Comment to Gezae Hailemichael

By Paulos Fasil

July 23 2008

First of all I would like to appreciate your courage and contribution on bringing us news and views on the web. I also encourage that you are hosting opponent's views as I can see some of them posted. However, it is really important to examine (at least the writer him/herself ) the content and purpose of any article, essay or letter or any sort of views before posting for public. Because, we have to learn something out of it and not abuse the opportunity of the IT in our time.

The reason why I am forced to write this short note is to share few words to our brother Gezae Hailemichael who is posting his views on this website. I read most of his writings that reflect his inner views, which always starts and ends with blaming of the EPRDF and Meles Zenawi, and nothing more. I respect his opposing opinion, however, he should be able to substantiate his argument with strong facts and analysis. I do not see any alternative ideas that can be taken for grant. It is just a simple cry and is immature. I tried to find out what Gezae wants to promote in his writings but I hardly found anything except pointing fingers on other people; people who really are trying their best to transform Ethiopia and it's people to a better position.

Labeling people as ''traitors, Bandas, Crooks, and Conformers'' does not help. We should respect each other and try to convince others in a civilized manner. It is the power of ideas that should bring people to your side and not insulting and demonizing, for it is very backward. I am not saying that he must agree with my opinion but he has to carefully examine the substance of his writing before posting to public. The purpose of writing should be to transfer and receive good ideas and go forward. We do not want to dwell on blackmailing and blame politics. There is nothing to learn from it. Gezae must understand that there are many intelligent people than him that have detail information and deep knowledge of the Ethiopian politics and the world in general.

Let me ask Gezae simple but very important questions that he must, that he must answer it for him self. Have you called your relatives in Ethiopia to plant three trees for the third millennium? Have you contributed money to the victims of the drought like other Ethiopian diaspora are doing? If you failed to do so my friend, where is your love to your nation! As my people say 'Letekemach Semai Kirbu' , crying or insulting and blackmailing from a distance does not contribute anything to alleviate our problem. I advise you not be part of the problem but a solution that will bring all of us to a better position. Please think and think and think on the issues you wish write and change your enmity approach so that you join the constructive dialogs for the sake of your self and your own people whom you claim you care about.

Finally, I would like to remind you that PM Meles and Prof.Yacob H/mariam are doing much, much, much.... better than people like you. And if you are expecting them to be perfect, you are really naive and all I say is time will teach you.