Conquer Evil by Good

By Gezaee Hailemichael

July 02 2008

Every thing in this universe has an essence. The philosophy that there is a creator of this universe, God, emanated from the thought of cause and effect. From the simple paradigm that a pot has a potter. Honey the sweetest thing which we know is spiced up and made by the smallest creature bees. The bible says you sluggards if you want wisdom, go out and watch my smallest creatures like bees, ants, wasps, fishes, birds, … and learn from them.

The ants collect their food during favorable time, and save it in a subterranean safe. This tiny creatures build a storage that protects the food from any dampness and from pests. They synthesize chemicals and spray their storage with the chemicals. This small creatures synthesize biological chemicals which they use to attack their intruders. They never beg anyone.

The beetle insects in Kalhari desert condense water from the hot air around them and meet their water needs; they do not wait for rain and synthesize different melanin to change their pigment in accordance with the climate so that they protect themselves from the scorching Kalahiri Desert. There is no a beetle Red Cross or Beetle United Nation which provides them water and food. They do it themselves. These are the tiniest creature which has less coordinated and less sophisticated cephalic system but do things beyond our imagination.

As Ethiopia braces for another vicious cycle of famine, many people are dispensing their theories about the Ethiopian famine. Some say the famine in Ethiopia started long ago, around 250 BC. Some blame Haileslassie. Some blame Mengistu Hailemariam. Others blame Meles Zenawi. Others blame the rain. And still some blame oil price , and so on and so forth. I differ from all these theories.

Why only Ethiopia has been inflicted by famine one year after another? My theory is that Ethiopians themselves are the cause of the Ethiopian famine. Since I have known myself, all that I know is conflict and war. Ethiopians ( including Eritreans ) have been killing each other to no avail. They are still doing the same. Ethiopians ( including Eritreans ) have no time to think. The main cause the famine is conflict due to the primitive and backward mindset that Ethiopians define themselves based on their ethnic or tribe. They do not define themselves based on the fact that they are all human. On that premise, members from different social group think they are better than the other social groups and they oppress and violate the rights and dignity of others. It is exactly the theory of primitive society when societies were killing each other by groupings to control resources. Then the winner bosses over the loser. The magic behind Ethiopia’s poverty and rustic living standard is conflict and not doing anything to address the recurring problem in the country.

Tesfay Habiso blames diaspora Ethiopians for being hateful and rigid. He says Ethiopian diaspora are economic migrants. He also ask why they do not support the ruling party and the opposition. I think it is not fair to blame the society at large as hateful while individuals are steering the whole country at their own will without any regard to public interest. As mentioned above, everything has an essence, there is a cause for good; there is a cause for bad too. This is not to say the ruling party is the cause but the ruling party and its predecessors are part of the problem. The ruling party has been steering the country by pursuing unpopular policies. The ruling party cut itself from the society which it claims to represent. Who was supposed to unite the people? It is true that there were few elements who hate EPRDF from the beginning, but now EPRDF or TPLF has given a lot of opportunities to those who hate it from the very beginning. What type of Ethiopian would support an organization which pursue an anti Ethiopia policy? I wish I could be supportive, but personally it is impossible to support an organization which forces my people to be landlocked. It is impossible to support an organization that treat Eritreans as foreigners in their own country and upholds colonial legacy as a political and social science.

Eritreans have been deluded to adopt a colonial identity and because of that fake colonial identity Eritreans have been living in refugee camps since 1967 until now. Erireans are now ill-treated by the false colonial stooge liberators. While Ethiopians are facing hunger, Eritreans are drowning in the sea and even dying in the desert to escape from their liberators. While Eritreans are knocking doors in foreign countries and Ethiopians are begging for food. To make matters worse, Eritreans are kept in concentration camps in their own country in Ethiopia. It is unfair when the problem of two person on the Top echelon become the problem of two brotherly people. While problems between individual leaders are being taken to the populace on both sides, how is that peace can come and people can focus on work.

My view is that the government must undertake popular policies than pursuing its own unpopular policies which have been bringing more problems than solutions to the poverty ridden nation Ethiopia.

I hope by now the government discern its own fallouts and change the policies which are detested by every Ethiopian. It is this policy which has brought us another Eritrea in Ogaden. If the government has invested wisdom from the failure of its old policies, now it must be the people’s turn. The country has been lead for the past 17 years by single man’s agenda. Let now be the turn of all Ethiopians. If the government changes, I am sure Ethiopians will support the ruling party. However, if the government continues its own old way, it must be waiting until everyone gives up totally with it. This is a natural process, it will come to an end one day and no one will know if worse or better will come. Honesty we Ethiopians are dead while we are still living. When I compare the way our people are living and the first world is living, our people are dead but living.


  1. Forsake all the policies which the Ethiopian people have rejected and give the people now a chance to be heard.
  2. Let good conquer evil, forget the border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Destroy Shimelba refugee camp and set Eritreans free. Do not keep them in detention camps in their own home because of colonial legacy. Bring home those who are in Sudan since 1967.
  3. Take out your article 39, kill it
  4. Bring all the Rebels around a table
  5. Unite and mobilize the nation
  6. Set up a new type of task force which engages in dambell building for water harvesting and harnessing the rivers we have. We need military engineers to do the planning and execution.
  7. Mobilize genuine and peace loving Eritreans create a sensible dialogue and bring to an end the endless conflict by thinking mutually inclusive cordial reconciliation which lasts forever. Do not invite outsiders to solve our problem.
  8. Then our people can breathe a sigh of relief and peace.