Good anaysis about Egypt, but what about Meles?

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 23 2008

I read many of your articles about Egypt including the recent one. It is true and most obvious so. But we keep on blaming others even for own failure.

Yes, Egypt does everything possible to maintain its economic and the river Niles interest. To safe guard that interest, Egypt has to do all possible ways to keep us poor and now even landlocked.

Good anaysis about Egypt, but what about Meles? Egypt created Shabia for its own noble objective. And Meles joined to Egypt's mercenaries and sacrificed Tigreans for Egypts objectives.

Meles worked with his hands and gloves; he joined Btros Btros Gali and landlocked Ethiopia together with Ethiopia's enemies. He ridiculed Ethiopians who opposed his idea and even shot by live bullets young Ethiopian Addis Ababa University students for opposing the visit of Btros Botros Gali to Ethiopai. Those young university students did understand before Meles did. But he shot them with live bullets.

I think it is good to be truthful to ourselves. It is good to blame ourselves than keep on blaming others for our own follies. In truth, you may not agree with me, but Ethiopia's enemy number one is not Egypt, honestly speaking Ethiopia's enemy number one is own kin, Meles. This is the man who has defiled our flag. This is the man who cheated the whole Tigray and made Tigreans sacrifice their lives for Shabia. I have never come across any Tigreain in particular, any Ethiopian in general who believes Ethiopia must be landlocked except those who were deluded by Meles. Many Tigreans died to landlock their country duped by him.

This is the man who says if Ethiopia claims the red sea, it will not exist. Listen to his interview with, he tells them if Ethiopia claims any of the ports, it will disappear from existence or disintegrate. Let us blame ourselves than blaming others. If we know Egypt is against us, why we serve its agenda? even die for its agenda?

Let us blame ourselves too instead of blaming our enemies all along. We need to be wise and know our interest. There is no point saying Shabia, Shabia, Egypt, Egypt, ,,, while Meles still is serving Shabia and Egypt. Meles is a committed Shabia or Egypt servant believe it or not.

Egypt is now feeding food hungry Ethiopian children s as generous countries, hahaha, Egypt cannot feed even itself. But it is feeding Ethiopian children. It is Egypts intelligence at mission work. Your brother know nothing except collecting money from every corner. As you can see begging will not solve problem. There is a saying in Tigrignea, kab sebia zidelis kem sefie yibeli. Begging does not solve problem. For that matter money does not solve problem. People solve problem. People make money. Money doesn not make people. Your kin, Meles is money slave who beg money even from a devil and that money will not solve our problem.

We can solve our problem only if we are united with love, get motivated and spirited to change problems to solution. If we work with burning desire and love, the problem in Ethiopia is notthing. I can tell you the problem in Ethiopia can be solved in five years if we unite and work hard and change ideas to money. One cannot develop a nation by sowing conflicts and hatred among people. You see two years ago, I wrote an article which says Ethiopia will be fighting other useless wars if the TPLF leaders do not change their way. I received about 20 emails which curses me as negative, mad. But now time has proved me right. Ethiopia is fighting many front lines including Ogaden, Somalia. Now Egypt is working very hard with Shabia.

If we wait more, you will see Shabia causing more damage to Ethiopia. According to me, the enemy within Ethiopia has to be removed otherwise, our country will descend into more conflict. If there is more conflict we cannot develop even if Tigray is relatively at peace.

This is my personal opinion anyway, you do not have to agree.