Congratulations to the Ethiopian Defense Forces
for a job well done.

Tigrai Online Editor

Jan. 13 2009

Gabre Yohannes Abate, the Ethiopian troop commander in Somalia (AP Photo/Mohamed Sheikh Nor)Congratulations to the Ethiopian Defense Forces for a job well done. Some people are asking what did the Ethiopian envision of Somalia accomplish? The answer is very simple if you remember what the objectives of the Ethiopian army were.

Ethiopia didn’t and should not go to Somalia to rescue the country from self destruction. The self inflected horror of Somalia was going on for decades since the fall of the regime of Said Barre in 1990s. It is not Ethiopia’s responsibility to fix Somalia, but the crisis created in Somalia was spreading all over the region particularly to Ethiopia. "From today, I am declaring jihad against Ethiopia which has invaded our country and taken parts of our homeland.” The words of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, leader of the Islamic Council that now controls much of Somalia, on Oct. 9. The involvement of Al Qaeda and radical islamist terrorists was becoming a real danger to Ethiopia. Expansionist terrorists were making open threat against Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government and people could not idly sit and wait until the grave threat materialized. ''We will leave no stone unturned to integrate our Somali brothers in Kenya and Ethiopia and restore their freedom to live with their ancestors in Somalia,''. Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys said. It is not like it never happened before, Somalia invaded Ethiopia three times before and when the jihadists threaten to do it again this time with help of Al-Qaeda and international terrorists, a decisive action had to be taken and that is what the Ethiopian Army did.

The Ethiopian Army effectively neutralized the gathering threat of the ICU terrorists in 2006. Those radical expansionists should know by now there is no way they would set foot in our land. In 2006 they said they would massacre people and cut off babies and women’s throats in Addis Abeba. Well that is not going to happen in our life time or ever. The half dead Somalia government is still alive and if the international community helps it might have a fighting chance to survive. The Eritrean government’s third front is closed and Shabiya is defeated on its own dirty game. The bases of ONLF, OLF and other terrorist groups and stooges of our enemies in Somalia are destroyed. All this was done in about two years with no help from any one. These are some of the great accomplishments of the Ethiopian Army in Somalia.

Sure, it would have been excellent to see a functioning strong government in Somalia but, the problem is way complex and it is not for Ethiopia to sort it out. That should be left for the Somalia people themselves and the international community. No one would expect Ethiopia to stay in Somalia forever, so the sooner we get out of there the better.

Based on the above facts we think congratulations is in order to the Ethiopian Defense Forces.