommodate other opinions. Unless one whistles their bugle, they can never accommodate other opinions. Save Ethiopia, if one cannot accommodate others online, how would one accommodate others in real time? That is lie. Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Ethiopia,… just name calling, preaching Ethiopian verses which you do not practice.

If Ethiopia has to go forward and civilize, people must open their mind. They can never be liberators before liberating themselves. We need to start from ourselves then we take it from there. It is unfair when one is filled with narrow self effacing attitude to claim to liberate other 80 million Ethiopians.

Look the cyber media, Ethiomedia, Dekialula, Aiga, they never post any article which does not match their narrow agenda. If Ethiopia has to enjoy true democracy these elements need to be thought to be sensible to other people. We cannot afford to think by the brain of Ethiomedia, Dekialula, aiga editors. We have our brains. Editors in these cyber media define an Ethiopian according to their definition. If one writes what they would like to hear, one is Ethiopian, if one does not write what they do not wish to hear, they call you, you are not Ethiopian. This is not different from Shabia. Shabia says Hade lbi Hade Hzbi, repressing the whole population not to say anything. This is how people emerge us monsters. Oppression And repression metamorphosis society into monsters. The genesis of the Rwanda genocide came out of oppression and repression, the situation in Somalia emerged from oppression and repression. The situation in South Africa emerged out of oppression and repression which has been simmering for long time. What we are witnessing in Eritrea is the result of repression and oppression. Yetafene ande ken yifenedal, kefeneda memelesha yelowm.

In conclusion, Dr Birhanu Nega, I suggest you focus on the fellowship, since it is impossible to swim in two rivers at the same time. If you do not focus on one of them, you will lose all to them. Also stop name calling the heroes of my country’s national defenses forces. They are giving their previous lives. They are not traveling like you and attending fellowships. Do not play by the name of my country.

I am an opponent of the regime in Ethiopia on matter of policy and ideology and but I do not have to call names and defame my country’s defense forces who are being known the most disciplined military defense forces in the continent who are contributing a lot to stabilize their continent.

Divine Freedom, Justice to my beloved beautiful country Ethiopia

Africa will rule

Divine justice, Freedom to Ethiopia