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One Credit to Meles Zenawi

By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 19, 2007

When one has caused pain, grief, losses,... to many. One has caused pain, grief, losses to all. This is why many Ethiopian citizens has been engaged in a destructive hate politics for the past two years, and the whole Ethiopian has been mulling over the issue of the prisoners.

Although it is unwise for Hailu Shawl to gust unwise comments. I have decided to give one credit to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Though the supporters of the prisoners are extending their thanks to European parliament and Donald Payne. I extend my thanks to the Prime Mininster Meles Zenawi.

The prisoners who are released now have caused the death of many lives. And now they are given mercy. This is very good. I am happy that our country move forward. However, mercy must be given to all Ethiopians. All citizens are equal. The 38 prisoners are not better than the 200 lives perished. The 38 prisoners are not better than Siye Abraha. Siye Abraha has not caused the death of a single life. However, he did spend six years in prison. Tamrat Layne did not kill any life or caused any loss of life.

Tamrat Layne has been languishing for all these years in prison. When the government has given a second chance to the 38, why did not the government give a second chance to Tamrat Layne? This is unjust, unfair, discrimination. As such I request prime minister Meles Zenawi to release the then prime minister Tamrat Layne.

Moreover, I suggest the prime minister upgrade the prededebit or the then addis Ababa University philosophy which says Ethiopia must be landlocked and Ethiopia must be divided on the bases of ethnic lines. Though the federal system administration is very good, the ethnic systems is not cool. The ethnic system is is a primitive system and divisive. If a pantocratic democratic system is established, there is no need for ethnic partition system.

Therefore in the new millennium, all prisoners in the land must be free. There is no small crime. Crime is crime, if one is set free, other citizens also deserve that entitlement as citizens. All the prisons must be transformed to libraries, multipurpose community centers, .... and the philosophy of landlocked Ethiopia must be discarded. Article 39 must be deleted from the constitutions.

Then we all can unite and work to uplift our country by putting all the past behind us. Destructive forces will not also have any windows opportunity if we unite.

Divine Freedom To Ethiopia.

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