A cheap propaganda producer or political naivety? I let the reader be the judge.

By Solomon

June 10 2008

Normally, I will not respond to accusations that do not make sense, but to do a favor to these great websites readers, I felt I should provide some response to the accusation made by Mr. Equar D. Negash against me.

I believe few readers of this forum might have been wondering why I have accused Equar D. Negash to be a shaebia propogandanist. Others are well aware of Equar D Negash intentions but decided to ignore him. Early in the year I responded to one of his cheap propaganda articles, and I would like the readers of this forum to read how Equar . Negash responsed to my article. After you read it, you might understand my position regarding Equar Negash views.

The point I got from his response :Sheabia is winning and Ethiopia is been defeated by Shaeba from left to write. Guess who repeated Eri-Tv propaganda on this great website? I let the reader be the judge.

This is what Equar D. Negash said in response to my article,

You said they failed in their objective. I politely disagree with your notion for the following reasons. First, Shaibia succeeded in pushing the war from Eritrea. I think you may follow media out lets what has happened in Ogden since slaughter of Chinese and Ethiopians in the oil field. Secondly, Ethiopian army has fought basically Shaibia's war in Somalia and beyond. Thirdly, you may also know what is going on in Western Tigria, even though there is no media coverage like others. That is also the hard work of Shaibia to destabilize the area in the name of other organizations. Fourth, after the Chinese Oil Field attack by Shaibia, the government has tried to resume the activity. The Chinese do not want to go back to the activity and others are reluctant to take the project because of security issues. Last but not least, our economy is supporting the war in Somalia, Ogden and other parts of the country. We recently heard that the defense expenditure dramatically increased. If there is no war this money may have been invested in priority areas. So Mr. Solomon do not you think Shaibia succeed in this regard? Hence, as long as Shaibia is there in power Ethiopia would pay the price, if not the higher price of instability. In this regard I think a government has a responsibility to defend the nation. I do not think you also disagree with this idea.

(Equar Negash response on Jan.16, 2008)

Final comments: Equar Negash in the above statements you are portraying Shaebia as a winner, what did Eritrea get from Shaebia winning? Thousands of youth fleeing? I do not consider that winning.