Chauvinists and Extremists Barking in DC

Tigrai Online

Dec. 20 2008

The other day I received an e-mail that leads me to a website where there was a video clip. The video clip shows some sort of demonstration which seems in support of the convicted vehicular killer artist Tewodros Kassahun. This demonstration was held in washgton DC on Dec. 15 2008. Tewodros Kassahun was convicted on December 5, 2008, sentenced to six years imprisonment and an 18,000 Br fine. He was convicted on two accounts; the first was for hit and run incident in which an 18-year old homeless man was killed in November 2006. The second count was on fleeing from the scene of the crime, when he possibly could have helped the person hit.

If you look carefully and listen to what the crowd was shouting, the demonstration has nothing to do with Tewodros Kassahun, instead it is about hate towards the people of Tigrai. Tewodros Kassahun is used as cover and trigger point for the chauvinist extremists to camouflage their evil, racist, poisonous agenda. Remember the election 2005, when the chauvinist extremists tried to use it against the Tigrai people and other Ethiopian nationalities who did not agree with their hateful agenda? Their main slogan was not we want fair and free election, that would have been great for everyone but their main slogan was “Tigrie wede Mekelie; Nibret wede kebelie”. If the Ethiopian government and the people of Tigrai were not ready to deal with that savage threat, god knows what would have happen.

Well, this time around the same dark clouds of hate and destruction are gathering again. Listen to the video clip above and you will hear the dreaded words again this time they are saying; “you are not Ethiopians, Get out of our country, None Ethiopians would not lead Ethiopians, Death to TPLF, You don’t look like us" and much more chilling words.

Some people might dismiss this as nonsense but we should be aware it exists in some people and given the opportunity it will spread like wild fire destroying everything on its way.

Tigrai Online invites you to watch this song below. The song says it all.

This is for those who are emailing me all the junk. One of Tewodros Kassahun's songs is called "Yasteseryal" I am not sure what it means exactly, but I am sure what he is singing about. He is saying You Tigraians should not be part of the governing system, you can't rule us, and you got to power with your shorts that you hand sewn with seventeen niddles and you didn't bring any change and so on. Looking at the video you can see at the background the TPLF fighters with their shorts that they made them selves when they were at the jungle fighting the Derg fascists. People like Tewodros Kassahun didn't care what was paid for the freedom they enjoy as they mock those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, their life. If you remember at demonstration they started by saying "teddy alsedebachuhum" Teddy didn't insult you. Well, what would be more insulting than the above song? A person with such disrespect to other Ethiopians who give him his freedom is not expected to show any regard to a poor homeless man's life.

Please listen to number 107 song "Tarikna" on the music page in our website by Taddese Abraha (Wedi Kokeb)