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Lidia Tigrai Online chose Lidia Schaefer as a person of the year for her extra ordinary work to build a high school in FeresMai, Tigrai, Ethiopia. Lidia raised $258,000.00 USD single handedly for the school. Read More


Hannah Godefa a 9 years old 4th greader doing what we the adults should do
Hannah Godefa
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Michael Belay Michael Belay
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Secretary Condoleezza Rice Interview on Ethiopian TV
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
QUESTION: Interesting. Where do you stand on the issue of Eritrea? Secretary Frazer several months ago said that you are planning -- that the U.S. Government is planning to put Eritrea on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. What are you --
SECRETARY RICE: Well, we are looking at exactly that because we are very concerned about the efforts of Eritrea and what it is doing. And in fact, we have taken some steps because the support for irregular forces, for terrorist forces is simply unacceptable. We hope, at the same time, that there can be efforts for Eritrea and Ethiopia to keep open dialogue or, I should say, to open dialogue about their problems. But the support of Eritrea for forces that are destabilizing is problematic and we've made that very clear.

Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs listen to her interview about Eritrean "State Sponsor of Terrorism" Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
Part 1

Meles's Interview about Eritrea and Ethiopia Prime minister meles
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part4 Part 5

Sebhat Nega's Interview about Eritrea and Shabiya Ayte Sibhat Nega TPLF CC and Member of the EPRDF Government
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Siye Abraha's Interview with German radio after he was released from prison. Siye Abraha, Tigrai Hero Part 2 Part 1

Isayas Afeworki's Interview about Eritrea and America/Ethiopia Isayas Afeworki president of Eritrea
Part 1 to Part 7

Headline News

Dec. 31 2007

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union on the border issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia
The EU confirms the Parties primary responsibility to resolve their differences and express its readiness to assist them in the implementation of their respective obligations under international law.

Ethiopia and Egypt will each send 850 troops to Darfur
Assane Ba, spokesman for the AU Peace and Security Commission said: "Ethiopia and Egypt will send a battalion, numbering 850 troops each, as the first batch of their contribution to the UN-AU Joint African Peacekeeping force in Darfur."

Will Eritrea’s Rogue Regime go to War with Ethiopia? Part II
I understand every Eritreans’ feeling for their mother land and certainly they should respond that way when they feel the mother land is facing dangers from outside. No doubt I, like most people of every country, would have reacted that way too. What makes Eritreans’ case different is they are helping Shaebiya, a regime the world clearly knows as despotic, with worst records in press and religious freedom as well as human rights among list of atrocities it commits against its own citizens, stay longer in power.

Dec. 30 2007

Ethiopia to Open First Silk Firm in Africa
The biggest investment, however, is a more than 51 000 000 birr worth silk factory which is to be built in the Tigray region. This will be the first silk factory on the continent. Founder and owner of the factory Joseph Mateka Chicco says that when Jose Silk Textile Factory is finished, and by the time it reaches its five-year project lifetime, it will be able to produce 21 352 800 kilograms of silk cocoons in the Tigray region alone.

Ethiopian Police seize 73 Kg of illicit drugs
Ethiopian police has caught 73 kilograms of cannabis in the capital, Addis Ababa state run TV quoted an official from federal police crime and Narcotic prevention office as saying on Saturday. “The Addis Ababa Federal Police have arrested 5 drug traffickers who were attempting to sale 73 kilograms of cannabis” inspector Hagos Haile, was Quoted as saying. “Two of the five drug traffickers taken to custody are women" Inspector Hagos Haile added.

Will Eritrea Regime go to war with Ethiopia?
Militarily it was never a match to the Italians. But the then ruler of Ethiopia, Emperor Menelik II, called on all Ethiopians (who are very humble but naturally patriotic and warrior when provoked) to join the mission to send the Italians back home. On March 1 and 2, 1896 the gallant Ethiopians chased the Italians across the hills, valleys and gorges of Adwa at the infamous Battle of Adwa. In a matter of two days the modern and well equipped Italian army was crushed by the arrows and swords of ordinary Ethiopians. Italy caused -beyond itself- the whole of Europe and the entire white community an unprecedented shock with glorious black victory- the first recorded black victory over white colonizers. Italy was bound to give up and live with the shameful scar of Adwa.

Dec. 28 2007

Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Border Attacks
Eritrea has accused Ethiopia of attacking its security forces along the two countries' disputed border. In a statement posted on its Web site late Wednesday, the Asmara government said Ethiopian troops made a failed, small-scale attack late Tuesday on Eritrean forces in the South Tsorona area.

Exchangeof gunfire on Eritrea-Ethiopia border: UN
The United Nations said Thursday that Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers facing off along their disputed border exchanged gunshots a day earlier. In a statement issued Thursday, the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) said that its Indian battalion posted on the border heard an exchange of fire in the early hours of Wednesday. "UNMEE expresses concern about this firing incident between Ethiopia and Eritrea and is calling on both parties to show maximum restraint," the statement said.

Ethiopia cracks down on rebels
The Ethiopian army has inflicted losses on rebel fighters in the restive Ogaden region where the government is cracking down on insurgents, Colonel Tsegaye Gebretensae said in a statement today. "The Ethiopian National Army has annihilated the remnants of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) that were engaged in disrupting the peace and stability of the Somali region," he said.

Dec. 26 2007

Will Eritrea’s Rogue Regime go to war with Ethiopia? Part I
Shaebiya’s boss Isias Afewerki and his clique, the gangs in Asmara, seem determined to avoid being another example of that kind, at least twice. Isaias dreads picking the name Mussolini II for a second time. Thus, the gangs are hell bent to destabilize Ethiopia, of course indirectly, through some disgruntled, ill-advised and misinformed individuals and anti-peace elements some of whom are supposedly Ethiopians but have somehow lost their Ethiopian psychological makeup and identity, and through other international terrorists who spring up from Asmara, the African terrorist hub, and hide in Somalia to operate throughout the Horn of Africa under various names.

Eritrean Regime Abducts Thousands Of Eritreans From Sudan
The Eritrean regime’s abduction of Eritreans in Sudan is of significantly bigger scale than originally reported. Almost four thousand Eritreans, mostly those who escaped from the mandatory draft, have been picked up from Sudan, loaded in Bettahs (trailers) and hauled back to Eritrea. This may account for the recent increase of Eritrean migration to Ethiopia, where there is little risk of being snatched back.

Dec. 24 2007

Ethiopia Marks Yearlong Occupation in Somalia
“I think a lot of people are surprised that the Ethiopians are still there and still trying to figure out how to get out of Somalia. I’m convinced they’d very much like to leave but feel they’re sort of stuck. And I’m almost certain they’re surprised at the situation that they are in. And I think a lot of other people are too, although frankly it should have been fairly predictable that this was not going to go very smoothly,” he says.

'After Years of Struggle, Eritreans Have Gained Nothing' [interview with Dr. Fisseha-Tsion Menghistu,]
What do you think is the interest and intention of Isayas for being such a destabilizing factor in the region? Isayas has been trying to be a regional power in the Horn of Africa. He has done everything in his power to destabilize the Ethiopian government. There is no stone that has not been turned to create instability and to destabilize the Ethiopian government. He has been supporting not only Islamic groups in Somalia but also many other Ethiopian robel groups like the OLF, ONLF, AFD and many others. He has been a destabilizing factor ever since. He never wants to see a strong, united and prosperous Ethiopia. In a way, he was waging a proxy war for foreign powers in the past and he is also fermenting war both to be a regional power in the Horn of Africa, as well as to promote the interest of other countries.

Ethiopia activists found guilty
Daniel Bekele, who works for ActionAid International, and local charity worker Netsanet Demissie could face up to 10 years in prison.

Dec. 22 2007

Ethiopia reports influx of Eritrean refugees fleeing oppression
Ethiopia claimed on Saturday it was receiving an influx of around 600 Eritreans fleeing political oppression in their country every month. "The ministry said many are fleeing their country and each month more than 600 Eritreans are crossing the border into Ethiopia to seek refuge. The figure is increasing alarmingly," Ethiopia's information ministry said in a statement. "The Eritrean people cannot bear the burden of the dictatorial regime any more because it has allied itself with terrorists and has driven them to great poverty and endless suffering."

Tigray State finalizing over 4,000 condos
The over 4,000 condominium houses under construction with 1.4 billion birr in seven towns of Tigray State would be finalized this February, the state Housing Development Agency said.

Eritrean opposition urges overthrow of government
Eritrean opposition groups should help each other bring down the anti-Ethiopian government of President Isaias Afwerki, the Walta News Agency quoted one opposition leader as saying on Friday. "Eritrean opposition parties should unite in their struggle to overthrow the government in Asmara which is pushing the people to servitude and economic crisis", the head of the Eritrean Peoples Democratic Front (EPDF), Tewolde Gebre-Selassie, was quoted as saying.

Dec. 21 2007

TDVA's Event in Seattle, Report and Pictures
On behalf of the TDVA and the organizing committee, please accept our profound gratitude Washingtonians (Washington State- that is) for the generous donation in support of our disabled veterans of war & heroes. We are elated to announce that our compassionate residents of Seattle and surrounding areas raised over $40,000, where over 350 individuals attended.

W.Bank $256 mln for Ethiopia health, power line
The World Bank said on Friday it had approved $256 million in grants and credit to help Ethiopia boost basic services like health and education, and aid power transmission to Sudan.

Ethiopia-Sudan tourism and trade exhibition held in Gadarif
Tourism and Trade Exhibition which has been held for the past 10 days in the eastern Sudan State of Gadarif concluded with mutual experience sharing between the two brotherly people, the Amhara region culture and tourism bureau said.

Dec. 20 2007

Press Release
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

The New York Times reporter, Jeffrey Gettleman, had another piece on Ethiopia on December 14, 2007 under the Caption "In Rebel Region, Ethiopia Turns to Civilian Patrols". The article does not do justice to the credibility of the New York Times. The various strands of the narrative that the article conveys share one quality ---, they are all based on fictitious stories.

Ethiopia PM attacks UN on Somalia
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has accused the UN of playing a damaging role in the Somali crisis. "The situation there - as hard as it is - it could do with less hype and exaggeration," he told the BBC.

Ethiopia wins trademark rights for coffee brands
Ethiopia has successfully won trademark rights for its specialty Harar and Sidamo coffee names, it said in a statement on Thursday. "No company here-to-forth will trade with Ethiopian coffee names as its trade mark."

EEPCo Closing in $400m Deal with JP Morgan
The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), the state-owned monopoly, is getting close to finalizing a deal with an international investment bank to obtain a 400 mln dollar loans, sources disclosed to Fortune. JP Morgan Chase, an investment bank headquartered in New York, will be lending the company the money at a six per cent interest rate - an amount observers say is on the high side - to be paid back over 10 years. According to Bloomberg, the average 10-year lending rate to AAA-rated companies in the US is currently 5.63pc.

Dec. 19 2007

EPDF calls on Eritrean opposition parties to unite in overthrowing Shaebia
Eritrean opposition parties should unite in the fight to overthrow the Shaebia government which is pushing the people to servitude and economic crisis, the Eritrean People Democratic Front (EPDF) said. Presenting a report to the first assembly of the front that began in Axum town yesterday, EPDF Chairperson Tewolde Gerbeselasse said leaders of Shaebia are leading the Eritrean people to a dreadful socio-economic and political crisis by singing peace and liberty in order to meet their individual and collective interest.

Ancient Ethiopian city tries to become a modern tourist hub
For 1,000 years, this city on a hilltop has been a center of Islamic faith in the Horn of Africa, with a forbidding, 13-foot wall surrounding ancient mosques and serpentine alleyways. Now, Harar leaders are hoping it can become a center of tourism as well. ''The future of Harar is tourist attraction,'' said regional president Murad Abdulhadi.

ETHIOPIA-KENYA: FAO forecasts locust swarms in January
Locust swarms are expected in late December and early January in northeast Kenya and southeast Ethiopia in November, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has said."From mid-December onwards, small swarms are expected to form in [Ethiopia's] the Ogaden north of the Sheble [river] and gradually move south towards Kenya," the agency said in its latest bulletin, forecasting the locust situation in the region until mid-January 2008.

Evolution tied to Earth movement
Scientists long have focused on how climate and vegetation allowed human ancestors to evolve in Africa. Now, University of Utah geologists are calling renewed attention to the idea that ground movements formed mountains and valleys, creating environments that favored the emergence of humanity.

Dec. 18 2007

Military Buildup Heightens Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Tensions in 2007
Shinn says international condemnation might not be as effective against Eritrea, which has regularly ignored world opinion. But he says Eritrea's leaders are well aware of Ethiopia's military superiority. "The fact is they have a very strong and a very powerful and so far disciplined national army that made pretty short work of the Eritreans in 2000 and the Eritreans have not forgotten that," he said.

Medhane Tadesse’s analysis of the situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea is some what skewed. It is a fact that the Ethiopian army is fighting in Somalia and Ogaden now and that might take away some of the army’s capabilities but the rest of the army is powerful enough to carry out any military campaign to destroy shabiya’s rag tag so called Sawa army. Shabiya’s weakness is based on its own sadistic inferior nature. It has nothing to do with Ethiopia. The question is what are the causes of Ethiopian weaknesses these days? The answer is simple; the primary cause of Ethiopian weakness is Shabiya’s support to terrorist groups inside and outside of Ethiopia. If Ethiopia deals with Shabiya once and for all its weaknesses will be reduced significantly. ‘Building constituency for peace among intellectuals and influential elements within the Eritrean and Ethiopian diaspora? That is old and the conflict is light years beyond that. (Tigrai Online comment)

Ethiopia to export power to neighbours
Ethiopia will begin exporting electricity to neighbouring Sudan and Djibouti by 2010, after its series of hydroelectric power projects underway get accomplished. These include a dam construction in Mekelle by 3 Chinese companies, which is nearing completion. “82% of the construction is completed; the plant will begin generating 300 megawatts of electric power in 2008"says director of the plant - Engineer Oweys Ibrahi.

Life, and Death, Goes On
Ethiopia cannot afford to pull out its troops until the Islamic Courts are destroyed. That's because the Islamic Courts have pledged to take part of Ethiopia (the southern Ogaden province). The Islamic Courts also want to crush Ethiopia because it is a Christian nation about half the population have been Christian for nearly 2,000 years. The Ethiopians just want the Somalis to leave them alone, as does Kenya, which has suffered raids by Somalis for centuries.

Eritrean man jailed for seven years for Dublin rape
A 19-year-old Eritrean national whose sentence for raping a 42 year old woman has been put back a number of times because he was too dangerous to be left in court has been jailed for seven years.

Student Spotlight, Brenna Bangs of Cabrini College in Ethiopia.
Q: What did you learn from the girls? A: I noticed, especially in the Tigray region, that their families' support plays a major role in their success in school. All of the girls who have been performing well have parents who are fully supportive of their education and do everything they can to get them the books they need.

Dec. 17 2007

500,000 hectares designated for tea plantation in Ethiopia
The newly designated farmlands for tea development are in Oromia, South Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (SNNP), Amhara and Gambella regional states, said Isayas Kebede, head of coffee, tea and spices development department with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Ethiopia ships toxic pesticide to UK for destruction
Ethiopia has shipped 84 tonnes of expired pesticides to the United Kingdom for destruction, with a further 110 tonnes to follow, local media reported Saturday.

Ethiopian roses cast shadow over coffee
The smell of flowers is displacing the aroma of coffee as a driving force in the Ethiopian economy. Boosted by government incentives and favourable market conditions, horticulture producers are targeting earnings of 1.4 billion dollars (960 million euros) within five years, more than Ethiopia's total exports in 2006.

Lodge built with 7.5mln birr in Semen Mountain Nat'l Park inaugurated
A tourist lodge built with 7.5 million birr in Semen Mountain National Park was inaugurated last Saturday. State Minister of Tourism, Tadelech Dalecho and Deputy Chief Administrator of Amhara State, Demeke Mekonnen, inaugurated the lodge built by an Ethiopian and British investors.

Dec. 15 2007

US company to aquire oil exploration area
A US-based company called Inter Global is to acquire oil exploration areas in Ethiopia. The exploration areas are found in the Afar Regional State, Tigrai and eastern part of the Amhara Regional State. Last June, the company asked the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to be given the exploration areas. Most of the exploration area is found in the Afar Rift where there is an active volcano and earthquakes are frequent. Executives of Inter Global and senior officials of MME have been negotiating on the planned exploration project for the past several months.

Ethiopia denies Somalia bombing
Ethiopia has denied involvement in an mortar attack that killed at least 17 people in the main market in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday.

Iranian Envoy Meets Ethiopian PM
During the said meetings, the two sides discussed bilateral ties and exchanged views about issues of Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq as well as developments in the Horn of Africa, Somalia in particular.

Hailu suspends five CUD leadership members Blames Berhanu for CUD division
Hailu Shawel, chairman of the former Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), this Tuesday wrote a letter to the party's Supreme Council in which he suspended five leadership members. He accused them, among other things, of engaging in divisive acts which he said weakened the country, the party and the struggle in the democratization process and added that they would remain suspended until a final decision is given on the accusations leveled against them following an investigation by a committee comprising of impartial members of the Supreme Council.

Well what do you expect from politicians whom, their sole purpose was to spread hate? As a result of their policy of hate towards the people of Tigrai, they are crumbling down shamelessly.

Dec. 14 2007

Exclusive interview with Mr Seyum Mesfin Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ethiopia sees highest Eritrean refugee influx
SPLM proposes initiative for compromise between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Dec. 13 2007

Little guys typically make up in aggressiveness what they lack in size - and tiny Eritrea is no exception
Christians held prisoner in Eritrea
UA law school chosen to help create graduate law programs in Ethiopia

Dec. 12 2007

TDVA Gala Night in Washington, D.C., awash with a resounding triumph It netted $ 63,000(Sixty Three Thousand US Dollars)
East Africa peace bloc urges Eritrea return
Tensions persist over disputed Eritrea-Ethiopia border
Ethiopians get texting in Geez

Dec. 11 2007

Indian firm plans $451 mln potash mine in Ethiopia
Condi's African holiday
Eritrea: A Caged People in Urgent Need of Global Action - and Prayers

Dec. 10 2007

Petronas and Sinopec in Ethiopia exploration talks
Resentment and rations as Eritrea nears a crisis

Dec. 09 2007

Bread and Bullets
Aberdeen International Vends Ethiopian Exploration Assets to Avion Resources Corp and Retains Royalty Interest

Dec. 07 2007

Ethiopia expels UK, Australian aid staff

Star planter Ethiopia to intensify tree planting next year: official
Highway linking Sudan, Ethiopia inaugurated
Lululemon founder aids Ethiopian schools

Dec. 06 2007

Tension grows, again, between Ethiopia and Eritrea
First German Coffee Importer Signs Up for Ethiopia's Coffee Initiative
Allegations of Media Rights Violations Angers Eritrea

Dec. 05 2007

Meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Statement by Secretary Condoleezza Rice
Rice Urges Peace in African Hotspots
Open letter to CPJ, Condoleezza: stop journalist quota for asylum

Dec. 04 2007

Thank You REUTERS for exposing lies in Ogaden, Ethiopia
Ethiopia says world disinterest dampening Somalia peace hopes
Tax payers pleased with Ethiopia
Japanese Embassy donates 724,000 birr for expansion of secondary school in woreda

Dec. 03 2007

Low expectations as Rice heads to Ethiopia to defuse African conflicts
Starbucks, Ethiopia Join Forces After Settling Trademark Dispute
Construction of Tekeze Hydro Electric Power Project nearing completion

Dec. 01 2007

Ethiopia-Eritrea commission ends, border unresolved
Al-Shabaab guerrillas organizing near Ethiopian border, says governor
Rice to Tackle African Conflicts
Winds of War Blow in Africa: Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Crisis Escalates


Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA) is glad to announce that it has opened a new Bank Account and P.O.BOX. Address to facilitate receipt of your donations and pledge.

Siye calls meeting in Washington DC Siye calls meeting

TDVA night in Boston, New England TDVA night in Boston, New England
They paid with their blood, the least we can do is to show our support, so lets do it.

TDVA night in SeattleTDVA night in Seattle

TDVA night in Washington DCTDVA night in Washington DC

Stolen Ethiopian design
Matthew Williamson in Ethiopian controversy
Matthew Williamson this week has been targeted by the Ethiopian government for using a pattern similar to its national dress. Two outfits shown at his much-hyped 10th anniversary SS08 show in September during London Fashion Week are thought to be directly copied from traditional Ethiopian dress.

Matthew Williamson is trying to make a quick buck by stealing designs from the Ethiopian traditional national dresses, what a shame. Those designs are unmistakably Ethiopian creation, no one would dispute that. This is not the first time some one from the west tried to steal from the thousands years old rich Ethiopian culture. You remember some company in Holland tried to patent Taff/Teff and another in Brazil some so called scientist’s attempt to patent the decaffeinated coffee which is only found in Ethiopia? Williamson’s decision to show Ethiopian traditional national dresses as his own fashion designs shows not only is he morally corrupted but he is also creatively bankrupt. What we need to do as a people is to keep our eyes open and tell those westerners to keep their hands off from our treasure jars.(Tigrai Online comment)

Press Release by Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)
Members of the Tigrean community and partners are bracing themselves up and are in full gear to crown the Tigrean Disabled Veterans Association/TDVA/ support project with a resounding triumph. Preparations that are in full swing in major cities across the US and Canada are winding their pre-event activities with the necessary conditions already in place. The TDVA delegation that is going to tour North America by canvassing the cities of Washington DC, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Jose, Denver, Boston and Toronto will be accorded with a warm welcome by the Tigrean Community and friends, who are eager to see the events for fund raising and networking bear the desired fruit.

Asfaw Jebjeb and Aden Gebreslase Millenium tour in the Twin Cities Asfaw Jebjeb and Aden Gebreslase Millenium tour


Free Book on Ancient History of Tigrai Queen of Sheba of Axum Tigrai
"Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship." (3rd edition 2007)

250 pages and appendices with maps and original documents in Ge'ez with transliteration and English translations.

The book argues that the ancient history of Tigrai is the key to resolving the present crisis in Biblical archaeology which is divided into two camps: (i) One that argues (Finkelstein, Silberman, Thompson, Hertzog) that since excavations began in the Holy land in 1920 no evidence has been forthcoming to support the belief that Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon ever existed and therefore the Old Testament is a fantasy or highly exaggerated; (ii) the other maintains that archaeological evidence will eventually be discovered.
Dr Bernard Leeman

Very funny video
Check out this video it is very funny, it made wedi afom soooo!mad.

Rishan Gebre new CD New CD released by Rishan Gebre
Support your own home grown talent!

Nov. 07 2007
It should be crystal clear to every one by now; the sociopathic dictator of Eritrea is behind ONLF, CUD, OLF, SNLF, GLF, EPPF and many other terrorist groups in Ethiopia. No matter what Ethiopia does to resolve the conflict peacefully, Eritrea is as much determined to do every thing to destabilize and destroy our country. Should we sit down and wait until our total destruction? The resounding answer by any red blooded Ethiopian should be NO! Believe me I know what the ugly consequence of war is, but Ethiopia and its people are slowly bleeding to death by the Eritreans. There is no other option but one, and that option is we should hit back and hit back really hard with out mercy. There is no development with out peace and security and there is no peace and security while Shabiya is in power.
(Tigrai Online comment)

Call to promote free press and media development in Ethiopia
This millennium petition is inspired by the unity of Ethiopians following the massacre of 65 Ethiopians by the ONLF rebels and by our courage to face numerous other rebels who are ready to massacre Ethiopians instead of joining the peaceful opposition parties inside the current Ethiopian parliament.

Sample letters to be sent to the three important personalities to oppose the bill HR 2003.
Please fill out the form in the following letters and send them via your email or regular mail. You could highlight, copy and paste them from this page.

July 23 2007


Joy of Parenting

Melissa Lahti Tigrai Online contributerMelissa will be writing about different issues regarding parenting on a regular baises under the heading Joy of parenting. We hope you will find helpful tips in the articles and enjoy her colmn. Her current article is:
Diaper Rash

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Uniting Eritrea with its Mother Land: The only lasting solution
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Mr. Prime Minister, No Retirement Yet! Five More Years!
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Down Trodding the Down Trodden
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“Solution” if any, for the border impasse.
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Mr. Jeffrey Gettleman, Leave alone my Country
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Don’t freeze the discussion
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Ethiopia a Victim of International Plagiarism
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Dec. 12 2007

Free Assefa Abraha
Justice-4- Siye
Dec. 09 2007

Siye's Dehay Interview
Justice-4- Siye
Dec. 07 2007

By Gezaee Hailemichael
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Comments on president Tsgay Behre Interview on Civility Platalk
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Peace by Peace
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African AIDS Action Press Release
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Freedom and Truth
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America and Its Political Heresy
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The Clock is Ticking
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Ethiopia Needs Radical Revolution
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Sociocultural and Relief Association of Tigraian Ethiopians in Alberta, Canada:
From the Advisory Committee
Nov. 04 2007

Wanted Urgently: Marchers against HR 2003
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 31 2007

One Country One People
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Sheikh Al Amoudi: Man with a Vision for Ethiopia
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H.R. 2003 Should Not Be Considered By The Senate
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Where is the Show of Outrage?
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Cheap CUD for Sale
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A Call for sobriety and Justice by the US Senate
By U.T.N.A
Oct. 13 2007

HR 2003, an uncalled for and a misplaced threat In a Sea of opportunities for Further Democratization in Ethiopia.
By T.D. Tessema
Oct. 08 2007

An Evil Act
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Oct. 08 2007

Pardons Backfire! What Next?
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 03 2007

Millennium and Outstanding work of the PM.
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Oct. 02 2007

It is Time for Col. Mengistu to Return Home and Face the Music
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Sep. 28 2007

The daunting danger of Donald M Payne's tumultuous political discourse
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Sep. 27 2007

EPRDF Land Policy and the “Cessation Clause”
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Sep. 27 2007

Coalesced and United by hate, Disintegrated by peace
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Sep. 25 2007

Political epidemics of PhD
By Sara Abraham
Sep. 20 2007

Thank You Ethiopia!
By Hannah Godefa
Sep. 17 2007

Meles Zenawi and EPRDF Transformed Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma
Sep. 10 2007

By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 04 2007

Millennium Message to all Ethiopians: Reclaiming Ethiopian( African) History and Civilization in the New Millennium.
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Sep. 02 2007

The New Ethiopian Millennium
By Minga Negash
Aug. 29 2007

A Millennium Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 25 2007

Isaias Afwerki: Playing Hardball
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 25 2007

Miscarriages of Mother Ethiopia
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Aug. 18 2007

ill-will toward Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 17 2007

Border Demarcation Priority: People or Land?
By Engineer Ghirma
Aug. 08 2007

Creation of Umbrella Organization
By Atsbha Gebru July 31 2007

The Autopsy of CUD
By Ahadu Amlak July 28 2007

A view on the freedom of the CUD leaders and related issues
By Tockchaw
July 23 2007

Bogus Donald M. Payne
By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 23 2007

“I Told You So”
By Engineer Ghirma
July 21 2007